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Career-Edge Magazine coverage - Ritesh Ambastha


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Entrepreneur of the week - Mr. Ritesh Ambastha

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Career-Edge Magazine coverage - Ritesh Ambastha

  1. 1. Vol. 1, Issue: 10 Trust the wordPrice: Rs. 2.00 No. of Pages: 16 Ahmedabad | Tuesday | August 23, 2011 ‘BRAND POWER’ INSIDE STORIES3Antarprerna: It’s all in the name Enterpreneur of the week5Mizaz-e-Amdavad: ‘ What’s in a name!’ before too miniscule in com- quoting this, Shakespeare parison to the magnitude probably didn’t realise the of such brands. At this, power of certain names that Career Edge brings to you You,me and can not only create leader- brands that emitted and ship and monopoly but can are continuing emitting the Corrupiton also create history. While the mediocre brands race real BRAND POWER – BAND-AID® , XEROX®, to tape the current markets, and BISLERI. certain lifetime brands create BAND-AID®8 Rhythm Divine: markets for them. They do In a world full of cuts, it so well that gradually they scrapes, blisters and bruises Inter-college become synonymous to the product themselves. When it seems hard to imagine life without those little adhe- auditions was the last you looked for an adhesive bandage at the sive bandages. Of course, there have always been chemist shop? Inevitably, you cuts and scrapes, but there may have asked for a ‘BAND- haven’t always been adhesive AID®’ and you did not mind bandages. This fact was pain- even if it carried a fully clear to a young house- John- Dettol or a wife −Josephine Dickson. er son & John- Back in 1920, this newly- a t son, his idea was not to go out wed was living in New J o h n - son & Johnson, and hire a cook.) No, Earle Bruns- Josephine would always have sat down and prepared some dinner on the table.11 Career Detour: Hansaplast tag on it. Cer- wick, New Jersey, with her Unfortunately, she’d also have ready-made bandages by plac- Face to face with tain brands ‘BAND- like hus- band Earle, and though several cuts or burns on her fingers. Without an adhesive ing squares of cotton gauze at intervals along an adhe- Naturopathy AID®’ become married life agreed bandage, Josephine had no easy way of bandaging her own sive strip and covering them with crinoline. Now all Jose- so strong with her, cuts. Earle had to cut pieces of phine had to do was cut off a15 that they housekeeping adhesive tape and cotton gauze length of the strip and wrap it invite the ‘me- did not. Not that and make a bandage for each over her cut. In a way, it was too’ brands she didn’t try. wound. This happened day a mother who was respon- Taking you places: to leverage on their When Ear- le came after day and, day after day Jo- sephine needed more bandag- sible for the invention of the BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Mighty ‘Girnar’ and hard work. home from his es. They were in a real bind. Finally, after several weeks Bandage. (Researched and Compiled by Anup Banerjee & Ruchika God’s own ‘Munnar’ But such issues are job as a cotton buy- of kitchen accidents, Earle hit upon an idea (Luckily for Kedia)...Continued to Page 4
  2. 2. Ahmedabad | Tuesday | August 23, 2011 What’s neW?? Nationwide BE exam goes online Career Edge Network the option. “This year, the CBSE is planning to con- ployed to ensure smooth conduct of Eligibility for AIEEET he All India Engineering/ Archi- tecture Entrance Exam (AIEEE) will go completely online fromthis year, just like the Common Admis-sion Test (CAT) for IIMs. duct online exams on a mass scale. Stu- dents are advised to acquaint themselves with the new method,” a CBSE circular the test. About 28,000 B.Tech seats and 1,000 B. Arch seats are filled annually through the AIEEE. Students of India who have passed 10+2(Class XII) or an equivalent exam or appearing for the qualifying examina- tion are considered for the provisionalThe CBSE, which conducts the national admission into the degree course.If youexam every year, decided to to go ahead are an aspiring engineer, and you wantwith the move on account of the leak of to appear AIEEE you have to pass youra question paper last year which forced 10+2 with an aggregate of 50 % marksseveral students to take the exam again. with Physics and Mathematics as theThe next AIEEE is scheduled to be heldnationwide on April 29, 2012. What is AIEEE? stated. An competent agency will be em- compulsory subjects. Students who wish to be architects are required to pass theirLast year, a majority of the students opt- AIEEE - The All India Engineering En- tion Technology (IIITs) and 30 National 10+2 with an aggregate of 50 % marksed for the conventional exam since the trance Examination (AIEEE), is an ex- Institutes of Technology (NITs). The with Mathematics as a compulsory sub-option was allowed. The plan was to con- amination organized by the Central examination is generally held on the ject. Chemistry, Computer Science, Bio-duct online exams for one lakh students Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) last Sunday of April and results are an- Technology or Biology can be taken asout of the 11.5 lakh applicants, but less in India. Introduced in the year 2002, nounced in the last week of May or the optional subject. Foreign nationals or In-than 5,000 students opted for the on- this national level competitive test is first week of June. dian nationals living abroad can also ap-line exam. In Andhra Pradesh, of the 1.5 for admission to various under-graduate Candidates are ranked on an all-India ply for AIEEE and get admission throughlakh applicants, less than 100 opted for engineering and architecture courses in basis and state basis. Thus, they have an Educational Consultants India Ltd intothe online exam last year. This year, the institutes accepting the AIEEE score, All India Rank (AIR) and a State Rank centrally funded institutions.CBSE has decided not to give students including 5 Indian Institute of Informa- (SR).‘Right to Protest’ - Amdavadis’ voice out “I agree that the right to “A reasonably restricted “It is a utopian thought protest should be included protest should be included that the Lokpal Bill will as one of the fundamental as a fundamental right to eradicate the age old cor- rights of a citizen but what maintain stability in the ruption problem in a jiffy. Anna Hazare is doing are country. The Anna Hazare The bill aims to keep a not ‘protests’ but complete revolution is the biggest re- check on the government violation of the constitu- bellion since independence but then who said that the tion. He is hijacking the and this is the best way to private sectors are not cor- parliament and the people tell the politicians and all rupt and even if the bill getsin power. If he thinks he is resorting to Gandhian meth- the corrupt people out there that we refuse to take accepted, amendments can always be made later.ods then he is completely mistaken because Gandhiji anything lying down. I feel that THIS is what the Anna Hazare is supporting a good cause but he can-MADE the constitution but Anna is, in fact, AGAINST youth was waiting for as we were just silent specta- not blackmail the government like this. And if that’sthe constitution. I am, for the cause; not for the means.” tors until now. We needed someone to take the lead the scenario, then a fundamental right to protest will and show us a way towards doing what is to be done.” only be misused by the common man tomorrow.”-ABHISHIKT CHAUHAN,Student of Public Administration -AESHA PATEL, Student of Law -BHAVNA PARMAR, Student of Development Communication Vox-Populi “The fight against corrup- “Blackmailing the govern- tion has turned into a fight “60-70% of the people pro- ment to give up one’s life against the government. testing are not even aware and torturing them men- The right to protest should of what they are protest- tally is a form of violence in not be included as a fun- ing against. The right to itself. An RTI activist was damental right otherwise protest should be made a recently killed. What is this, every Tom, Dick and Harry fundamental right other- if not violence? Anna Haz- will oppose the government wise the freedom of speech are can oppose whatever leading to disorder in the is completely useless. But he wishes to but he cannotcountry. I support Anna because he is doing this for there is a way of putting things across and Anna continue taking the citizens and the politicians on athe masses and not for the classes. I believe that only Hazare is actually grabbing the reins of law and con- ride under the veil of non-violence. The right to pro-when the entire nation joins together that a differ- stitution in his hands. The same could have been test should be included as a fundamental right but onlyence can be made and that is why every banner, every dealt in a much more mature and civilized manner.” when it’s exercised as non-violence in its true sense.”candle march and every slogan in every city counts.” -HARSHRAJSINH VAGHELA,-NACHIKET DESAI, -JAINEE SHAH, Student of Law Student of BCA Student of CA (compiled by Anusha Iyer) 2
  3. 3. The Career edge Ahmedabad | Tuesday | August 23, 2011 antar prerna “The first and very important principle of a start up is to keep it alive” Falgunni Sachdev CEN and is getting quite influenced with dif- About Him ferent thoughts and beliefs. Rather, a SWOT Analysis I is an initiative to • Founder & CEO at good survey and introspection should • Domain Consultant (Education) Strengths: bridge gap between academics be done and then a decision should be Our network in industry with colleg- and industry by providing quality at Safew Technology Labs Pvt. Ltd. taken. es and students is the main asset, with education in higher education society more than 35 colleges and more than of India. It believes in providing expo- Success Sutra: 2,500 students as part of it, in last one sure and promoting awareness among Past • Deputy Manager Technology – and half years. On the service end, students of Tier II and III cities in In- 1) The first and very important princi- our strength lies in building knowl- Maps Development (BIG Maps) at dia where they connect students with ple of a startup is to keep it alive. I met edge- intensive content delivered Reliance Big Entertainment industry professionals and show them many people during the journey, worked via our various offerings. Both these • Project Manager at Mobiance the reality of industry and professional with many and left many behind. People strengths add up to keep our reputa- Technology demands.The same is done by organiz- do come and pass by whenever you are tion very strong in the market. • Database Architect – Consultant ing multiple seminars, workshops, tech- leading a startup. But one should do ev- at DeusCo Technologies nical sessions and training programs in ery possible thing to keep the baby alive. Weaknesses: colleges as well as on city levels. I still work 18 hours a day to lead it on Our customers – the colleges and Education to a pace and strive through in the right students, are still living in a different • Saurashtra University direction. traditional era and it is a challenge to • Kendriya Vidyalaya educate them and fill the demand- • Research Assistant at IIT Bombay 2) The second principle is to make supply gap. Also, our biggest con- • Project Trainee at Powai Labs people. A company is all about people, straint is there in terms of resources Pvt Ltd and you have to take risk in believing in and finances. them. An entrepreneur should keep on academics and realities of the industry meeting new people on daily basis. In the first 6 months I had hired 2 people, Opportunities: are on two entirely different planes. Syl- The target market size is growing labi of the colleges are not at par with and had few consultants too. In an year, exponentially and now there is also the advancement of industry practices I was working with four full timers and a transformation taking place in the and it’s important that students get ex- three part timers. Now, we are a team of mindset of people who are account- posure to this early in life. I had started eight full timers and many partners and able for running the education busi- providing help and support to my ju- consultants. nesses. There is a well-defined mar- niors in my college days by sharing with ket, and our offerings event business, them latest trends of the industry. This 3)The third principle is to be well aware web-portal, training academy and was the original idea of of legal concerns and financials. You campus-placement activities are in where we believe in providing aware- should know how to plan things on place to sustain and serve the purpose ness to the students. excel sheets. Though things run on as- for reaching the objectives. sumptions and intuitions many a times, Ritesh Ambastha, CEO & Founder but excel sheets are always the back- Message: Threats: bone. Why Also, remember that there is no need of There is a great hunch that a bigger One should believe in oneself and player may enter in the market with having a business plan before starting a should not depend on someone who huge bank accounts, and so we are During my first job I realized that the startup. What you need to start is a vis- will mentor or guide all throughout his/ building our assets on many levels to world is completely different from what iting card, a pamphlet of your offerings her life. A major part of young popula- keep a check on the same. I had ever studied in my college life and and formals. tion today is becoming more dependent Enterpreneur quote of the week Editor’s note Dear Readers, To succeed in business, to reach the top, an individual must No matter what is the result of the struggles we all do, we need to keep concentrating on the quality of efforts done every day. The way know all it is possible to know about that business.” it is said “ Rome was not built in a day”, we should always consider the fact that every deed performed has a definite result with its due - J. Paul Getty course of time. So I would request my dear readers to keep doing (an American industrialist, former oil tycoon, and once the richest man in America) efforts in their own way for a bright & enlighten future of upcoming generation. Praying God, helping needy, educating children & per- forming small deeds to make our nation rise by all means. Let’s all Have a query? take a pledge to develop the economy to an extend wherein a Rupee Aspiring to start your own business but start up questions worry- coin stands for 50 dollars. ing you? Want to ask questions to an enterpreneur, we will be your - Regards, medium....shoot your mails at - K. 3
  4. 4. Ahmedabad | Tuesday | August 23, 2011 Brand story was the Haloid Company, a 1969 and started bottling wa- are treated general to the seg-....Continued from Page 1 small photo-paper maker in ter in glass bottles under the ment. To elaborate, these days Names Matter XEROX Rochester, N.Y, which took on brand name ‘Bisleri’. Later Par- every packaged water bottle“10-22-38 ASTORIA” the challenge and the promise le switched over to PVC non- has blue colour label on them.These words mark the time and Kerosene and Petrol of xerography and thus be- returnable bottles & finally This became so critical an is-place of an auspicious event. Kerosene, the word was registered as a came, in a breathtakingly short advanced to PET containers. sue that bisleri changed itsIt is the text of the first xero- trademark by Abraham Gesner in 1854, time, the giant multinational In 1995, Ramesh J. Chauhan colour to ocean green with agraphic image ever fashioned. and for several years, only the North company now known to the started expanding Bisleri op- new look and feel as a point ofIt was created in a makeshift American Gas Light Company and the world as Xerox Corporation. erations. In 2003 Bisleri an- differentiation.laboratory in Queens, NY. by Downer Company (to which Gesner BISLERI nounced its venture to Europe. These are just few out of thea patent attorney named Ches- had granted the right) were allowed to Bisleri was originally an Ital- After that Ramesh J. Chauhan list of brands that have rede-ter Carlson, who believed that call their lamp oil “Kerosene”. It even- ian company created by Felice sold his stake to Wakharikar & fine many orthodox market-the world was ready for an eas- tually became a genericized trademark. Bisleri, who first brought the Sons,but all operations are un- ing philosophy. It takes agesier and less costly way to make Similarly, the word ‘petrol’ came into idea of selling bottled water in der Ramesh J.Chauhan. for some brands to register incopies Carlson was proved existence in early 1892. Carless-Capel India. Bisleri then was intro- The brand name Bisleri is so the customer mind space butright only after a discouraging & Leonard, a German wholesaler, was duced in Mumbai in glass bot- popular in India that it is used some stick them self so wellten-year search for a company the first company to register ‘petrol’ as tles in two varieties – bubbly as generic name for bottled that they become revolution inthat would develop his inven- a trade name. & still, in 1965. Parle bought water. This is a classic example themselves.tion into a useful product. It over Bisleri (India) Ltd. in when elements of one brand Evolution of Brand Names Aspirin Still a Bayer trademark name for acetyl- Brand Utility Owner Usage salicylic acid in about 80 countries, in- Velcro Hook-and-loop fastener Velcro company Used as generic, but still trademarked. Often used as a verb. cluding Canada and many countries in Europe, but declared generic in the U.S. Walkman Personal stereo Sony Corporation Was often used generically for any portable stereo player, and in 2002 an Austrian court ruled that it had passed into common usage, but still a legally recognized trademark Cellophane Tupperware Plastic storage contain- Earl Tupper preparation, storage, containment, and serving products for the Still a registered trademark of Innovia kitchen and home, which were first introduced to the public in Films Ltd in Europe and many other ers for food 1946. jurisdictions. Originally a trademark of DuPont. Sellotape Clear adhesive tape Sellotape Company, Often used generically as a verb and noun. Appears in dictionar- (UK) owned by Henkel ies as both generic and trademarked Consumer Adhesives Dry ice Trademarked by the Dry Ice Corpora- Photoshop Photo manipulation Adobe Systems Commonly used as a verb to generically describe digital ma- tion of America in 1925. nipulation or compositing of photographs Jeep Compact sport utility Chrysler Chrysler recently used “trademark awareness” advertisements Escalator vehicle to prevent the brand from becoming a generic noun or verb, Originally a trademark of Otis Elevator including such statements as They invented ‘SUV’ because they Company. can’t call them Jeep iPod portable media player Apple Inc. Used as a generic term for digital audio/MP3 player. Thermos Google Search engine Google Commonly used as a verb, i.e. using an internet search engine. Originally a Thermos GmbH trademark name for a vacuum flask; declared Vaseline Petroleum jelly, petro- Unilever Often used by consumers as if it were generic in the U.S. and generic in the U.S. in 1963. latum Canada, but still a legally recognized trademark. Career Edge Network Making an effective ppt pectations of an audience, as it is to hit biases, you can ascertain where they are be persuaded to take a specific action. an unseen target. It can be done, but it is starting from and avoid some key presen- Convincing usually precedes persuad-I t doesn’t matter what your career a chancy way to seek success. Part of the tation pitfalls. ing. As a leader today, it is important to is, sooner or later you are going to process of preparation is the research that •What is the Purpose? be effective in motivating others to take be responsible for giving presenta- gathers the following information about There are only a few purposes for a pre- action.tions. If you are moving up the ladder in the audience. sentation. The following are the most ac- •Entertain: In one sense, every presenta-your profession, at some point, you will •Knowledge: “Is the audience better in- cepted ones: tion should entertain. For the audience tobe managing a team, giving project up- formed than I am?” Never face an audi- •Inform: One logical purpose for com- be in a favorable frame of mind and fordates, speaking before a management ence unprepared, but also never fall into municating is to present information for them to be open to being convinced, en-meeting, training clients or colleagues, or the trap of assuming listener’s ignorance the enlightenment of listeners. This for- lightened, or motivated, they need to begiving any number of other business pre- and talking mat focuses on clarity and entertained. In the broadest sense, to en-sentations. By planning thoroughly andthoughtfully, you can take much of the down to them. •Expertise: Bheja Fry understanding. •Convince or Impress: A tertain an audience is to make them glad they were there and glad that you wereanxiety out of giving business presenta- The audience’s speaker often has the job the presenter.tions and have a powerful impact on your skill level is also important because that of convincing or impressing on others the •What is the Message?listeners. may determine the position on the issue importance of something. I need to be im- It hardly seems necessary to addressIn order to plan an effective presentation, that you want to take. pressed with the value or importance of the importance of having a message,you must first address: •Experience: This consideration asks not something before I will ever be convinced but unfortunately sometimes presenta-•Who is the audience? •What is the only how much experience the audience to do anything differently than I am doing tions seem to lack a clear message. Knowpurpose? •What is the message? •Who has but at what level and in what environ- right now. what your message is and keep it in mindis the Audience? ment. •Persuade to Action: Once convinced throughout the preparation so that theIt is as difficult to satisfy the unknown ex- •Bias: If you can identify your audience’s that something is true or has value, I may presentation stays on track. 4
  5. 5. The Career edge Ahmedabad | Tuesday | August 23, 2011 mizaz-e-AhmEdAbAd You, me and Corruption Gayatri Vaidya CEN the cars. I saw a real INDIAN that day! free lives! Not only returning a favour these years of my life. But unfortunately, But, he had no candle in his hand, no for bunch of green bucks, but accepting the corrupt Government also reflects on T raffic jam is a well accepted rou- placard! He wasn’t rallying nor had he unearned applause is also corruption. the majority of Corrupt Indians who tine for Amdavadis. We have ac- joined the group ‘Let us manage traf- If we join a crowd without a clean con- have crowned them to corrupt the sys- cepted bumper to bumper traffic fic’ on social networks. He was a com- science, we are nothing but the patients tem further. These corrupt Indians in- jams and screeches of short brakes un- mon man who had learnt not to accept of dissociative identity disorder. clude me and you, at different times! complainingly. a wrong. Corruption is like a lump of mud. It has For the cause of curbing corruption, 16th August was no different a day for On a macro perspective, what we need no limbs to walk through the system. It I fully support Team Anna and their me. Caught in breathing the car ex- is a protest sans hollers. Conquering has been bartered, by politicians, offi- initiative. They have forced Indians to hausts, it took me around 40 odd min- the devil within is the first step to any cials and common people like us! I am pause and ponder over this grave issue. utes to reach to Blind Men’s Associa- protest! It makes much sense to me to also a victim of the cor- r u p t However, I am afraid that an absolutely tion from PRL Dispensary! Like a good be proactive in my day to day life than Governments, powerful Lokpal may rather force us to civilian, I kept following the car ahead on one fine day, blocking the roads and like all of deal with keeping him clean than ensur- of me, GJ- 1- KJ- 2980 to avoid further closing down the institutes! y o u , all ing a corruption free system. congestion. When we reached close to IIM, the person in the car ahead, got I wonder how many I strongly believe that along with legis- out in a jolt. An average Gujarati male in of us have led cor- lating stringent laws, we need to change his mid 40s who can easily get merged ruption the mindsets. The day, as an individual in the crowd, was an awakened citizen. we learn to withstand and/or refrain With a rush he reached the other side of from greed and temptation, conjugation the road, where vehicles were flocking of which leads to the birth of corrup- themselves in the wrong lane, affecting tion, we will probably have a free society the traffic flow on the other side. This, in true sense. Mr. 2980, parked himself close to the bonnet of the first car in the wrong lane Let us FIGHT CORRUPTION!! and insisted that the cars be sent back! (Columnist is a Researcher & a photographer He stood there till the drivers reversed by passion) Where art thou, Dude? Kirti Anand CEN al, “For us kitlis are like breath- buns maggi, vada pav, cold happy.” Idea- sharing at such H ing spots, coffee are served. hang out places is a new rage, anging out is cool, fun and a part of your ba- where we meet and Y - Trendz These are places for youngsters to meet many new people meet at such hangout zones and share their sics, Career Edge un- and greet each other. Shalin views. Dhruti Shah, a B.Com ravels the mystery behind chill- Pandya, a third year law stu- student who has organised such ing out and why is it a rage..... dent says, “My favourite hang meets says, “We friends decide Sample this, the last bell of out zone is University kitli, on a common topic and then in- your lecture rang and you have where we friends meet daily for vite friends from other colleges a truckload of assignments to 2-3 hours. It is like our ritual.” to share their opinions, these complete, still you message your For some however, such places hang out zones provide a great friend asking.... “Dude where seem a great place for market- platform.” to?”. Hanging out or simply ing, Abhishek Pathak who is a Well, if you are still sitting and chilling out has become an inte- sales manager, feels “Such plac- wondering what to do.....go and gral part of one’s life. Not only es help us interact and de-stress hang out! collegians but corporate profes- after a long day, they also serve sionals are equally seen hanging as a great meeting spot.” Must visit chill zone out with their daily cuppa on a Cuppa lovers still swear their Shambhu’s busy day. So what makes hang- discuss everything under the visit as de-stressing, Krinali Dannys coffee bar ing out so popular, is it the back- Rambhai kitli sun here, its like a part of rou- Bhatt, a BPO executive puts up, University Road biting or bitching about the boss tine now”. “A strong cup of chai makes NID /colleague /friends, or simply Apnu Amdavad boasts of a va- your day, be it early morning or CEPT reviving your spirit? Ask Ritika riety of hangout zones....from late evening, just sipping that KK - AMA kitli Sahani, a corporate profession- kitlis to joints where maska tea with your friends makes you Grand Bhagwati ke 5
  6. 6. Ahmedabad | Tuesday | August 23, 2011 Corp GyAAN Corporuption - under the corporate table Shailesh: It is true that corruption in Rohan: Who are the ‘insiders’ and company planes to fly the top executives. Kamal Kapoor CEN government is rampant and serious but ‘outsiders’ in a company? The shareholders foot the bill while the many private companies too are hot beds Shailesh: The managers are the insiders managers fly high.C orruption is again at the centre stage of our national life.The debate is centred around corruption ingovernment. But is that the only form ofcorruption? Many corporate bigwigs have of corruption. Rohan: You are surely pulling my leg! Shailesh: No Rohan, I am dead serious. If you think carefully, bribery is just one form of corruption. Although there and the shareholders are the outsiders. They have better knoweldge about the affairs of the company are also in a position to take decisions about the company. In an ideal world they should Rohan: But why don’t the shareholders stop them? Shailesh: For one many shareholders don’t have intimate knowledge of workings of a company. Then mostgiven support to the movement against take decisions for benefit of the owners shareholders have so small ownership thatcorruption in public life. Does that mean (shareholders) of the company and not they find it difficult to make themselvesthat the corporate India is absolutely clean? for their own benefit. But many a times heard. Their strongest safeguard is the they take decisions to enrich themselves ‘Board of Directors’ which is expected toShailesh: Hi Rohan! Where are you going at the cost of ordinary shareholders. This keep a watch on the management. Butin such a hurry? What’s up, buddy? is called the ‘Principal-Agent Problem’: many a times managers hoodwink theRohan: I am going to attend a public shareholders are the ‘principals’ and directors to push through their personalmeeting in support of Anna’s movement managers are the ‘agents’. agenda.for a Jan Lokpal. It is high time that we Rohan: But how can they enrich Rohan: So there is no difference betweenteach these corrupt politicians and public themselves at the cost of shareholders? the plight of common citizens and smallservants a lesson. Shailesh: They can do this in many ways. shareholders?Shailesh: I agree that we must put up a For starters, they may buy raw material at Shailesh: There is a difference: ifunited front against corruption. But we higher than fair prices and take a cut from shareholders feel that the management ismust be wary of all forms of corruption the vendors. The shareholders as a whole not honest they can sell their share andand not just against the corruption by bear the loss but the managers gain. Then quit the company. The ordinary citizenspoliticians and public servants. are many definitions of corruption the managers may give themselves higher don’t have the luxury of quitting theRohan: What do you mean? These but one simple definition is “an act by than fair salaries and bonuses. In many country!parasites loot public money, take bribes which ‘insiders’ profit at the expense cases the promoters of the companyand make merry at the cost of poor and of ‘outsiders’. In many companies those occupy key management positions. (The columnist is a visiting facultypowerless. Who else indulges in such in position of power abuse the power They may employ their near and dear of finance in a leading college ofshameless behaviour? for personal gains the same way the ones at unreasonable salaries. They may Ahmedabad) politicians and others enrich themselves. incur wasteful expenditure like buying Anup banerjee CEN When your habits scream!! when someone else notices them or when dressing sence and many around. For instance in many corporate you pay a great deal for it. Moreover, such habits define ones smokers are looked upon as people who “So, what are your habits?”- A clichéd when we say habit we tend to corporate image. will continuously take breaks and as aquestion in corporate interview. Most connote them with negative result hamper the efficiency of the team.youngsters take it as lightly as possible. behaviors. Good habits are In corporate life This need not be true, but is a strongBut it’s not your habits he is interested in very much a part of us and your major time is perception. One need not change everyit’s your personality that he is inquiring we need to consciously spent with your team habit for the sake of corporate life butabout. Now the question is in the midst of work upon them. which gradually surely needs to be conscious about them.certificates, degrees, knowledge… how It is important to becomes a second Your habits also define your inter-does it matter if I bluff over my habits? It develop good habits that family. One needs personal relations with peers in thedoes, matter, purely because your habits spread a positive vibe in to appreciate that organization. And in case you serve thewill flaunt themselves even without your the work culture. Ready every human customers directly, your habits can alsonotice. to take challenges, is more or less define your existence in the company. So Some very usual behaviors, too acknowledging and judgmental. So you need next time you are on a client visit, makeminiscule to notice, catch eyes before quick response to mails, to be consciously aware of your sure to carry your handkerchief alonganything else. How many times have you clean desk, neat and tidy actions as they give cues to everyone with, let your cuff be neat on the wrist.noticed someone clean his spectacleswith his shirt or wipe his wet face on Grab it!!! Crap it!!! These habits are hard to change andhis sleeves or bite a corner of her nail • Never gossip won’t leave you so easily. But the best way • Quick and apt response to mailsas if nail trimmer is the most expensive to tackle them is by jotting down all yourinvestment to make? Quiet often isn’t it? • Keep a handkerchief handy • Never abuse habits and then continuously ensuresThese once in a while gestures turn into • Always carry a pen • Never shout that you realize when you repeat which.habits and if not nipped in the butt they • Carry cash when at team • No name calling Might sound stupid at the first glancecan become your personality. In other outings- you never know!!! • Don’t discuss personal Life over but in long run you will appreciate thatwords, your habits, in long-run, define a certain extent only you can help yourself grow a better • Ensure you wear tidy andyou. personality. One dilemma with habits is that you decent cloths • It’s not a picnic place for yourdon’t adapt them. You know about them • Always be ready to help family Thus these small things make a hugeonly once they are a part of you and are • Punctuality is the key • Don’t overdo make-up difference to your corporate life, so takeevident enough to be noticed. And in (your beauty lies in your work) care.bitter cases, they come to your knowledge 6
  7. 7. The Career edge Ahmedabad | Tuesday | August 23, 2011 third eye All B-rats run When your parents towards Anna hate the one you love!! of objections you need to hold your ing into a happening place of Western Career Edge Network ground and not give in to their bigotry. madhu menon CEN Ahmedabad and a gathering place for Your parents are likely objecting because the open space craving middle class. I they fear for you. They are probably wor- t was an interesting co-incidence A pleasant surprise was waiting for ried about how the world will react to that within days of the disappear- me there. Instead of my expectation your relationship. Being in an unconven- ance of our old trusted 4-anna, a of a “mammoth” crowd of familiar and tional relationship can be difficult. The single fragile Anna could put the hardly known group of some hundred people, world can be a cruel place. Your parents governing Central Government on their there was actually a big crowd of a thou- are probably worried about seeing you knees and this fragile old Anna became sand people, and most of them were struggle. Their reaction is wrong but it stronger than Rajnikant. You know now refreshingly new and young. It was a is based on their love for you and their that it was Anna who decided when to pleasant surprise because barring the desire to see you get the best out of life. Sometimes parents cling to outdated social attitudes. They hold on to ideas L that are not shared by your generation. ove they say...happens! and it If this is the case, if your parents are will probably happen to you at trying to get you to conform to their least once in your life that you biases, you need to stand your ground. will fall for somebody that your par- You need to tell them that in this situ- ents don’t like. Sometimes their dis- ation you will never see things their approval will be valid, other times it way. Suggest that in this case you should will be irrational, but no matter what agree to disagree. They probably won’t it will be hard for you to deal with. like this but they don’t have to. Objec- However there are some questions that tions based on bigotry are wrong even you need to ask yourself like - What do when they come from your parents. you do when your par- ents can’t stand the person you’re dating? Soul When Your Par- ents Are Right Why are you dating this person? Are you crazy in love or loving driv- Chutney When you are in love you may be blind to your partner’s flaws. come out of the jail and not the police. Anti-reservation movement I never had ing your parents crazy? Your parents aren’t The last week proved the saying - “histo- a chance to see people coming out on You need to take an honest look at your so easily fooled. They can often see ry repeats” and taught us that whenever streets in Ahmedabad for a cause. My romantic motivations and the reasons things in your relationship that you history repeats it was always with more experience of more than two decades for your parents’ objections. If you are are unwilling or unable to see. They strength, especially when the people in of walking with the masters of the civic motivated by rebellion the simplest and love you and want what is best for you power fail or refuse to learn from the society has made me realise that Amda- right thing to do is end the relation- and seeing you in a bad relationship is history. When Anna refused to get out vadis weren’t available for street demon- ship. Still if you are confused we help hard. Of course they will disapprove! of the jail the people refused to get off strations. Let me tell you with frankness you out with finding the right path..... When your parents see something in the roads, reminding us of the forgotten that what happened in 2002 was not a your relationship that they don’t like history of our independence movement demonstration of solidarity, nor a com- Examining Your Parents’ Objections you need to listen to what they have lead by another non-violent, fragile, ing out on the street for a cause, it was Sometimes you have to fight for love. to say. You may not agree with them scantily dressed fakir, the Mahatma. The actually a demonstration of our weak- If your parents don’t like the person after you hear their point of view but only smiling faces in the whole country, ness and cowardliness. you love you will definitely have a fight it is important that you hear them out. it seems were of the candle, topi and flag Surprise came again the next morning on your hands. It is important for you If your parents have heard bad things makers, again it’s a good thing that hap- with another sms inviting me to join to understand where your parents about your partner, if they have seen pened because making of these articles another rally, of course with a burning are coming from and why they disap- behaviors they don’t like or if they are still remain a cottage industry in India. candle in hand at the new happening prove of the relationship. When you worried that you are being hurt, they It was on 16th August around 4 pm that Vastarpur lake. This time I was very know why they object to your relation- are going to object to your relationship. I got an sms from a not-so-young friend sure of having a shrunken crowd, but ship you will be better able to reason You need to try to listen to them without requesting me to be part of the candle surprises refused to keep away from me; with them and stand up for your love. getting defensive. They may be right. light vigil and march at Vastrapur lake. there were again a 1000 plus crowd and It is up to you to look at the whole situ- If you have started doing harmful things Being one of the “children of the six- most of them were the members of the ation and see if your parents are see- because of your partner, like alcohol or ties” I quickly called off all the meetings Great Indian Rat race......well done B- ing something you aren’t or if they drugs, your parents have a valid con- and reached Vastrapur Lake - now fall- RATS. are acting from a place of ignorance. cern. Your parents have a right to speak up if your grades are dropping, if you’re In the previous edition of ‘The Career Edge’, the photo printed When Your Parents Are Wrong losing friends or if you have stopped was that of Principal of Narayan Guru School while we mis- Parents are not always right. Objec- doing the things you used to love to printed it as SGVP school. Also in the “Do you know” section, tions based on racism, classism, reli- do. Listen to them. It is not healthy for the first question was quoted incorrectly, it should have been - If gious bias or homophobia are not ac- any relationship to consume your life. the Republic Day Parade starts from Rashtrapati Bhavan, where does it end? ceptable. While your parents may have Your parents may be able to see that We regret the errors! the best of intentions with these types this is happening when you can 7
  8. 8. Ahmedabad | Tuesday | August 23, 2011 event RHYTHM DIVINE - Auditions Career Edge Network who felt that Amdavadis making it big. A lot of anxiety was seen a platform that I was w a i t i n g have real talent be it singing admits the excitement. Dance Judge for, I will now be starting G en Y got to display their abundant talent when Rhythm Divine an inter-college singing/dancing/ instrumentalcompetition auditions kick-started at or performing. An interesting mix of talent was seen, with some confident and some first-timers who performed on stage. The band forced people to sway Mr. Taral Academy the Shah from Spin was amazed by moves and grooves of these my preparation for this competition.” A road will be which will go winning show organised to asGulmohar Park. Organised by Golden to their tunes. T h e many asPremier Events and Media Company, contestants who made itmany collegians throughparticipated in this the firstgrand hunt for talents.The auditions were heldon August 19-20 participants.and a T h e auditioneers round w e r e called one w e r e by one to showcase m e g a success was their talent. The D Jfollowed. made sure that h e 43 The singing contestants gave the best mix for the collegesacross were judged by music. Ahmedabadand famous singer M a n y GandhinagartoBhumit Shah. Two students who createbuzzaboutthisdays of auditioning came to cheer competitiononTuesday,at Rhythm Divine their best friends who were WednesdayandThursday.witnessed some of the performing were happy that such Withsomuchtalentgalore,best talents in Ahmedabad. Both a mix awarded with certificates. a competition was happening in the resultisasecondauditionof latest and old hits were sung by the The green room was seen Ahmedabad. A young enthusiast who tobe heldonAugust 26.participants. Contestants mesmerized the with talents practising their cleared the first round said, “I am so So keep watching thisjudge by singing Yaro Dosti Badi hi…… moves for the last time before grateful to Rhythm Divine, it gave me space for more! 8
  9. 9. The Career edge Ahmedabad | Tuesday | August 23, 2011 event Au d i t i o n 9
  10. 10. Ahmedabad | Tuesday | August 23, 2011 Cross seCtion Aarakshan, View Survival Kit Career Edge Network without reservations O Sunetra deshpande & madhu menon CEN k, we know that the topic is long enough to make you make you go to sleep. But Chip and Dan Heath’s “Made to Stick” is none of that: a tax form, and others whose stories con- veyed ideas that excited us and fed our thought and imagination alike! There’s clearly a vast divide, and not all ideas areA It’s a tour de force; powerful, compel- good. Worse yet, good ideas can crash arakshan is a great movie, with movie just because he has done the ling, and reader-friendly! You’ll be aston- and burn when presented in a manner refreshing seriousness, con- best by presence, voice and not act- ished at how many portions of this book that keeps them from soaring. So what’s vincing characterization, and ing. Saif (Ali Khan) tried hard to prove you’ll think one of your family members, the most important thing you need toenough material for provoking your that he is an actor; luckily he has been friends, coworkers (superiors and subor- convey and how can you communicate itthoughts. And definitely it does not given a lot space to prove that he is dinates alike) would be well-advised to concisely? How can you grab people’s at-hurt the sentiments of the ‘backward good raw material in the safe hands of read. What makes some ideas triumph tention, and what does it take to keep it?castes’ as our politicians made it out to Prakash Jha. And thankfully, Deepika and others die an ugly death is not just What kind of examples can people relatebe. One more example that our lead- Padukone got a real chance to climb on a matter of curiosity; it’s actually some- to, and why? How can you make detailsers do not see good movies and they the roof and shout that she is an actor thing you can use on both a personal and convincing without making them over-seldom read good books, but would and can do justice to a character. In the professional level. bearing? How can you make people care, There comes a point when you shudder and how can you translate that empathybe there to shout at full throttle to ban entire film she kept her cool and lived thinking about how cumbersome, boring, into action? These are all points thatanything that is controversial – read, as the character. High time that people confused, and plain unbearable a book “Made to Stick” presents in a manner sobeyond their comprehension. who matter in the industry recognize about “ ideas” can be, but the ingredients straightforward, interesting and convinc- her as an actress instead of projecting ing that it’s obvious the authors have fol- her as a sex symbol. lowed their own recipe to the letter. Our 17 years old son was very happy Forget books about ideas that read with the tone of the film for the first like the next cheap self-help knock-off 30 minutes. It had him laughing and or another endless obscure dissertation. enjoying. But after 30 minutes he was This one has examples so poignant and out of sync, he kept asking about the relevant that they teach and impress in a single stroke. Take the case of James turn around, forcing us to give him a Grant, the former UNICEF director, who, session on ‘Reservation’ – right from instead of trying to establish the value the days of Manu, who preached “cha- of life-saving Oral Rehydration Therapy tur varna – four distinct divisions of la- to leaders of developing countries with bour - during the intermission. Still he heavy scientific facts or statistics, carried was not able to relate and understand with him a small packet with teaspoons the whole scenario. It was not his fault, of salt and sugar in it (the main ingredi- because all his life he had never heard ents of ORT): He’d show this simple prop, what caste is, what reservation is and and tell heads of State that the tiny packet who is and who is not eligible under costing less than a cup of tea could save hundreds of thousands of lives. How can the “reservation act”. you forget this example, and how can you Hence, our advise to all those who in- not see the genius in the idea? tent to see this film below the age of that make those ideas are intutive, their Here’s the short version: Buy this book. 25 is that, you should consult, read, combination masterful and presentation Don’t borrow it, don’t browse through discuss at least with your parents, el- irresistable. The core idea of these suc- it-just get your own copy (because you’ll der friends and teachers about the era cessful ideas are - Simple, Unexpected, want to own it), and get it soon! that was dogged by the word “aarak- Concrete, Credible, Emotional Stories. Surely we’ve all encountered people Title: Made to Stick: Why SomeThe film discusses two issues ‘the shan” – reservation. Otherwise you whose stories were about as interesting Ideas Survive and Others Diegood and bad affects of Reservation’ would miss the essence of the film;and ‘Commercialization of Educa- you would miss the efforts of Prakash and inspirational as the instructions on Author: Chip Heath and Dan Heathtion’. Handling two such serious issues Jha and Anjum Rajabali to make youthrough a medium that is considered aware of an India that went throughto be for entertainment has diluted turmoil and confusions in the processthe essence of the film. As any goodmeaning film, Aarakshan also ends of development. We recommend this film to the en- Dear Readers!with good v/s bad and with the obvious tire group of youngsters, irrespectivevictory of the good and in the process of their political stand, ideology and Thank you for your overwhelming response. We want to serve youmaking the issue of Aarakshan out of inclinations. But make sure that you best, and shall need your support for the same. Feel free to give us thefocus. have read the recent history of India. information you want to others to know, we may print it in our nextAB is the right and perfect choice as edition. Be it your story or suggestions, hate mails or favourite article,Prabhakar Anand. To play against Director : Prakash Jha we would like to know it et all. We have tried to cover the initialthe towering character of Prabhakar Writer : Prakash Jha, Anjum RajabaliAnand epitomized by the legendary background of each segment and now shall be heading to furnish Cast : Amitabh Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan,AB, Manoj Bajpayee as Mithilesh must the requirements according to the need & demand of our dear stu- Manoj Bajpayee, Deepika Padukonehave struggled a lot but in the end MB dents. Write us at - Language : Hindiproves that he is of good mettle. If you Duration : 164 min.are an AB fan, you would love this 10