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Front cover


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Front cover

  1. 1. Agency name Black n’ white Model Penny Nakan Camera height/angle/distance I will use a median shot for my front cover image, because this will make the eye contact more effective. The angle will be at eye line point of view. Therefore my audience do not feel intimidated or inferior from my music magazine. Location Against a white wall. Preferably at St Marylebone School, as this would be time efficient. Lighting Natural lighting (sunlight) which I will edit in Photoshop to add highlighting and shadows to the image and background. I intend to enhance the model gaze to match the colour format of my music magazine. Mise-en-scene (inc. Props, costume) Ideally, the costume should be black and white to complement the name of my music magazine; however, I will edit this in Photoshop as I will convert the image into black and white. No props are needed, except for silver jewellery and make-up, specifically focusing on the eye make-up. Attempted connotation Connotation for this photograph will be that celebrities are non-different from ordinary people. They have the same features but everyone has their own identity which they contribute to the society. Therefore, this photo shoot will represent that celebrities only have an eye for gossip and the paparazzi, as this is their occupation. Planned denotation Model will be in front of a white wall and her right hand will be on her face, using her thumb and index finger to circle her eyes so she can see and her left hand will be positioned on her chin. I got this idea from Katie Waissel from the X Factor. I decided to use this gesture because it attracted me instantly and my target audience like this photo shoot of Katie Waissel, therefore this will appeal to my audience. Contingency (model absence/weather) The weather does not affect my photo shoot, however, if the model is absent, my contingency plan is to use Jamila Hamze as she is my substitute for this photo shoot Positioning on front cover I will position this image in the centre of my front cover. This will be the focal point and it will attract my target audience immediately. This will make the front cover effective and will improve the impact of my magazine. Details of editing I will convert the image into black and white in Photoshop, where I will enhance the images by editing the highlights and shadows. I will also add shadow in the background to make the photograph look professional and realistic. This will contrast and make the editorial pillars and explanatory text stand out. Thinking points Rule of thirds, challenging/abiding conventions. Created by Rita Sharma at St Marylebone School 2010