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Greenfield airport


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Greenfield airport

  1. 1. New Greenfield Airport in Greater NoidaAfter the grand opening of Terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport, every Indiantakes pride to boast as a Project which was completed in time for the CommonwealthGames 2010 to be held in Delhi. Within a month of opening of Terminal 3, thecontroversy in aviation infrastructure struck whether new Greenfield Airport in GreaterNoida airport will take off in near future or not.As per the norms in the Greenfield Airport Policy 2008, a Greenfield Airport may bepermitted where an existing Airport is unable to meet the projected requirements of thetraffic or a new focal point emerges with sufficient viability. In case of an application toestablish an airport within 150 km of an existing airport, the proposal would first beconsidered by the steering committee under the chairmanship of Civil Aviation Secretarythat would take into account all relevant facts and circumstances including contractualliabilities. The Committee will also take into account whether the applicant has obtainedrelevant approvals required and then give its recommendations to the civil aviationministry. Depending on ministrys approval, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation(DGCA) can grant a license to the project. It is interesting to note here that theOperation, Maintenance and Development Agreement dated 4th April, 2006 enteredbetween GMR-led Delhi International Airport Private Limited (DIAL) and AirportsAuthority of India (AAI) is based on the policy on Airport Infrastructure, 1997 whichclearly states that no Greenfield Airport will normally be allowed within an aerial distanceof 150 kilometers of an existing Airport and where it is allowed as a second airport in thesame city or vicinity, the parameters for distribution of traffic between the two airports willbe clearly spelt out.The gap between the traffic projections of UP government and DIAL is too wide andthere is a lot of difference in the projections. These projections will now be examined bythe aviation ministry and AAI. A realistic traffic projection will be crucial to decide forsetting up a new Greenfield Airport in Grater Noida.The UP government justified the need for Delhis second airport in Greater Noidathrough its consultant, L&T Rambolls report that estimates the NCR to have 100 millionpeople flying per annum much before 2021. DIAL, which is developing IGI on the basisof traffic study done by UK-based Mott McDonald, estimates the 100-million mark to bebreached only after 2032. At present, the Terminal 3 is capable of handling 37 millionpassengers per annum and the actual traffic is 9 million of international passengers and19 million of domestic passengers. Further, the Master Plan of DIAL is clear with respectto the start of next phase of construction of Terminal 4 which will be triggered by growthin traffic.