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Rita Vilela 2016 english


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Rita Vilela - portuguese writer.
Children’s books, Fiction, fantasy, comics, metaphors, juvenile, romance, biographies, scripts, theater.

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Rita Vilela 2016 english

  1. 1. Have you heard of her? Rita Vilela
  2. 2. “A writer who made me believe that reading a good book is the best hobby you can have” (Gonçalo Leandro - 15 years old)
  3. 3. Psychologist Trainer Writer Story-teller Rita Vilela
  4. 4. IN 8 YEARS 32 published books 13 publishing houses / 2 major publishing groups + 75 000 copies sold 10 international book
  5. 5. 1 livro publicado em Itália (2013) e na Venezuela (2014) 8 books published in Brazil – 2016
  6. 6. 1 book published in Italy – 2013 and in Venezuela - 2014
  7. 7. Books recommended in 2011 for the Portuguese Plano Nacional de Leitura (National Reading Programme) 2 books going on their 3rd edition 6 books going on their 2nd edition
  8. 8. • Book Battle - 2009 / 2010 • Book Battle - 2011 / 2012 • National Reading Contest 2012/13 • National Reading Contest 2010/11 Books selected for national reading programmes
  9. 9. Considered one of the Selected by the Portuguese Comitee for Books and Libraries to represent Portugal at the 2012 Bologne Fair
  10. 10. 2014
  11. 11. Social Media References Television • Portugal no Coração – RTP - 2009 • Mundo das Mulheres – Sic Mulher – 2008 Radio • Baile de Máscaras - Antena 2 (2008 and 2009) • Manhãs da Renascença (2009) • Local Radios
  12. 12. Social Media References - Canada Television • FPTV - 2014 Radio • CHIN – International Radio . TV - 2014 • CRIV-FM - Radio International - 2014
  13. 13. Press Releases
  14. 14. Theater Comics Versatility
  15. 15. ONÍRIS SAGA 7 Human races, in a divided world 7 Gods imprisioned in the rainbow Legend says that Oníris can only be as one once more if all the trials are overcome, if all 7 races can live peacefully Fantasy and Adventure Treasured by readers from all ages
  16. 16. What do the readers . say? Visão Junior Magazine - September 2011 «My name is Ruben Filipe Meireles and I’m 12 years old. I live in Oeiras and I just started 8th grade. Since I began reading the first book two years ago in my summer vacations, I haven’t been able to stop. These stories tell the adventures of a group of friends in the magical land of Oníris, where seven races with seven different hair colours and singularities live under the rule of the gods. It was a magical experience to read these books and to discover this amazing world.»
  17. 17. One day I would like to wake up in Oniris and live all its adventures (Francisco) Because of you, today I’m an avid 24-year-old fantasy fan. It’s never too late to start to enjoy reading (Pesco) When I enter this magical world, I go back to when I was 10/11 years old (…) Today, whenever I read “The 7 Colours of Oníris” I find that the child I once was is still within me (Dulce Pacheco)
  19. 19. The adaptation to manga style comics of “The 7 Colours of Oníris”
  20. 20. Fantasy The History we know… The legends we hear about… Everything is connected!
  21. 21. Relevant themes for children and their relationships with others Captivating and fun stories With questions that help to think and to grow Questions Looking For Answers A Children’s Collection
  22. 22. Illustration: Ana Sofia Caetano
  23. 23. Hats with stories The power and the magic of the stories
  24. 24. A COURSE OF COURAGE FOR CHILDREN WHO ARE SCARE A story for children about fear and how to deal with it
  25. 25. Programme of protection against evil bacteria
  26. 26. Programme of how to use my money
  27. 27. When you want a better management of money and resources The seeds of Ciordamo - Comic Book
  28. 28. Is it a book or a game? The reader’s choices will drive him on a unique reading path Learning to live through fairy tales METAPHORE BOOKS (WITH MARGARIDA FONSECA SANTOS) AND FABLES (WITH MARGARIDA FONSECA SANTOS AND MARIA TERESA MAIA GONZALES) Demonstrating that losses can also be a way to win
  29. 29. A man set on improving the life of those who cross his path. An elderly aunt, a child lost in the subway, a medical analyst, a dance club security guard, a banking employee, a traffic police man… Many that will help him make a difference. THE BUILDER OF FUTURES
  30. 30. Romance and fantasy A successful business woman… with a secret. A silver ball rolling on the sidewalk… a lamp that falls of the table… a dress that gets loose from the clothesline… a painting that changes colours… Change comes from where you least expect it! MAYBE 10 IS BETTER
  31. 31. What if a book could help young people become happier? A teenage girl fantasizing about situations that not always end well… A boy that can’t play soccer… Can an elf be the solution to their problems? K’s SCENES
  32. 32. What is the connection between Leonardo Da Vinci and teenager issues? Could Gandhi help save a wounded boy? Can the curiosity for reading other people’s correspondence help discover Van Gogh? Will three brothers be able to find Mozart in Lisbon? WORLD GENIUSES
  33. 33. Collection World Geniuses Leonardo Da Vinci Mahatma Gandhi Mozart Van Gogh
  34. 34. A play that helps children deal with fear 2012 CHILDREN’S THEATRE
  35. 35. A tale about folklore performed by the ‘Grupo Infantil e Juvenil de Teatro de Montargil’ 2014 THEATRE FOLKLORE?! WHAT IS THAT?
  36. 36. ‘Ateliers Empreender Criança’ Project AIP – 2012 Stimulating children’s entrepreneurship through stories and challenges The story of Susana Cesso (also known as Su Cesso) and her company of chocolate gloves “Five Sweet Fingers” BOOKS AND EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS
  37. 37. “Nós na Linha”
  38. 38. Sea Life – Oporto’s Oceanarium A trip of discovery of the sealife… Taking the commitment to protect it! 2010 - Nós na Linha PEDAGOGICAL SCRIPT
  39. 39. • The 7 Colours of Oníris – The Great Adventure • As sementes de Ciordamo • BDLP Banda Desenhada de Língua Portuguesa (6 participations) COMIC BOOKS
  40. 40. • Spain - newspaper Novas da Galiza • Romania - Orizon Literar Contemporan • Portugal - newspapers, magazines, books CONTRIBUTIONS IN PUBLICATIONS
  41. 41. Interaction with the readers - Activities – Videos Competitions – Typical food from Oníris – Cosplay GIVING LIFE TO BOOKS
  43. 43. PARTNERSHIPS NEEDED… • New writing challenges • More internationally published works • Oníris – The Movie • The Builder of Futures adapted to television • Computer games FOLLOWING DREAMS …
  44. 44. CONTACTS tel: +351 96 61 62 989 facebook: livros de rita vilela