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Let's do it! Phnom Penh 2013


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Let's do it! presentation 2013

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Let's do it! Phnom Penh 2013

  1. 1. Keep On Doing It! Organizers: Sponsors: Co-Sponsors:
  2. 2. Let’s Do It! Started in 2008 in Estonia (Europe) – 50,000 people – Cleaned 10,000 Tons of garbage – Now – 106 countries have joined
  3. 3. Let’s Do It 2011 3, 000 people; 10 tons of trash
  4. 4. Let’s Do It 2012 6, 000 people; 15 tons of trash
  5. 5. Let’s Do It 2012 Jis Pong Rers Pong
  6. 6. Let’s Do It 2012 Rot Pong Rers Pong
  7. 7. Let’s Do It 2012 Seminar
  8. 8. Let’s Do It 2013 Goals • 10,000 People through On-going education and events throughout the city and country • 20 tons of Trash
  9. 9. Cambodia #1 Friendliest Country • A popular travel guide used world-wide • Voted #1 by its readers A popular travel guide used world-wide
  10. 10. #1 Cleanliest?
  11. 11. What is the Root Cause of LITTERING?
  12. 12. You are the ONE of Littering too On average we Phnom Penh ites each produce 1.2kg of trash per day. About 75% of it is organic – food waste – but the rest is plastic bags, wrappers, cans, bottles, papers & cigarette butts. Around 1kg is collected but the rest stays in the streets, around our homes &offices in public parks & in our river.
  13. 13. Every Household has Rubbish We litter where we feel no sense of ownership. (it's not my street/home so who cares) We litter where litter has already accumulated. (one extra bit won't make a difference)
  14. 14. In addition to the rubbish we dump, a proportion of our personal trash is litter we drop on the street, on the floor, in the river. About 85% of littering is the result of individual attitudes. Changing individual behavior is key to preventing litter.
  15. 15. Let’s Do It Clean Up Cambodia Where does trash go?
  16. 16. Let’s Do It Clean Up Cambodia Don’t throw trash on the ground Trash clogs street drains causing flooding
  17. 17. Let’s Do It Clean Up Cambodia Don’t throw trash on the ground Garbage flows to Rivers and Oceans
  18. 18. Let’s Do It Clean Up Cambodia Don’t throw trash on the ground More than 1 million seabirds die each year from manmade pollution and trash Hundreds of thousands more sea mammals also die
  19. 19. Let’s Do It Clean Up Cambodia Trash finds its way into the food that we eat!
  20. 20. How to join Let’s do it! It’s begin from US! Then To • OUR Family • OUR Community • OUR Kingdom of Wonder • OUR World, BECAUSE We Have Only One Planet to LIVE, So We have to TAKE CARE IT
  21. 21. Keep On Doing It! Hold onto your trash until you find a bin
  22. 22. How to Keep On Doing It! Limit Plastic Bags Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
  23. 23. How to Keep On Doing It! Sort your garbage Ensures a higher rate of material recovered
  24. 24. Join Let’s Do It! Keep On Doing It! Watch Video To be embedded in slides
  25. 25. Join Let’s Do It Keep On Doing It! Tell your friends Tell your family Share our links on Facebook Spread the word
  26. 26. Cambodia #1 Cleanliest Country A Clean City Starts with US!!
  27. 27. Keep On Doing It!
  28. 28. Questions
  29. 29. References • • •