Renaissance International School Saigon                                 Year 7 IDEALS Trip                                ...
PAGE 2                                        Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P                      V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1...
V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1            Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P                           PAGE 3Activities around Lien ...
PAGE 4                                       Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P                      V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1D...
V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1             Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P                           PAGE 5Rock Climbing by Minh ...
PAGE 6   Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P   V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1
V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1   Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P                     PAGE 7                                      ...
PAGE 8                                       Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P                      V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1D...
V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1                 Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P                                PAGE 9Kayaking by P...
PAGE 10                                   Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P                        V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1  ...
V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1            Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P                            PAGE 11The hallways of the h...
PAGE 12                                             Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P                                   V O LU ...
V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1                     Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P                             PAGE 13Talent Comp...
Games by Chris (7IV) and Yu Jin (7RR) First day (night): We played „If you love me honey give me a smile‟. This is so funn...
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RISS - international school - year-7-ideals-challenge-week-to-cat-ba-island-1


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year 10 ideals challenge week to Cat Ba Island. RISS - Renaissance International School Saigon. Offers from pre-school to secondary curriculum under the structure of the British system. Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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RISS - international school - year-7-ideals-challenge-week-to-cat-ba-island-1

  1. 1. Renaissance International School Saigon Year 7 IDEALS Trip to Cat Ba Island Volume 1, Issue 1 May 2011Photographers and Art-ists: Letter from Ms. Imogen, Mr. Ramez andJi Yoon Mrs. LySara Dear All,Eun AhYeo Eun The Year 7‟s wentJi Yeong on a school trip toSeon Ah Cat Ba Island, whichDan Thanh, is in Ha Long Bay. Ha Long Bay meansDan Thy, “Descending DragonMin Ah Bay”, it is a place ofVan Khanh, great natural beau-Cindy, ty and is anJi Woo, UNESCO WorldSana Heritage Site.Peera, On the trip theYeo Bin. Year 7‟s had many Inside this issue: opportunities to try countries. ple who worked to- new activities and Students were also wards making our Welcome letter 2 go on exciting ad- able to fulfill the trip the great suc- ventures. Nearly IDEALS program cess that it was, in Day 1 2 – 3 everybody tried the and achieve many particular Buffalo rock climbing and personal goals. Tours, Slo Pony, Mr. Day 2 4 – 5 the kayaking proved Charlie and Ms. Lien. to be a popular, We hope you enjoy Day 3 6 – 7 reading about our Ms Imogen, Mr. though wet, choice adventures in Cat Ramez and Mrs Ly. also. We sampled Day 4 8—9 different foods and Ba! And we would had the opportunity also like to take this Day 5 10 opportunity to to talk to people from different thank the many peo- Goodbye 10
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1Day 1—Monday: The Beginning by Duong (7IV)At 4 o‟clock in hour to the boat to arrive and thenthe morning, we do! After went by bus to Sunflower1 ho-went to school we went tel. At the first we stayed inand Ms Imogen to Hai our rooms to have a wash andgave us a card Phong air- then we had lunch at the Sloto write our port, the Pony restaurant which was piz-names and we bus takes za. The we went to the Lienput in on our us to the Minh Village, and did some ac-luggage. The port. It tivities there like picking upteacher did a was terri- litter. At about 10 o‟clock, Msroll call and then we got in the ble, people were burning rub- Imogen and Mr Ramez checkedbus to go to the airport. Be- bish, polluting the air and our rooms for the last time tofore we got in the plane, we throw rubbish everywhere! We make sure we were asleep.checked-in first, it takes an waited about half an hour forTravelling by Kai Yi (7RR) and Ho Seok (7IV)The scene begins at 4:30 AM, kids forgot to bring their enter- groups rock climbing group dowhere everybody met up in the tainments. After 2 hours, the air- rock climbing and the other‟s activity room. When eve- plane landed. Next we took a bus Thursday we took a boat again!ryone was there, we got on the to a port. We got on the ferry Anyways on Friday it is the tripbuses to be transported to the and it took about twenty minutes. Home! And everybody seems ei-airport. As we entered the air- We arrived in Cat Ba Island. The ther cool with it or has mixtureport, we were given the duty of rest of the trip is really just bus of sad feelings. When we arrivedkeeping our passports safe. Our rides to one destination to anoth- back to HCMC, everyone is sentairplane was good pretty It was a er. We took a bus to the Hospital back home safe and sound!good flight except some other Cave, we were divided into 2Food Review by Tran Anh (7IV) and Hyun Sik (7RR)Breakfast: On the first day we al water but mostly we chose something else. Everybody saidhad breakfast on the airplane, we Coke. that that was a good lunch be-ate bread with ham and some cause it was easy to eat and deli- Lunch: At lunch, we had fried ricemeat and vegetable. We can cious. and pizza for lunch at the Slowchoose between 4 drinks which Pony‟s office. We has a Pepsi but Dinner: For dinner we were at theinclude 7up, Coke, Milk and miner- we had to pay Lien Minh village, we had a deli- 10.000VND if want- ed cious dinner in the canteen, a Vi-
  3. 3. V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1 Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P PAGE 3Activities around Lien Minh Village by Hung (7IV)At the Lien Minh Village, we could be put around the Vil- walked to our bus and wentdid some activities like pick- lage like “Put the trash in back to the hotel, we had aing up trash around the the bin” or “Do not shout” good sleep and were readyplace that we will do the or something. We went for the next day.rock climbing, digging some back in the evening to havebonfire pits so we can make dinner, we had a bonfire anda bonfire in the evening af- ate some sausages. We satter we have dinner. We had around the biggest bonfirea rest, ate some fruit and and sang, talked and laughed.we helped the people pull After half an hour, Ms.out some wild grass sur- Imogen told us a scary storyrounding their wheat. We and we played the “Love”also made some boards that game. After that, we Painting signs, picking up lit- ter, weeding crops and building a fire pit
  4. 4. PAGE 4 Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1Day 2 Tuesday By Jeremy (7RR)On Tuesday, we climbed a guide told us what happened games such as cards andvery high courageous tall in the room a long time ago. many more. Lastly, we atemountain. It was very inter- Secondly, we went back to dinner and the food wasesting because a lot of peo- the village to wait for din- very delicious. Then we wentple climbed a very high ner. backmountain so it was very awe- While to thesome. Then we had a deli- we hotel,cious lunch at 11 am. After wait- Sun-that, we visited the Hospi- ing, we flowertal Caves, it was very dark did 1 toin there and the room was some- rest for the next day‟s ac-empty because it happened thingsa long time ago but the fun like: telling jokes, play tivities .Visit to the Hospital Caves By Harry (7IV) Sae Wook (7RR)When we arrived at the Hospi- the history of Hospital Cave. The Hospital Cave had a verytal Cave, we climbed up the When we went into the thea- long history. This is important,high stairs. Inside Hospital ter, we saw the stairs that had as it served both as a secret,Cave it was cold, it had a lot of a warning sign that said:” FOR- bomb-proof hospital duringdifferent rooms, like the BIDDEN”. We sat down near the American War and as akitchen, the pool, the theater, the stairs and wrote a report safe house. It was built be-and the doctors room. We vis- about the Hospital Cave and tween 1963 and 1965, and wasited these rooms and learnt we did a sketch about it. in constant use until 1975.Food Review by Tran Anh (7IV) and Hyun Sik (7RR)Breakfast: We ate breakfast at Lunch: For lunch we ate some Dinner: We had lunch just thethe hotel Sun Flower 1; we had a sandwiches which we ordered the same like the 1st day at the Lienbuffet which is quite delicious. day before. We had a choice of Minh village, Vietnamese kind ofFor the free drinks we can have tuna sandwich or chicken sand- food but different food not likemineral water or tea. For the cost wich. For drinks we can buy any the day before, the drinks wasdrinks we can have anything we thing we want but with our own also the same; Pepsi orlike but cost 15.000VND. money (10.000VND/ drink). Mirinda.
  5. 5. V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1 Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P PAGE 5Rock Climbing by Minh (7IV) and Yeun Soo (7RR)We have done the most in- gerous so we had to learn we got to climb up to veryteresting activity in the trip. how to be safe. We needed high cliff but it was easiestIt is Rock Climbing. In rock to about safety harness and one. We were divided intoclimbing we experienced safety helmet plus shoes two groups to do the rocknew feelings like being and the Haines gloves. Be- climbing.scared or fun. Rock climbing fore we did rock climbing, While we were doing theis a very good sport and we also needed to use chalk- Rock Climbing, we were verygood for health. In that ac- on hands it soaked up sweat. nervous so the guides alwaystivity, some students were There were three types of said “Don‟t look down! If youscared and some were ex- rock climbing. For the first look down you will get nerv-cited. type, we could hold on to ous!” and told us how toRock climbing is very dan- the holes in the cliff to climb up and how to move to climb to the top. The second the next steps. Some stu- cliff was harder; we didn‟t dents were scared of have the hole to climb up heights so they couldn‟t the cliff. For the third one, climb. Ho Seok and Peera Rock Climbing Mr. Ramez and Ms. Sarah talking to everyone before rock climbing.
  6. 6. PAGE 6 Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1
  7. 7. V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1 Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P PAGE 7 Pictures by Van Khanh and Seon Ah on page 6 and on page 7, Dan Thy and Ji Yoon
  8. 8. PAGE 8 Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1Day 3 Wednesday By Su Min (7IV)On Wednesday we went to the We often had to change direc-restaurant called „Slo Pony‟. our thickest clothes! We went tion of the boat but we man-Most of us ate pan up to the 2nd floor be- aged to get away from findingcakes there and we cause the view was really direction. We also had to getdrank cocoa. It was re- beautiful. Everything was away from the basket of oys-ally hot! We rested a little absolutely beautiful and amaz- ter that Vietnamese peoplewhile in the hotel and than we ing. Suddenly, it started to caught. We were wet and cold,went to the port where we rain so we had to go down- so we put on some dry clothes.rode on the boat. The most stairs. When the rain has Then we went back to the ho-exciting fact was; the boat stopped, we wore a life jacket tel. We cleaned our bodieshad a 2nd floor! We had a great so we could go kayaking! The warm and than went back toview on that boat we saw a most exciting activity in our sleep to take a long rest of ourplace called Monkey Island al- school trip! Every one got tiring When we went to the 2nd their clothes wet but we allfloor of the boat, it was had fun. We sang and rowed.freezing cold. We had to wearFood Review by Tran Anh (7IV) and Hyun Sik (7RR)Breakfast: In the morning, we had on the boat when we were going Dinner: When we arrived at thebreakfast at the hotel, we had a to go kayaking. We ate some nor- island, we ate a buffet which isbuffet. We can buy our own mal Vietnamese really delicious! There was meatdrinks or we can just drink miner- food. We could pay and fries; there was also rice andal water or tea for our drinks soups. There were no free water which include Pepsi, so we all had to pay 7up and Mirinda. for our drinks.Lunch: We ate lunch
  9. 9. V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1 Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P PAGE 9Kayaking by Phuc (7IV) and Won Sang (7RR)First we went on the boat to get trol the kayaking you need to and especial Mr. Ramez. Someto the floating house which had have team work and strong hands. student don‟t have clothes tothe kayaks tied to it. Then we got Then we went to the mountain the change then they must wearinginto groups of two then we put when we say something like “Ah” wet or short clothes. And thatlife jackets on. Then we started the sound will be bigger and big- day every body is so cold thatkayaking but it was very hard to ger. When we went back to the they don‟t want to go camping anycontrol the kayak. If you don‟t boat we were so tired and wet more! When we come back to theknow how to control the kayak the that we can‟t go swim- hotel every body just wantkayak just goes around and ming any more. And to take a hot water showeraround! After that you will know when we come back it and then sleep. It was a hardhow to control it. The sea is warm have a problem that day and everybody had usedand very clean. So we can see fish some kayaking was up- all their power. We workedand coral reef, seaweeds. Because side down and we must hard!we went too fast then a lot of go and help them. Nokayaking crash together. To con- one got hurt but they got all wet
  10. 10. PAGE 10 Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1 Cannon Fort In The Caves Before Rock Climbing Kayaking Playing GamesDuring Rock Climbing Cannon Fort Before Rock Climbing In The Caves Talent Show
  11. 11. V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1 Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P PAGE 11The hallways of the hospital caves Playing cards at Ha Long Bay Us on the Junk BoatOutside the exit of the hospital cave Su Min On the Junk BoatMinh getting ready to rock climb Us at the Hai Phong airport
  12. 12. PAGE 12 Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1Day 4 Thursday by Song Anh (7RR) On Thursday, we woke l u n c h our talent show and get some rest.up at 7:30 and had break- there. In Then after that, we performed ourfast at 8:00. Then we the lunch, show in a house which was also astarted to walk to the Can- Ms. Imo- small restaurant. We also had din-non Fort. In the Cannon gen told ner in the same house that we hadFort, there were many sol- us about performed the talent show.dier mannequins. There the tal- After the dinner, Ms. Imogenwere also guns, soldier‟s ent show took us to go to karaoke. We hadshirts, caps and a clay and she lots of fun. The Vietnamese sang amodel of Cat Ba Island. said that lot! every- After we visited the body had Finally, we went back to theCannon Fort, we went back to the to join in! hotel to prepare to go back tohotel, (actually we walked back) to HCMC the next day.get some rest. Then we went to We went back to the hotelLien Minh village (by bus) and had again. We had 45mins to prepareHill Fort By Khoa (7RR)On the fourth day we woke up Vietnam Land. At the top we the enemy can‟t see them, Nextearly, we ate breakfast at 7:30 looked down to the sea there is a to the weapon there is a big boxam and relax until to 9:00am. At small island which looked like a that they kept bullets. We then9:00 am we walked to the hill fort. fish. There was a small room that relaxed in the café where couldAt 9:30 we were at the top of the has all the stuff from the Ameri- buy snacks and drinks. Then wehill! We visited a lot things. The can War like: Hats, uniforms, guns went back to the hotel to prac-fort name is Canon. We saw the and shoes. There was a big model tice for the tal-weapons used in the American of the Island. The reason why ent show.War. There is a big gun to shoot they put the weapon on the hillthe airplane of the America or because it was easy to shoot theFrench army because they want airplane and they dug a big hole soFood Review by Tran Anh (7IV) and Hyun Sik (7RR)Breakfast: We ate pancakes normal Vietnamese food at the Dinner : We also had dinner atand eggs with bread. We can Lien Minh village. the Lien Minh village but stillchoose soft drink but most We ate a lot be- Viet- namesepeople drank cause it was really food and softhot ca- cao. cold even in lunch, drinks. so the food made us warm.Lunch : We ate
  13. 13. V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1 Y E A R 7 I D E A LS T R I P PAGE 13Talent Competition By Kiet (7IV) and Duy (7RR)On Thursday, at about 15:00, that good when teams are so stand, the melody was quitewe started to divide into small scared that they hid there good. Magic tricks, acting andgroups to prepare for the well numbers or threw it away. Un- many other talents are per-known talent show. 2 hours lat- fortunately, Duy and Kai formed. We had greater, we set off for a restaurant Yi, the most imaginative pressure but fun perform-which is then prepared for the students, are chosen ing in-front of our class-talent show. The numbers of first. They struggled to mates. Groups even gotchairs are just enough for us. the centre, whispering prizes later on. There wasThis show had put lots of their plan to each other. this ABC song singing frompressure on everyone so no Their performance was out- Korean boys which somehowgroups volunteered. So we put standing so they eventually came first. Our talents wereit the easy way, when captains went third. Then Korean sing- simple but amusing, and every-come to pick a number to see ing followed, even though sev- one was tired after this well-the order. It didn‟t work out eral students didn‟t under- known event!Karaoke by Kiet (7IV) and Duy (7RR)After all the struggle through While setting up the karaoke took turn to sing, but Mr. Garythe tiring talent show, at thing Mr. Gary showed his tal- sang first since one of the mi-about 20:00 on ent: beat-boxing. Everyone crophones was held by him.Thursday, we and our clapped after the most- Some students even dared toteachers, together fantastic beat-boxing ever sing a solo, but not too longwith Mr. Gary (one of heard, and truly is. But unfor- after all the others join in.the guides), set off for karao- tunately, everyone forced Phuc, Popular songs like „We will rockke at some other hotel. As we the best beat-boxer of the you‟ and ‟25 minutes‟ … werereached our destination, eve- students (maybe), to challenge chosen. Vietnamese and Koreanryone settled in seats which Mr. Gary. Mr. Gary won easily, songs then joined the list. Weare lacking somehow because since Phuc was too scared and had great fun enjoying singingof the overload number of stu- most of what he did was spit- and listening to songs. But stu-dents. So we shared seats, ting sounds. Once the karaoke dents soon went back to thewhich wasn‟t that comfortable. thing was set up, everyone hotel, after the great-full-of- Left: Min Ah & Yeo Bin walking to the Hill Fort up the Hill
  14. 14. Games by Chris (7IV) and Yu Jin (7RR) First day (night): We played „If you love me honey give me a smile‟. This is so funny and shy girl said to girl and boy said „If you love me honey give me a smile‟ to boy, but some boys said to teacher. Later this game is boring and we change a rule we must do boys to girls, girl to boys. This game is exciting and this game is finished we talked about ghost story, Ms Imogen told us ghost story and it is so scary but some scary story is real. Second day: We played number game if teacher said number 4 we cannot move (jump) and we must jump once a time and if we are wrong we need to start again but teacher said another number we need jump and first who goal that person is win. We think this game is easy but this game is little bit hard. If main number is four, a man said fourteen. It was very tricky. We had to careful Third day: we took a boat and we play separated in two groups. We played some games and talked and we arrived we play kayaking, some people were wet and they said very cold. Some boys were sick so girls borrowed girl‟s jackets and towel. Fourth day: we went karaoke to sing. Most of boys sang the songs and we had really fun time. After karaoke, we went back to hotel. We went to friend‟s room and played some games. After we played games, we go to our room and slept.Day 5 — The End by Duong (7RR)On Friday, we ate sandwich- to the airport to go back Ho in Ho Chi Minh city we feltes for breakfast. Chi Minh City and we so warm. We went back toAnd for lunch, we waited few minutes for school by school bus, wewent to Hai Phong the plane come. It took said good-bye to each otherand we went into Lot- 2 hours to fly from and went home.teria. We can only Hanoi to Hoeat hamburger and rice with Chi Minh City.beef, for drink we must buy We landed at Tanit by our self if you wanted Son Nhat Airport.a soda. If some people We felt so goodwanted even more food be- when we‟re backcause they‟re still hungry, in Ho Chi Minhthey used their own money City everybodyto buy more food that they fell so well because in Catwanted. After that, we went Ba Island it was so cold and