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year 10 ideals challenge week to Mai Chau. RISS - Renaissance International School Saigon. Offers from pre-school to secondary curriculum under the structure of the British system. Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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RISS - international school - year-8-ideals-challenge-week-to-mai-chau-1

  1. 1. M AI CHAU 2011 Volume 1, Issue 1 14—18 March 2011 Well done and welcome back the Amazing Year 8 team Welcome back Year 8 students. Wasnt our IDEALS trip amazing… it certainly lived up to its name—it was AN AMAZING RACE. We had lots of fun times and special moments during the week. Inside this magazine you will find articles, written by you—the students, recalling all the special moments that we had during our week in Mai Chau. I am sure that each one of you will have your own special memory of it. Of the teachers there were so many that we couldnt possibly pick a favourite one. Could it have been: Inside this issue: The amazing team on the Amazing Race Off to Mai Chau Page 2 Treasure Hunt Page 3 Ms Lily watching Mr Tome and Mr Tony having to sample the delicious foods that the students had made The Bonfire Page 4 Watching the students get more paint on themselves and the floor Painting Competition Page 5 than on the walls, shelves and school gate. Cooking Competition Page 6 Watching the students strut their stuff down the cat walk during the fashion show Fashion Show Page 7 Seeing everyone digging in the mud after the raining overnight Some Fun Memories Page 8 Snuggling under the blankets and drinking hot milo while each group Tree Planting Page 9 produced their drama productions Brocading Page 10 Animal Hunting Page 11Whatever is your favourite, we all agreed that the students behavedextremely well, excelled in everything that they did, tried new things— Hair Competition Page 12whether it was an activity or foods, participated in the activities achiev- The Amazing Race Page 13ing the IDEALS skills and made this field trip one of the best ones ever. Drama Page 14 Our Farewell Party Page 15 Our Final Day Page 16
  2. 2. Page 2 Mai Chau 2011 We‘re off to Mai Chau By Zachary Keffer and Tom Ho3 awesome teachers, 33 cool kids and a very funny tour guidewere all very excited for the adventure to Mai Chau. At 3o‘clock in the morning, before the first ray of sunlight touchedthe city, all 33 students woke up very excited, expecting a tripthat will ―wow‖ them. They came to school ready for whateverwas waiting for them in Mai Chau. The teachers were verybusy counting the number of students and also sorting out allthe other information which the students needed to knowbefore, during and after the trip. At the airport, we all waited tobe checked in and even though we were all tired of the shortsleep that we had that night we were all very excited about theforthcoming trip. During the flight, our group filled up most Very excited about our adventurepart of the plane. It was very noisy with 33 excited students on board who wanted to chat to their friends rather than try and sleep. I dont think that the other passengers realized that they were going to board plane a very noisy plane so early in the morning. When we got to Hanoi we then had to collect our bags and board the bus which was to take us to Mai Chau. It was a very long bus journey and soon most of us were catching up on our sleep that we had missed during the night. When we got to Mai Chau it was nice to see the countryside and breathe in the fresh air, especially after the long journey. We found where we were sleeping and unpacked our bags. We then Hanging about at the airport were called in to have some lunch to fill our empty tummies ready for our flight for the week‘s adventure. ―The funniest thing I saw today was seeing Polly falling down the stairs, Ms Lily shouting to be careful and about 2 minutes later Angie fell down the stairs followed by me.‖ Katie ―The funniest thing I saw today was Mr Tome having his hands in- side his clothes trying to keep warm as he didnt bring enough warm clothes .‖ Ye Jin
  3. 3. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 3 Treasure Hunt By Hiro Cao and Thy Bui Year 8‘s Field Trip to Mai Chau was amazing! We first arrived at the home stay and found where we were sleeping. After unpacking our bags and deciding who was sleeping where we then went off to have some lunch. I think that most of us were too tired to eat a lot of lunch. Afterwards we got told that we were going to start our first adventure. The TREASURE HUNT!! Our challenge was to look for things like traditional clothes, dolls, some snacks, watermelon, water bottles,… Off to find some treasure!We were split into groups. We were in Ms. Lily‘s Group. Ourgroups were called the Super Six and Jasth. While we wereon our way to find the treasure items, we had a chance toenjoy the view of the beautiful countryside and we got tounderstand more about each other!2 members of our group found 2 treasure items. It was tiringreturning back to our home stay but we had a lot of fun. Welearnt much about communication and teamwork. ―Do we have the map upside down? Can anyone see the treasure?‖ ―The funniest thing I heard today was ―Pick up the father‖ and I was the father! ― Jeong Seop―The funniest thing I saw today was Anthony falling into dirty water, and then 2 minutes later Zach fall- ing into the pond trying to find the treasure.‖ Andy
  4. 4. Page 4 Mai Chau 2011 The Bonfire By Angie Le and Song Eun LeeOn the first day of IDEALS week we participated in a bonfire activity. Wewere really glad there was a bonfire because Mai Chau was extremely coldcompared to Ho Chi Minh City. There were a lot of activities and games toget us warmed up, and it was fun.We first had to split ourselves up into 6 groups. These includedFantastic 5 : Angie (leader), Jason, Nhiem, David and ZachG6: Viet Anh (leader) Katie, Polly, Anthony, Yira and Jin Sol (8LH)The Jasth : Tom (leader), Hiro, Sharon, Angel and Jun Ho What letter is this?The Epic : Andy (leader), Huy, Quan, Nana, Tom Lim and JungBinSuper 6 : Ye Jin (leader), Jeany, Dan, Thy, Hoang Anh and KhoiPower Ranger: Seong Hwan (leader), Su Ung, JinSol (8CG), Song Eun and Jeong Seop The first activity we had to do was to make a big circle around the bonfire and start singing different songs to warm up our throats and our bodies. We sang a lot of songs in 3 different languages, English, Vietnamese and Korean. After the singing we then had to get into groups of three, and each person volunteered to be either the ―mummy‖, ―daddy‖ or the ―baby‖. We then had to take it in turns to carry the a character. It was so funny trying to see the ―baby‖ trying to lift the ―mummy‖ and the ―daddy‖. The next activity meant that we had to use our bodies to make different letters of the alphabet. It was quite hard to do, but with our team members working together, we did it. The best activity during the evening was when 6 students went up and to have stickers stuck on to their bodies. Then another group of 6 students, from each of the Trying to lift the ―Daddy‖ teams, came up and were blindfold. The rest of the groups had to communicate with the personblindfolded to tell them where the stickers were, on their team mates.The winners were the first team who managed to take off all thestickers from their partners. It was extremely fun to watch. ―I know there is a sticker here somewhere.‖At the end of the bonfire we got to eat sweet potatoes and potatoes. Itwas delicious, the out side was burnt and over-cooked but inside was sweet and hot. A lot of people chooseto eat the sweet potatoes rather than fresh potatoes because there was so much flavor in them.
  5. 5. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 5 Painting Competition By Dan Vo and Katie LeThe second day was a wet and cold day. We went straight to the‗Chieng Chau‘ Secondary School after having a breakfast withbread and hot cocoa. After arriving there, we met the Head of theSchool and were given out the instructions: We were divided into 3groups. One group was chosen to paint the classroom walls, thesecond group would paint the bookshelves and the third groupwould paint the school gate. My group was given the classroom topaint. Each of us got a mop and buckets of yellow paint. We started to paint the wall in yellow. It was a hard work at times and it took us more than 2 hours to Sharon hard at work finished one classroom, painting a wall even with Mr. Tome, Mr. Tony and Ms. Lily‘s help. It didnt help be- cause we managed to get most of the paint on the floor rather than the walls. Every time we got paint on the brushes the paint would slide down the paint brushes and onto our hands and then onto the floor. At the beginning we got more paint on ourselves than on the wall. At the end I think that we had done a great job in my opinion. All of us Mr Tome helped us to got paint all over our clothes but we had had an extremely fun time clean up afterwards together. Mai Chau Rocks!
  6. 6. Page 6 Mai Chau 2011 Cooking Competition By Jung Bin Huh and Thinh DoanOn Tuesday afternoon, the students got to experiencewhat it was like to cook some authentic Vietnamesedishes. Jung Bin and Thinh report on theirexperiences.Thinh and I were in the same team with Tom Lim,Quan, Andy (our team leader) and Huy.I was very excited about the cooking competitionbecause I liked cooking but didn‘t have much Thinh expertly cooking the foodexperience of cooking. Thinh was also excited aboutthe cooking competition because this was the first time she had made food by herself Firstly we had topick a tam leader and the group chose Andy. A few minutes later, a woman chef taught each of the groupleaders how to cook some Vietnamese food. I was a bit worried because our team leader was a boy who didn‘t know how to cook. I bet Thinh felt the same way just like me. As I expected, Andy couldn‘t remember the recipe very well so he had to ask the other teams for some help. We then began making food. Andy divided the team into half; Andy, Tom Lim, Thinh and I rolled the Banh Cuon and Quan and Huy fried the Cha Ca. Jung Bin preparing to cook Hilariously, I heard that someone in Angie‘s group dropped a bit of meat on the ground. A puppy, whohad smelt the meat, came over to eat the food that had been dropped which then frightened Thy, whowent off screaming.We then made some decorations on our ‗productions‘. Eventually, we won the prize for the ‗GreatestFood Looking‘. However, the ‗Most Tasteful Dishes‘ went to the Fantastic 5 which was Angie‘s group.
  7. 7. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 7 Fashion Show By Tom Lim and Jeong Seop Lee On our second evening of our Mai Chau trip, we entered into a fashion show, where we dressed up in traditional Vietnamese clothes. We were divided into 6 groups and Jeong Seop who was in Power Ranger group volunteered to dress up in the fashion show. There were 12 volunteers from the 6 groups. Jeong Seop modeled with his partner Jin Sol who was very attractive girl. They all wore Mai Chau traditional clothes and they showed off their beautiful clothes by walking up and down the pretend cat walk doing lots of different poses. After they performed each of the The 12 fashion show modelsjudges had to give a mark and comment on theirperformance. At the end of the evening Jeong Seopand Jin Sol was picked as the loveliest partners fromthe 12 volunteers. There were lots of great models andanother one which got really good comments wereYi Ra and Anthony‘s performance. When they got tothe end of the walk way they made a heart signal withtheir arms. It looked very romantic. Everyone did theirbest and we all had a great time. Yi Ra and Anthony on the catwalk ―The funniest thing I saw today was Khoi wearing the teacher‘s clothes that were too big for him as all his clothes were wet or dirty.‖ Hoang Anh ―The funniest thing I heard today Jeong Seop proposing to Jung Bin‖ Yi Ra
  8. 8. Page 8 Mai Chau 2011 Some fun memories
  9. 9. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 9 Tree Planting By Sharon Ly and Jeany Vu During the activities that was been occurred on the field trip, there was an activity called ―Planting Trees For The Local School.‖ When we got to the school, it had been raining overnight so the ground was very muddy. We had to split ourselves in to our groups and then each group had to plant 20 tree saplings each. Digging up the ground was hard work since the dirt was all wet and muddy due to the weather but we also have a lot of fun. We all got tired and covered in mud but we were glad to do some thing that was worth it and useful for the school. During the digging process we all had to search for spaces to plant the trees The Epic – ready to go digging and we almost ran out of space. At the end of the morning, in to- tal, we planted more than 120 tree saplings and that made us veryglad and proud of ourselves. At the end all of our shoes and clothes were all wet and muddy. The localschool invited us inside to rest and be entertained by the students and teachers who had put on a dancingshow for us to watch. We then returned the entertainment by singing to them. We chose the song called‗Just the way you are‘. Even though we didnt really have time to practice the singing was quite goodbecause almost all of us remembered the songs lyrics and we sang it out loudly. After the singing, wewent to the principal‘s meeting room for some food and drink. The Principal gave us a gift of a picture ofMai Chau and its surrounding areas to say thank you for our help.The funniest thing I saw todaywas Huy doing hula hoops in front of the girls in the local school. Hiro ―The funniest thing I saw today was seeing my shoes stuck with lots of dirt which made me taller and heavier.‖ Jason
  10. 10. Page 10 Mai Chau 2011 Brocading By Jun Ho Choi and Huy Truong On Wednesday evening 2 local women came into our base camp. They were bought in to come and show us how the local people made money from tourists by brocading. Brocading is a form of sewing. The women had prepared for us to make some book marks from sewing a piece of material. We split into our groups that we had been working with all week. The leader of the group had to go to the front and learn how to sew. They then had to come back to their groups and show the rest of the students what they had to make. Each group were given some needles, material and thread. It ―How do you sew a heart shape again?‖ was really hard to make. The women had told us to sew the shape of a heart onto the material. We tried our best. A fewpeople had managed to sew a really beautifully designed heart whereas for other students, it was reallyhard as we kept pricking our fingers with the needles.Even though brocade was really hard for me, it was al-so amusing and a lot of fun! It also gave some lessonsin life because for me it was like solving a problemand we always need to solve problems in our life. Sewing needs a lot of concentration ―Ouc h too‖ h‖ uc ―O
  11. 11. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 11 Animal Hunting By NhiemTran, David Nguyen and Quan PhanHello we are the Fantastic 5, On Thursday our tour guide told usthat we were going animal hunting. Mr Tome was very scared.But before we could go hunting they gave each group a paperanimal and some face paints. We had to paint our faces so that welooked like the animal we were hunting. There were six animals intotal, gorilla, tiger, lion, rhino, hippo and crocodile. We had funpainting each other‘s faces. We then had to into the forest to look for the Andy ready to go hunting different animals. If we found the animal for our team then we would win 1 point, but if we found another animal for another team then that meant that we had stopped the other team from winning any points. This race was fun because even though it was raining and all the animals were hidden in very hard places, everybody was very excited. The race was very long and tiring but everyone tried their best to Polly found an elephant finish the race. At the end, the group Epic won the game by finding 3 tigers. The Fantastic 5 came second place.Nhiem and Andy were the most excited ones from the groups. They found lots of animal for their teams.This was the best time during the trip. The landscape was excellent. This race was fun because they werepaper animals and not the real ones. Epic found lots of animals but a lot of them were rhinos and as theiranimal they were looking for was a tiger, that meant that the other groups lost lot of point. It was the samefor the Fantastic 5 who found 6 elephants when they were suppose to be finding King Kong.. The raceended and everybody enjoyed it very much.
  12. 12. Page 12 Mai Chau 2011 ―The funniest thing I saw today was Jason with his hair greased down with hair gel.‖ Zach Hair Competition By Viet Anh Lien and Jason ThaiOn the IDEALS week to Mai Chau, a haircompetition was organized for the six groups toshow their talents on hairdressing. Each groupchoose a model for them to do some―decorations‖ on the hair. Each team got somehair gel and a comb to fix and design the mod-el‘s hair style. There were 6 models that repre-sented each group. Most groups wanted to cre-ate a rambutant head. Angie group were theonly group who attempted the ―Chairman stylehair‖. Jason was the victim of the ―professionalhair designer‖: Ms Lily used the idea of hersister‘s hair style to recreate this ―masterpiece‖.To create the hair the group used ¾ of the hairgel bottle on Jason‘s head. The models thenhad to go on the stage and model their hairstyles. Jason was expecting to get the lowest, A hair raisingly fun competitionbut it turned out that he got the highest score ofall. The judges were the three teachers that went with us on the trip. They were Ms. Lily, Mr.Tome andMr. Tony. Every group tried their best to have the ―best hair‖ for their team so they could win and alsogain some points for their team. We tried to make many weird and funny styles to gain more points. Thegroup ―G6‖ has the lowest mark. We had a lot of fun then and not one that we can easily forget.
  13. 13. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 13 The Amazing Race By Anthony Truong and Andy HauDuring this school field trip, we gained a lot of experiences throughout the week. Our school has providedus a wonderful and amazing field trip.On the last day of the field trip, we had the Amazing Race activities. However, due to amount of rainfallwe had over the week, our teachers and tour guides decided to change the race to an Indoor AmazingRace.During our first activity, we got into groups of 5 or 6. We had to collect a coded message for each team.We had to figure out what the code was and followed the instructions. In the message that we had done, itsaid we should name our group and make a poster for the name of the group.After half an hour, we had 6 colourful posters from each of the groups. Then, each group had to presentand describe the poster to their classmates and teachers. Everyone in the group had to participate in thisactivity.We then had other tasks to do such as: Hair Competition Drama Charades Guess the famous personEach of the activities required teamwork and good communication between each person. Even though theday was ruined by the weather, we still all had a really good time and have never laughed so much before. ―The funniest thing I saw today was watching MrTome cleaning up the dishes at dinner time because Mr Tony said that if anyone was not walking in a straight line along the road would have to clear thetables. Mr Tome didnt hear him and stepped out on to the road and then got told off by Mr Tony.‖ Khoi
  14. 14. Page 14 Mai Chau 2011 ―The funniest thing I heard today Jeong Seop proposing to Jung Bin‖ Yi Ra―The funniest thing I saw today was Zach actingwhen he had to pretend to be Ms Lily.‖ Seong Hwan Drama By Khoi Pham and Hoang Anh NguyenHoang Anh and I were in the Super Six. One of theactivities we did in Mai Chau was to produce a shortdrama based on the activities that we had done thatweek. It was very funny and we could make up someof our own events. Hoang Anh and Dan were thefunniest because they danced and acted in a veryfunny way. They were acting out the fashion showthat we had the day before. Song Eun kept hoppingon one foot pretending to be Ms Lily.As it had to be a short play we rushed through ours.It was also cold that day so it was hard to act in theplay. The narrator kept speeding up the story so the Our impressive acting skillsactors had to act out the scene very quickly whichmade it funnier. The other groups were alsofantastic. The funniest group was the Fantastic 5. In one scene Jason was checking his bag for everythingthat he had lost. Whilst checking the bag he said: ―Where is my diary, where is my comic, where is myPSP, and my clothes, I forgot everything!‖ ―Oh! This is not my bag.‖ Everybody fell about laughing. Welearnt a lot of things from the drama and how we can improve on our acting skills.
  15. 15. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 15 Farewell Party By Polly Huynh and Angel Ly Hello our names are Polly and Angel. We are going to tell you about our fun field trip to Mai Chau. On the last night we were there, the home stay had put on a farewell party for us. It was really god fun. We had 4 people who had a birthday in March and they were: Thy, Hiro, Thinh and Seong Hwan The tour guides had bought them a cake to help them celebrate. Before the party we all sang ―Happy birthday‖ to them and they all cut the cake, so that we could eat it afterwards. The food at the party was so good. Everybody loved the spaghetti. As soon as it came out of the ―Happy Birthday everybody‖ kitchen everybody had their bowls ready in theirhands to take it. Khoi managed to get the biggest bowl and that washis second helpings.After the lovely dinner Polly and I had to clean up the tables but thena puppy dog ran past the tables and scared Polly, which made herjump up and then land on the cake. Everyone laughed. It was suchgood fun on our last night. After dinner the homestay had arrangedfor us to watch some traditional dancing. We then got to have a gotat it too, but I dont think that we were as good as they were, weneeded more time to practice. We were sorry that we had to comehome. Oh dear Polly sat on the cake ―The funniest thing I saw today was Polly sitting on the cake trying to get away from the pup- py.‖ Thinh ―The funniest thing I saw today one of the ladies bought a big bowl of noodles out of the kitch- en and then it was all gone in 6 seconds.‖ Jung Bin
  16. 16. Page 16 Mai Chau 2011 Our Final Day By Jin Sol Jang and Yi Ra Lee At 6:30am, all the girls woke up as usual, with Ms. Lily telling us to get out of bed. We washed our face with cold water and went down for breakfast. After finishing the last breakfast in Mai Chau, we went up to tidy the room before we got back on the bus to take us to the airport. We packed our bags and our luggage. We all went down to the dining room to meet up with everyone else. Mr. Tony announced that it would be colder in Ha Noi because it rained overnight. While we were waiting for the bus we took pictures of each other, the home stay and the clouds on the mountains, which were very beautiful. The bus came and we rode on it. After 4 hours on the bus, we arrived at airport. Finally, we flew Beautiful Mai Chau where we stayed on the airplane, fly back to Ho Chi Minh City, where our parents were waiting for us. We all loved this trip, even though it was freezing cold and we found it hard to wake up, we still enjoyed all the events. We will never forget this trip. By Jin Sol Kim and Ye JinYu Now we are going back to home. The weather was fine with a few clouds in the sky. We had a lot of fun in Mai Chau. Even though we didn‘t do kayaking, we all still enjoyed our trip. We had breakfast at seven thirty and packed our luggage. We said bye~ to our tour guides. It was bit sadto say good bye and to be going back to home because the view of Mai Chau was so beautiful and theatmosphere was brilliant.