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  1. 1. Kinect based solutions for surveillanceA revolutionary product which willchange the dimensions of security and surveillance of a city
  2. 2. Overview• Traffic systems• Security and scrutiny• Citizen Tagging• Number plate screening• Emergency motion detection• Rule violation• Project Metro tagging
  3. 3. Did you know ? Every month 420 million(42crore) hours are being wasted on the roads of Delhi..!This leads to high levels of carbon emissions into the atmosphere leading to pollution.
  4. 4. Traffic jams in the city cost Delhiites Rs 10 crore and the government exchequer Rs 1.5 crore per day, reveals a survey byCentre for Transforming India (CTI).
  5. 5. Nearly 1,000 new vehicles beingadded to Delhi roads every day
  6. 6. The traffic assessment study reveals that on any given day, onethird of the 60 lakh vehicles registered in the city are on the roads. Each ofthese, on average, wastes 1.6 litres (2.5 litres for cars and 0.75 litres for two- wheelers), which works out to a total wastage of 30 lakh litres of fuel.
  7. 7. ‘‘Our surveys have revealed that traffic jams consume a massive 90 minutes of commuter time on an average every day and about Rs 10 crore worth of fuel. As there is a 15% government subsidy on petrol and diesel, the waste results in a subsidy loss of about Rs 1.5crore for the state exchequer daily,’’ said Pankaj Sharma, chief trustee, CTI.
  8. 8. "Life is too short for traffic." Dan Bellack
  9. 9. Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam?• Do you feel frustrated with slow moving traffic?• Do you often wish that you should have been in your house relaxing with your family than being stuck in a jam?• Do you feel that long hours in a corporate job + Time spent in traffic jams has led to ‘0’ social and family life?• Does driving in a traffic jam give you stress?
  10. 10. Have you everbeen stuck in of theseplaces???? Dhaula C.P. Kuan Vikas Gurgaon Punjabi Marg Toll Plaza Bagh
  11. 11. We are living in the worlds 5th worst city for commuters..!• A survey found that if commuting time is reduced, 40 per cent of the people in New Delhi would work more, increasing productivity and efficiency.• New Delhi also scores badly in terms of stop- start traffic.
  12. 12. Do you agree that traffic is one ofthe most important pain point of Delhiites??
  13. 13. What if we reduce the time spenton Traffic lights by 25% in a span of 4months?? Lets see what that means..!!
  14. 14. Mathematically speaking 24 million litres of fuel will be saved in a month. 105 million hours will be saved for the Delhiites away from the congesion.INR 345 crore will be saved for the Delhiites who are as such deprived of savings due to inflation..!
  15. 15. This is called a ground breaking idea!
  16. 16. Welcome to the future of Public Management TIME AUTOMATED TRAFFIC MONEY SYSTEMS POLLUTION FUEL This is just the beginning..!
  17. 17. TechnologyKINECT is the word..!
  18. 18. Virtual Traffic Inspection! Future is here We wont need physical presence of traffic inspectors on road. With the technology which we use we can easilydetect rule violations such as speeding; crossing a red light; not fastenning of seat belt. By tagging the car number the complaint will beforwarded to the mail addresses of the concerned.This will make sure that people fasten seat belts or not cross red lights when they feel absence of a physical inspector.
  19. 19. On Road Emergencies! And Accidents!• Our technology has the ability to detect accidents and emergencies.• Our KINECTS can decode an accident or a physical injury to a person and can immediately transfer this information to the nearest hospital and thus can send an ambulance without any human intimidation.
  20. 20. By specific mapping/data collection and interpretation of that data our technologists will come to aconclusion of how to manage traffic in a specific location..!
  21. 21. This will further reduce thenumber of accidents and cases of rash driving!
  22. 22. Not only this our company will develop applications for TrafficPolice so that they can regulate the traffic easily!
  23. 23. Car Tagging Better data leads to better decisions..!We will provide the exact numberof cars on road on a specific day in the NCR!
  24. 24. Lets move our focus to anothervery important problem for Delhi SECURITY!
  25. 25. How secure is Delhi ?Practically it is impossible to secure Delhi with the current system. How can police check the immigrants ?
  26. 26. What if ?We introduce a concept of human tagging! Every indivisual face will beidentified with the technology and his movement will be monitored.
  27. 27. Even a slight discrepancy in hisbehaviour can be recorded by KINECT!
  28. 28. What if the police wants to match a WANTED criminal with the citizens tag!Kinect will give you a list of 5 of the most matched faces of the prototype!
  29. 29. This is the most advanced solution for Anti terrorist activities.Even for investigatory purposes..!
  30. 30. Basically what we are trying to do is – DATA collection and utilisation ofsuch data to improve the efficiency in traffic; security and automation of systems for Delhi..!
  31. 31. Won’t it be amazing if we have acollection of data which is precise and not based on hypothesis!
  32. 32. Won’t it be nice if we know the detailed movement of cars and people of our city and also know new faces in the city..!Imagine if we have this data for an year! How this will change the dynamics of security and surveillance..!
  33. 33. Thank you!A concept by -Abhishek Shankar -Ritesh Malik