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DataVault Automation


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Our presentation on the DV automation congres on the

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DataVault Automation

  1. 1. 06 October 2011Data Vault Automation Wisdom never fails
  2. 2. So Conspect? Wisdom never fails Dutch ICT & Consulting organization Headquarters @ Almere 120 Highly Skilled Professionals Conspect is a company that excels in Attitude and Behavior Within the ICT domain we provide professional services in Application Integration, Business Intelligence, Custom Development and CRM on Demand Conspect = Open Culture - Social Engaged – Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility
  3. 3. Why Conspect…. Wisdom never fails‘Think Big, Start small, Scale fast’
  4. 4. Conspect and BI, our history Wisdom never fails 2001 2009 2011 Developed the idea of Beginning automating of our Data made our Conspect Vaults ideas real First Data Brought BI Vault Team together with Conspect 2007 2011
  5. 5. Who is this guy? Wisdom never fails Name: Justin Eelzak Date of birth: January 13th 1981 Employer: Conspect Occupation: Business Intelligence Consultant Active in BI since: 2008BI Specialty: Reporting and as of today speaking to large groups about Data Vault
  6. 6. Next Generation of Data Warehouses Wisdom never fails
  7. 7. Wisdom never fails
  8. 8. Wisdom never fails
  9. 9. Wisdom never fails
  10. 10. Wisdom never fails
  11. 11. Wisdom never fails
  12. 12. An Actual Slide Slide Wisdom never failsValue in automation Difficulty of automation• Complex • Non standard• Dynamic • Complex• Great deal of initial work “I was so hoping it wouldn’t be a guy reading the bullet points from his slides. He lasted ten slides before failing…”
  13. 13. DWH to Staging Out Wisdom never fails Value in Great deal Complex Dynamic of initial automation work Difficulty of Non Very automation standard Complex
  14. 14. Source to Staging Wisdom never fails Value in Reasonably Static once Not a lot of automation simple in place initial work Difficulty of Metadata Non rules are automation standard complex
  15. 15. Staging to Data Vault Wisdom never fails Moderate Value in Moderate initial maintenance automation development costs time Difficulty of Simple Highly Metadata automation standardized rules
  16. 16. What did we end up doing? Wisdom never fails CDC (hardly a confusing acronym) Fully automated the Staging to Data Vault E(T)L Fully automated the generation of the Data Vault Database Left a human being in charge of the Data Vault design.
  17. 17. 100% Reusable ETL Wisdom never fails
  18. 18. Generated Data Vault Wisdom never fails
  19. 19. Custom Component Wisdom never fails
  20. 20. Results Wisdom never fails Current record: 5 hours of ETL in 5 minutes. Build ETL get your data vault for free
  21. 21. What will we add later? Wisdom never fails