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Seminar and workshop on Embedded Systems


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Published in: Education
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Seminar and workshop on Embedded Systems

  1. 1. A Hands-On Seminar on Embedded System Event Proposal This document proposes “Hands-on Embedded System” Seminar content description and methodology used for industry-driven knowledge impartment by - 4 , S a t e l l i t e A p t . , N e a r K a m e s h w a r S c h o o l , S a t e l l i t e A h m e d a b a d – 3 8 0 0 1 5 , G u j a r a tT e l e . N o . : 0 7 9 - 4 0 0 3 6 0 3 4 M b . N o . : + 9 1 - 8 9 8 0 4 7 2 6 2 5 i n f o @ i w i l l s t u d y . c o m A Hands-on Seminar on Embedded Systems - Proposal Document from Page 1
  2. 2. About organizes multiple managerial and technical seminars, workshops, conferencesand training programs in different management and engineering colleges across India. We striveto bridge the gap between industry and academia. We connect students with industryprofessionals and provide exposure and new opportunities by creating an interactive environmentin colleges.IntroductionWith an objective of grooming students through interactive learning; proposes aseries of workshops and seminars at your college. This document includes overview of content,speaker profile and commercials for the seminar/workshop.Speaker IntroductionMr. Sidhhish Sutaria (Founder - Gnomic Solutions)Siddhish Sutaria is the founder member of Gnomic. Person having colossal knowledge inembedded domain, Siddhish is end-to-end solution provider. Be it Board Bring-ups, devicedrivers, or Video applications, Siddhish has always lead others with his diverse expertise. Hisability to handle and manage multiple projects and teams without compromising quality, hasalways proven boon to his company. He has worked at critical levels in eInfochips for three years.He has also worked with Texas Instruments, Flir & Maxim and many more embedded companies.He has been a frequent traveler to abroad to execute projects single handedly at clients place.Joyful and lively by nature, he has always thrived to give the best of the work.Reference: Rahul Patel (Founder - Gnomic Solutions)Rahul Patel is the founder member of Gnomic. Taking into rich experience of many years inembedded world, Rahul has always supported the idea of knowledge sharing and learning. He isan expert in Embedded software design and his brilliance is shown in the designs and logicapplied to the Embedded projects which he manages. Working for eInfochips for three years, hehas grasped every aspect of embedded application design. He has also worked for bigembedded companies like Texas Instruments, CISCO etc. The continuous zeal of proving hisself, has lead him to form a start-up in embedded domain, which is Gnomic.Reference: www.gnomic.inA Hands-on Seminar on Embedded Systems - Proposal Document from Page 2
  3. 3. About the SeminarFollowing is entailed in the conduction of the proposed event:  The entire session will be covered in two parts: o Knowledge Sharing session o Live Demo Session  Complete session from start till end will be an interactive one, where students can raise doubts and ask multiple questions from the speaker. Includes doubt clearing session.  The event features Seminar/Workshop slide notes, Seminar videos on web, prizes, gifts, and more surprises.  Life-time free email support for solving any doubts related to Embedded world.  Free email & SMS newsletter subscription for all the participants.At the end of this session, students will apprehend the following:  The insights of an embedded world and important concepts necessary to build career in embedded domain.  How an embedded device actually works?  Heart of an embedded system i.e. Hardware. General understanding of embedded hardware, microprocessors and peripherals.  Booting of a device. Role of device drivers in an embedded device. How to design a device driver?  Embedded application development. Programming methods necessary for designing an embedded application.  Growth of embedded market and its prospects. The job opportunities knocking in embedded systems.A Hands-on Seminar on Embedded Systems - Proposal Document from Page 3
  4. 4. Seminar ContentInsights of Embedded world o What is an embedded system? o Examples of embedded Systems – Live Demonstration with an embedded device. o Current Market overview and Job Opportunities o Software Layers of an Embedded/Computing systemHardware and Board Support Packages (BSP) o Microprocessor, Microcontrollers overview o Booting Sequence of an embedded device. Bootloaders, Board support Packages (BSP). o Example of an IO Device – Live Demonstration using peripherals like GPIO, timers o Interrupt and ISR o Bitwise operators in C o Exercise to read/write hardware register/pin and hence IO device programming o Define device driver in broader terms.RTOS and Development Environment o Kernel and OS o The term “Real time” o Linux – Why to use linux in an embedded system?A Hands-on Seminar on Embedded Systems - Proposal Document from Page 4
  5. 5. Real time application design o Multi-threading and multi-process environment. o Mutex and semaphore. o Inter process communication. o An example of an embedded system design to consider following issues while designing  Mutual exclusion and critical section.  Dead lock.  Race condition.Embedded device live demonstration o Live demonstration of  Surveillance Cameras.  Embedded Kits.  Motion detection algorithms.A Hands-on Seminar on Embedded Systems - Proposal Document from Page 5
  6. 6. CommercialsCost & Payment:There will be a onetime fixed entry fees cost payable by participants. The cost is dependent onestimated time; addressable participants and other direct expenditure born byby for delivering the scope of work under this proposal. To be discussed.A Hands-on Seminar on Embedded Systems - Proposal Document from Page 6