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Grupo ILM
10 anos de crescimento consolidado no sector hoteleiro, turístico e imobiliário turístico nacional e internacional

Orientada pelo conhecimento, mercado e inovação, a missão do Grupo ILM é contribuir activamente para o desenvolvimento sustentável do sector turístico e hoteleiro nacional.

O que começou, em 1999, por ser uma empresa de assessoria estratégica que tinha por objectivo aconselhar caso a caso os investidores e promotores do sector do turismo, acabou por autonomizar os seus serviços em novas unidades de negócio do Grupo ILM, o qual reúne actualmente um conjunto de valências que lhe permite dar uma resposta integrada e complementar às necessidades do sector, desde a assessoria prestada pela ILM Advisory, a liderança do processo de promoção garantida pela NEX Development Management até à gestão e operação assegurada pela VHM Asset Management.

Composto por um grupo de profissionais altamente especializados, o Grupo ILM tem vindo a desenvolver em Portugal projectos estruturantes como a Identificação e “Business Planning” dos 10 Produtos Estratégicos definidos no PENT, e projectos qualificadores do destino turístico nacional, entre os quais o Praia Del Rey Marriott Resort, Hilton Vilamoura, o Conrad Quinta do Lago ou o Corte Velho by Six Senses, testemunhos vivos da sua experiência de 10 anos de crescimento consolidado.

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ILM Group

  2. 2. ILM Group is the result of the consolidation of our 10 years (1999‐ 2009) of intimate relationship with the hotel, resort and leisure development sector in Portugal and internationally.
  3. 3. Our mission is governed by knowledge market understanding and knowledge, innovation actively contributing to the sustainable development of the national hotel and tourism sector.
  4. 4. Our business is a people‐business, and the confidence built up between bet een the parties reg larl becomes a working partnership with regularly orking ith common success objectives, where ILM Group constitutes a “one‐ stop‐shop stop shop” or “à la carte” solution for the investor in achieving à‐la‐carte mutual goals.
  5. 5. ILM Group provides the entire range of specialist development skills required to conceive and implement the resort, hotel and leisure project, and can constitute the same familiar service partner from the outset to the completion of the process.
  6. 6. What started as an advisory services organization back in 1999, now ILM Advisory, providing valuable case‐specific advice to investors and developers in the tourism sector, has now diversified into other business units within the Group, relating to the ongoing activities within the same area of hotels, resorts and leisure, providing a continuum through NEX Development Management and VHM Asset Management.
  7. 7. ILM Advisory specializes in the concept creation based upon highly innovative market research methodologies and studies and detailed financial analysis We undertake analysis. operator searches and contracting for resorts and hotels. ILM have been instrumental in the contracting of several major international management companies to the p j projects we have "development planned". ILM Advisory p p y has been responsible for a number of the market leading resort investment projects, Hilton Vilamoura, Vale de p j Lobo resort and Conrad Quinta do Lago.
  9. 9. NEX Development Management fulfills the role of the development "know‐how" partner and as the “owner’s representative representative” coordinating the whole range of specialist activities needed to create and execute a sustainable project. NEX sources and manages the expertise, both national and international, that is p precisely tailored to the characteristics of each project. y p j NEX has been managing the Corte Velho ‐ Six Senses resort project in the eastern Algarve since 2006. p j g
  10. 10. The ultimate phase in any development project from its project, conception to completion, will be the operational phase which is where VHM Asset Management specializes As specializes. asset managers we take responsibility for the whole spectrum of operation from human resources, food and beverage, rental pool management and maintenance to marketing & sales. VHM is currently managing the 150 ha g y g g 5 Parque de Floresta Resort in the western Algarve with more than 350 staff, 500 villas, golf course, spa, etc. g p
  11. 11. The ILM core team numbers 10 and we operate from our offices in central Lisbon regularly meeting with our senior advisors.
  12. 12. ANDREW COUTTS CEO & President ILM Group , CEO & Partner ILM Advisory, NEX and VHM Graduated at Dorset University (UK) and Switzerland (Lucerne); Bachelor of Science Degree‐2.1 (Bsc) achieved in Hotel & Catering Institutional Management. Andrew Coutts, is recognized as one of Portugal’s top specialists in the hotel, leisure and golf sectors as a result of nearly 20 years living & working in Portugal. Andrew has been involved in some of the markets leading golf resort & golf community projects to have been developed in recent years. ILM was founded by Andrew in 1999 and is recognized as one of Portugal’s leading advisory firms in the area of hotel, resort & golf community development. Formerly Andrew spent 10 years in the London hotel business, specializing in operational management of 5* and 4* hotels. .
  13. 13. SIMON PUNTER PARTNER ILM Group , JOINT CEO NEX DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT Loss Adjusting (UK) Specialist Farming Practices (USA) (UK), (USA). MBA (Sussex University UK) – General Management Simon Punter, professional career started in Chartered Loss Adjusting in the UK, specifically linked with large estate interests, followed by agricultural and pomology specializations in California. After arriving in Portugal in 1980 where he successfully operated his own agricultural investments in the Algarve for a number of years, he became involved in integrated resort planning and management from 1988. For 10 years he was a senior board director for the Aroeira development company, accompanying the largest integrated residential development (350ha) in the Lisbon region from its conception through to maturity. He has H h continued hi association with real estate and resorts d ti d his i ti ith l t t d t development i l di l t including a significant experience in the construction, repair and operation of several golf courses. Since 2005 he has applied his valuable operational experience to the advising and development teams of the ILM Group ‐ ILM Advisory Services and NEX Development Management Management.
  14. 14. JOSÉ CARLOS AMORIM É JOINT CEO VHM ASSET MANAGEMENT Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo do Porto, Universidade do Algarve, Cornell University Hotéis Real Portugal Vila Magna Hotel Group Operations General Director and General Director of Hotel  F&B Director Real Parque and Real Residência SuiteHotel Responsible for the coordenation of the  followig projects: Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo do Porto‐INFT • Hotel Real Bellavista ‐ Albufeira, that was opened on the  Sub‐ Director and teacher of the following subjects: 13rd of April of 2002 Hospitality Techniques; Accommodation  • Hotel Real Palácio ‐ Lisboa , that was opened on the 29th of  Management; Costs Control April of 2003 •Projects in execution and in pre‐opening phases:  Hotéis Tivoli, SA • Hotel Real Oeiras‐ Oeiras, that was opened on the 15th of  General Director August of 2003 Operational Director •Projects in development: j p Responsible for the coordination of all central  • Hotel Real Villa Itália‐ Cascais‐ 2005 directions of the group: Administration and  • Hotel Real Santa Eulália‐ Albufeira‐2004 Financial, Commercial and Marketing, Human  • Hotel Real Barão‐ Carcavelos‐ 2005 Resources and Maintenance Responsible for all the group activities, helping all  HOTEIS FENIX the general directors of the Tivoli hotels Operations Director  Responsible for the coordination of all central services and the  operations of all the hotels of the group located in Oporto.
  15. 15. TOURISm2 = ASSETS + TERRITORY + ENV VIRONMENT + AUTHENTICITY + TRAVELERS + COMPETITION + TRENDS + A C CONCEPTS + INNOVATION + STRATEGY + INVESTMENT + HOTELS + RESO S N ORTS + LEISURE FACIILITIES + FE EASIBILITY + O SERVICE + EXPERIENCES + EXCELLENCE + OUR CLIENTS DREAM. (+351) ( 351) Praça Duque de Saldanha • Ed. Atrium Saldanha 10º J • 1050-094 Lisboa • Portugal WHERE TO FIND US Tel.: ( 351) 213 145 481 • Fax: (+351) 213 145 482 • e-mail: info@ilm e mail: