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  1. 1. When I analysed this magazine for myfront cover analysis, I found thedesign layout very interesting as itinstantly attracted me. The effectiveuse of white background emphasises thekickers and highlights the model gazewhich is the focal attractive of thismagazine. There is eye-contact withthe model gaze and the audience whichimproves communication and powerfuleye-flow. There is a consistent colourscheme which relates the content ofthe magazine to the brand,strengthening corporate identity.
  2. 2. With inspiration from the RollingStone magazine and the analysis frommy questionnaire results, I haveproduced the first draft for mymusic magazine in Adobe Photoshop.
  3. 3. This is my inspiration for my own production of my music magazine. This skyline and mast-head is from the Rolling Stone magazine. I will use this as my inspiration because it communicates efficiently with the audience know what artists are features in this particular issue of the magazine. The colour of the mast-head attracts the audience and creates effective eye-flow as the colour is bold and vibrant.The main font I used for the body text was Century FB. On my skyline Iused the well-established artists from each music genre which were mostpreferred from my music magazine questionnaire. These three genres were:pop, urban and RNB. I did research on these three genres to find out themost preferred artists. Therefore I selected one artist from each of thesegenres. I chose Tinie Tempah for Urban because he is very popular to mytarget audience. I selected Kate Perry for Pop and Rihanna for RNB as shehas sold the most records recently. From my questionnaire results, the majority of the audience liked the name black n’ white for a magazine and they liked the font coalition. Therefore this will be the name and font for my magazine. However, numerous people suggested that I should adapt to the font and make it unique as this would attract them and alongside, add more personality to my corporate identity. I created my mast-head in Photoshop using the horizontal type tool and the paint brush tool. as the house colours for my magazine is black, white, red and yellow, I will make the mast-head red and this was successful in the Rolling Stone magazine, therefore it will attract a wider audience and attract people instantly.
  4. 4. This is my inspiration for my own production of my music magazine. The selling-line includes all the references which will be useful for the audience, therefore this makes the magazine professional. The kickers are clear and bold, which attract the target audience. the featured kicker is shown in yellow which instantly attracts the audience’s attention. This makes the communication efficient and powerful.In my questionnaire, I asked the audience what type of kickers would appeal to them in a music magazine. From theresults, I will use three different kickers on the front cover of my magazine, these kickers will be based upon:gossip, interview and new releases. I did research to find out the latest song to keep my magazine up to date. Itried to keep the kickers related to the artists on the skyline of my magazine. As Rihanna has sols the most recordsrecently, I will promote her new song, as the majority of the audience will be appealed to my magazine via thiskicker. For the gossip, I went on the mtv website where I could see the latest gossip surrounding my targetaudience. The most viewed story is related to Beyonce and her marriage to Jay-Z, with speculation about her beingpregnant. Therefore, my interview will be with Beyonce, this will attract a wider audience and attract new andexisting customers. This will be the feature kicker therefore the font will be yellow. The explanatory text will bewhite as it will contrast with the dark background which will make the text stand out. The font I will use isCentury FB because this font is easy to read and makes the magazine look professional. I was inspired to use yellowbecause in the Rolling Stone magazine the exclusive feature stood out on the dark background. And my audienceselected yellow as one of the colours which they are attracted to on a magazine. However, the other kickers willremain black as it is easy to read and legible for everyone. The selling line for my music magazine will be above the mast-head on the right third alignment. I will price my magazine at £1.95 as this is a reasonable price for a decent magazine. This is suitable and legible for a range of audiences. The selling line will be sans-serif, Arial font because it is easy and clear to read. This will make the eye-flow effective. As on the Rolling Stone magazine, I will include an issue number and date so customers can use this as reference and to ensure that the magazine is up- to-date. This essential details will make my music magazine professional.
  5. 5. This is my inspiration for my own production of my music magazine. The background is white which makes the model gaze more attractive to the audience. the model gaze is very attractive as the crops play a major part of the content of the music magazine. The photograph has been edited to match to the colour scheme which makes Rolling Stone successful. I was inspired by this photo of Katie Waissel as it attracted my target audience.I was inspired by Katie Waissel from x factor and I decided to use this gesture because it attracted me instantlyand my target audience like this photo shoot of Katie Waissel, therefore this will appeal to my audience. Iedited and enhanced this photograph on Photoshop where I changed the saturation/hue of the photo to make itassociate with my colour scheme. I added a hint of red, by adjusting the brightness and contrast setting. Ihighlighted her lips, eyes and nail because this made the photograph more professional and attractive. I changedthe blending mode to soft light and changed the opacity to 22% to make the features look realistic. I used theGaussian blur to make the models face smooth and attractive for my target audience. This made enhanced the finaloutcome of my music magazine. The background of my music magazine will be white and simple. I was inspired by Rolling Stone and NME of the effectiveness of a white background. I will use a white background because it allows the kickers and mast-head to stand out which emphasis the content of the music magazine. This makes it professional and attracts a wider audience. this will make my music magazine professional.
  6. 6. Due to effective eye-flow I will not challenge the conventions. The left and right third alignment issignificant for the position of the kickers and mast-head. This keeps these in proportion and make iteasier for the audience to follow the text. This is important for effective communication, as thiswill create a relationship between the brand and the consumers. From analysing Rolling Stone and NME magazine, I have noticed that both of these magazines position the barcode in the bottom left hand corner. This is generally the standard positioning for the barcode as it does not disrupt the eye-flow. Usually, our eyes follow a ‘C’ or ‘S’ shape, and with the barcode in the bottom corner, this does not interfere with the direct eye-flow.From my questionnaire analysis, I am able to identify my colour scheme, from the responses Ireceived, I can denote that my colour scheme for my music magazine consists of four colours: black,white, red and yellow. Initially I was hoping for a limited use of 3 colours as this is generally thestandard numbers for house colours, however, the audience were attracted to yellow and red, alongsideblack and white. Therefore, I will hint the colours red and yellow into my music magazine frontcover. I took inspiration from the Rolling Stone for how to imply these colours into my front covereffectively to attract my target audience. From my questionnaire analysis I have decided on the name of my music magazine. It will be called black n’ white and the font will be coalition as this was chosen by the audience. The name is multi- cultural and can be approached by a wider audience, regardless of ethnicity, gender or cultural identity. However, for the body text, I will use Century FB as I was inspired by the Rolling Stone layout. The language for my music magazine is informal and untailored, so the affect of this font makes the layout and content look professional and bold, which will attract a wider audience.