Blogging On Free Hosts Not A Good Idea


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Blogging On Free Hosts Not A Good Idea

  1. 1. Blogging On Free Hosts Not A Good Idea
  2. 2. This article is about blogging and why you should never blog on a free host like or Iam writing this to alert people out there who are building blogs on free blog hosts like and
  3. 3. Installing wordpress is free and gives you full control overyour blog. There are other platforms like moveable type to choose from as well. Take a look around and find the platform you like or that best fits your blogging style. Ivelearned an expensive lesson and now will only build blogs on my own domain names.
  4. 4. The reason?
  5. 5. Lets start with
  6. 6. They have a new out of control spam bot. Search the blogger help forums and you will find the horror stories. Legitimate blogs are being deleted, people are gettinglocked out of their blog until reviewed, and assumed to be a spammer because either the bot flagged the blog or someone clicked the little flag button at the top of all blogger blogs.
  7. 7. That and the fact that they have constant problems withthe publishing getting stuck at 0%, slow load times, etc. itmakes blogging through a buggy experience at best and your content or reason for blogging is up to someone elses interpretation of what is or is not legitimate.
  8. 8. As far as, they are just as bad. If the blog links to a website and looks as if it might be promoting people to go to that website they will suspend your account without warning and lock you out of all the content.
  9. 9. Im not sure what they think blogs are for, but they seem to think they have a noble purpose in life and that they alone decide what is a "genuine blog" or not.
  10. 10. A "genuine blog" is one that is controlled by the individual who writes to it, not one that must adhere to someoneelses idea of what their blog should look like and what it should say.
  11. 11. If you blog on freehosts just be aware your content andyour blog is in the hands of others who will decide for theworld whether or not your blog should be seen by others.
  12. 12. Many times the person deciding your fate is someone who has never had any authority over other people and who think that now they have Godlike powers to decide the fate of content written by others. These are people who likely produce no content of value themselves and think they know what is best for the rest of the world.
  13. 13. Please visit: for more info