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A presentation for entry of Adstuck Co. in the US market of augmented reality!

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Adstuck United States

  1. 1. Harvard Consulting Project (The most robust Augmented Reality Platform company) Adstuck US Inc. ‘Making the visual experience magical’
  2. 2. Idea, Innovation, Transition & Evolution • We are surrounded by millions of images/texts everywhere. An image literally says a thousand words, Adstuck helps you get more information from these images/text/Objects. • We provide a platform which integrates rich multimedia with printed content, making the stale print come alive. Mobile devices with inbuilt camera or any other hardware with camera help us recognize the physical world. • AR is nothing but integrating physical world with layers of rich information online • Augmented Reality- is a process by which digital images are overlaid upon real world spaces combines real and virtual images into one 3D display and lets people interact and manipulate these digital images as if they were in real space Newspapers/Catalogues Online news This led to a decrease in the circulation of newspapers Thus came the concept of AR Connecting physical printing with online content Making print media more informative and attractive so that it can sustain for the coming 2 decades.
  3. 3. Adstuck Platform • Alive is a copyrighted software product of Adstuck Inc. It’s a robust augmented reality software which has multiple capabilities. • Adstuck is an augmented reality company based out of Delhi. We have a team of 40 engineers. • Adstuck has developed award winning platform as a JV with TOI (Bennet & Coleman group) called ‘Alive’. • • • 250k-downloads-of-augmented-reality-app-alive-on-day-1/ • downloads-on-day-1-for-its-ar-app-alive/ Alive Image Recognition Location integration 3D Object AR Text AR
  4. 4. Alive Areal iReality Golive ADSTUCK US Inc. ADSTUCK EUROPE
  5. 5. GOLIVE APP Middle East Bahrain
  6. 6. Size of the app 5MB-15MB Platforms Products Technology Compressed Histogram of Gradients (CHOG) Technology Specifications
  7. 7. Let’s see atch?feature=player_embed ded&v=5zmzOsRbT3g atch?feature=player_embed ded&v=dkYC1kBPR6o
  8. 8. AURASMA MODEL • Aurasma sells its SDK platform. • Licensing fees $6000+$250 for 1 augmentation. • Scanning charges extra. VS We sell our Areal/Alive platform at a nominal $2000 for augmentation+scanning+liscensing (upto 35 augmentations per week)
  9. 9. Usually images are 100 KB. We have developed a software code which converts this into 3KB. Thus this 3KB image size is transferred to our server and a particular video link is entitled to the image. This video link is streamed on the mobile of the consumer. Usually this process takes a lot of time for detection of the image; because of CHOG we have decreased image recognition time from 12s to 2s. All are servers are cloud based (AMAZON) & data center is in Singapore. Thus we can operate beyond borders. Backup data center is in Delhi Technology Process (Consumer-Server- Data bank-Server- Consumer)
  10. 10. Image and Video sent to Adstuck by B/F/C/M on a secure server platform provided by us. The image and video are passed through series of refractions through our software code to reduce the size. Testing of the image and video by teasting team on all the platforms and hardware devices. Content posted on server LIVE Used by the consumers Process takes less than 1 minute. Value Chain OUTSOURCED to India Used by American consumer (As we use CLOUD COMPUTING it doesn’t matter where the augmentation is processed.
  11. 11. Director Business Development (Washington) PM 1 (B2B) PM 2(B2M) PM 3 (B2F) Technical coordinator Social Media manager (Media Campaigns+B2C) Marketing team in US Get contracts and develop business opportunities Strong network with Indian technical team Testing team in US Mega marketing campaigns for educating the masses of America VERTICAL INTEGRATION Value Chain & Vertical Integration
  12. 12. Hitting the US market B2C We have launched a platform where consumers can use our patented technology; that means that they can integrate images and videos themselves. We plan to charge 1$ for 24 hours. This can be useful for authors etc B2F (Govt. of America has grants for information enrichment platforms. Getting contracts from different departments, specially PCORI, DHS, FDA, Prevention of communicable diseases etc.) B2M -newspapers -magazines -journals B2B -Retail stores -Greeting Cards - Visting cards -Billboards -Entertainment -Libraries - Education -Book retailers -Universities/schools Marketing Strategy
  13. 13. What kind of Innovation are we looking at? (Architectural + Regular) What kind of a diffusion process are we looking at? (Centralized Diffusion)
  14. 14. Analyzing Completion AUR ASMA BLIPPAR LAYAR JUNAIO Qualcomm DAQRI Competitive Advantage • Presence on any phone with a camera, whether or not a smartphone. • iOS • Android • Blackberry • Windows • Symbian • There is no AR company which has such a platform agnostic presence. • Performance time is at par with multinational AR companies such as HP (Aurasma). 3G time 2s recognition • Continuation of video after the camera is removed.(NOT AVAILABLE WITH AURASMA). • Cost Advantage-As our technical team develops augmentations back in India, a significant cost advantage is our USP because of the lower labour costs. • Network advantage-As AR is based on the network speed; so US is the ideal market for Adstuck as India has predominant 2G. So Adstuck US will be having an edge over Adstuck in developing countries like India. • Integration of AR with location based analysis for marketers. Cost Leadership
  15. 15. Porters 5 forces PORTERS 5 FORCES
  16. 16. Core competency (Prahlad) Powerful Technology Marketing/Business development Success in Augmented Reality Robust technology is the CORE COMPETENCE of Adstuck. If we focus on marketing then the technology side suffers. For this reason we partner with marketing firms who know the pulse of a nation. • Middle East-Media Mantra • Malaysia-Wayne&Wayne • India-Bennet&Coleman • Srilanka- • Singapore-SPG But as America is a huge market we wanted to enter this market on our own and didn't want to share profits. Even now we would focus on our skill set that is technology. So for the Business Development part we have appointed a Director for the US market so that marketing does not steal our focus.
  17. 17. SWOT Strengths -Platform agnostic -Robust Platform -Cost effective -Secure server (Patented secure server for sensitive information) -Cloud computing Weaknesses -Weak link in Value Chain is the communication between marketing and technical teams -Design of the app is not at par with the competitors in America Threats -Increase in number of competitors -Large players entering the market - Acceptability of AR by masses -Security issues -Server issues? SWOT Opportunities
  18. 18. Substitute (QRCODE) recognition_vs_qr
  19. 19. Diffusion & Adoption of AR (BASS) • Adstuck envisions that Augmented Reality should be embedded in the general routine of Americans, so that they can have access to more and detailed information at all times. This will help them make better decisions. • As it is fairly a new technology; rigorous marketing campaigns and mass educational campaigns should be promoted. • Population-316386146 (USA) • Mobile phone users-327577529(Total/104%) • Aurasma(120m/Adstuck220m) For AR 2013 it’s a SPECIFIC PHASE. Abernathy/Utterback Dynamics of Innovation. OLIGOPOLY > MONOPOLY
  20. 20. The innovation journey (Van De Venn) What kind of innovation journey are we looking at? SUSTAINING INNOVATION! The technology will mature more with time and there will be a time that we can integrate physical space with AR in a fraction of a millisecond. Director Innovator Mentor HR Coordinator/M onitor SYSTEMS DOCUMENTATION AND TRAINING SESSIONS!
  21. 21. Teese’s profiting from Technological innovations 1. Appropriate Regimen: Protecting the patent and innovating further on it. Copyrighting all the technologies. Back in India you cannot patent a software; in US we can. 2. Legal instruments-patents/copyrights/trade secrets. 3. Dominant design has emerged, we should focus on improving the infrastructure (Internet) 4. Process documentation (So that the company becomes Human independent and the labor depends on the systems and integrates their thinking with the system). 5. Product documentation, and employee trainings. 6. Customer Relationships management. 7. Social media. 8. Contractual mode of working for the US Adstuck. Marketing:
  22. 22. Competitive strategy & Value Chain MIS management and documentation (ATTACH AN MIS) Strong media information channel Testing of the augmentations on all platforms and hardwares Robust integration of the technology Primary Activities VALUE CHAIN Marketing & Joint Ventures Human Resouce management Vertical Integration REDMINE PROJECT MANAGEMENT Operations streaming R&D Support activities Organization • Productivity • Benchmarking • TQM protocols • R&D • Systems protocol and integration of chain of systems into the organization for robust product and services. Financials: Our target is to attain a mark of $100 million valuation in a span of 3 years by extensive marketing in all the areas(F/B/M/C).
  23. 23. Future • Augmented City-We have plans to partner with the Govt. of America and augment a city fully; and include its data into adstucks data base; so that 3D augmentation can we achieved for the entire city. • Google glass. • Enter the hardware industry. • WEARABLE. • 3D Holography • CMMI+ Level 5 • R&D/Acquisition of patents. • R&D in AR to disseminate the need of a data bank for augmentation; direct scanning and image finger printing and connection via the data base of google images. But this requires really fast internet speeds.
  24. 24. A presentation for Management of Technology & Innovation By Prof. Thachenkary Ritesh Malik Akshara Ravilla Sonal Kotecha Eesha Palkar