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Sample for wiki

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  1. 1. by His Number 1 Fan July 2011
  2. 2. My name is Charlie.
  3. 3. I like sticks …
  4. 4. and toys.
  5. 5. One day I woke up and the ground was white. It was the best toy ever.
  6. 6. I need a nap after all that playing.
  7. 7. My job is to give the dishes a good pre-wash.
  8. 8. I’m ready for another nap!
  9. 9. When I’m not napping I can be very alert.
  10. 10. My favourite part of the day is my walk to the beach.
  11. 11. I graduated from school when I was only five months old.
  12. 12. I celebrated by eating all my textbooks …
  13. 13. … and the couch.
  14. 14. I’m in the dog house now.