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year 10 ideals challenge week to Thailand. RISS - Renaissance International School Saigon. Offers from pre-school to secondary curriculum under the structure of the British system. Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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Riss - international school - year-10-ideals-challenge-week-to-thailand-1

  1. 1. The RISS Annual IDEALS Journal. Volume 1, Issue 1 Spring 2011. Renaissance International School Saigon in Thailand.Inside this issue:Adventure 2 The Year 10 students enjoy the first everChallenge 3 international field trip for RISS in Thai- landEnvironment 4Field Study 5Internationalism 6 The Maekok River Vil- students from RISS to find out more about lage Project (MRVP) visit the MRVP and the trip is from theService 7 has been in operation their week long trip students themselves for eleven years and was a huge success, and I’m sure you willLeadership 8 offers a range of activi- made possible by the enjoy reading about ties for school trips in- excellent service pro- their experiences in cluding subject specific vided by the staff in the following articles.Special points of in- fieldwork, out door ed- the resort and theterest: ucation and communi- commitment and per- ty service projects. The severance of our stu- Philip MacDonald- Loads of photos! Year 10s were the first dents. The best way to Milner, Trip Leader Articles on our stay! Students explain! Adventure and Service: Learning Learn about Archery and assisting at a local or- Thailand! phanage The International Award The IDEALS
  2. 2. Page 2 The RISS Annual IDEALS Journal. The MRVR—Ban Thaton, Thailand. The Maekok River Village Resort—Student The Restaurant at the resort Centre Trying Something New—Archery.On the fourth day of the IDE-ALS school trip to Thailand, we “ At first,did archery as part of an activi- everyonety. On that day, the weather seemed not sowas terrible, we planned to do good at archery,rock climbing but we cancelled but, withbecause of the rain. Therefore, practice theywe took to the gym after we fin-ished mountain biking and improved. “teamwork games.It was my first time to do ar-chery. When I saw it on TV, Ithought that I could do it well.However, it was n’t easy, and Icould n’t do it well. It was hardto shoot in the middle, or evenat the edge of the target.However, I got better with prac-tice and I had a very enjoyable At first, everyone seemed not so The first team who shot thetime, even if the weather was good at archery, but, with prac- balloon is becoming a winner.really cold. tice they improved. Some stu- I really enjoyed it and I really dents shoot to the middle of the want to do it again. It mightFor the activity, we were sepa- circle and some students shoot torated into 4 groups with 3 peo- be the unforgettable memory near the middle of the circle. At for me.ple in each group. We tried 3 the end, we had a small competi-times (3 arrows) for each person tion which is shooting balloon. Kim Ji Yeon
  3. 3. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 3 Challenging Yourself—The Confidence Course.On the third day of trip, we did ty rope. The safety rope was tion was also easy but when wethe confidence course. During joined with our body and the reach the fourth section, it wasthe trip to Thailand, all of the top of the course obstacle. If we tough to go through. The fifthstudents were looking forward made a false step, the rope will section was the hardest sectionto this particular activity. The support our body. After we because when I walk, it swungconfidence course was installed learnt about safety, finally we a lot and I couldn’t balancein the MRVR which we stayed could start. Of course the in- well. The last two sections werefor 5 days. There were 6 sec- structor showed us first how to just crossing. One of the stu-tions of obstacles. do it. dents was tried but couldn’t goMany of the students we re very The first section was very easy through all the sections becauseanxious about the course, but and all of the student passed she was very scared. Sheothers were fine with it. Before that easily and fast. It was crossed the middle of the confi-we started, we learnt about walking on the two stick and we dence course which is the short-safety because it was the most have to balance. However the est and easier way to complete.important part of the confidence second was not so easy for some All of the students enjoyed thecourse. Many of the boys want- students, I remember that one course and found it very excit-ed go first as they were very of the student fall out his leg to ing.excited. the small hole and he had diffi- Mi RanFirst, we had to check the safe- culty to get up. The third sec- Beautiful Northern Thailand.
  4. 4. Page 4 The RISS Annual IDEALS Journal. Learning About The Environment.Initially , we took a flight to took it then and threw it intoBangkok and after that a flight the bin. There’s a little bit hu-to Chiang Rai (northern of Thai- man activity so it does not af-land). After that, we ate a lot, fect much on the environment.but we tried not towaste any The next day, we planned tofood. Then we get to the resort camp but it’ was raining so weby car., it’s in the countryside of cancelled it. Instead of camp-Chiang Rai. On the way, I can ing, we hiked on a mountain.see many traffic in the street, It’s a big mountain with freshit’s a busy city. But the more environment. Moreover, its qui-further to the countryside, et and peaceful.there’s less traffic, the environ-ment is more fresh. The next day we went mountain biking through the countryside.The day after, we had field workon the Mae Ai river. It has clean As you know, the villages arewater, a variety of plants and very clean, the locals can keepfresh air. We saw some of the clean public environment.litter on the river surface, we Nabi and Truc The International Award.Hello, everyone! I am going to ourselves. any special recipes to makeinterview two girls who had food?unique experiences during the Ye Rim: Before we go, I andIDEALS trip in Thailand. They Ah Young studied with teach- Ah Young: Recipes? Ha Haare Ah Young and Ye Rim who ers how to use compass and We haven’t made food beforeare doing Duke of Edinburgh. read a map. It was hard to un- ourselves. We just got materi-Let’s talk with them!! derstand at first because nowa- als for food.Interviewer: Hello, girls. How days, reading map and using compass to hike are not usual Interviewer: How was it?are you? activities. Was it delicious?Ah young & Ye Rim: Hello, Iam fine. Thanks. Interviewer: I agree with you.Interviewer: I heard that you I also can not use compass andguys had very memorable expe- map. What else did you do?rience in Thailand. What wasit? Ye Rim: We made our meal byAh Young: We are doing inter- ourselves.national award which is also Interviewer: Meals? How in-know as the Duke of Edin- teresting! What did you make?burgh’s Award. In Thailand,we had chance to complete the Ye Rim: For dinner, we madeadventure section by hiking spaghetti and in the morningthe mountain and sleeping in- we ate Thai instant noodle.side the tent that we put up by Interviewer: Did you have
  5. 5. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 5 Studying In The field (Or River!)During the Thailand trip, as cially bad. When we reached to Unluckily, the digital flow me-geography students, we had got the river, it was very beautiful. ter failed and we had to meas-a great opportunity to approach The river flowed very rapidly ure the river speed using anthe Mae AI River which is par- and the shape of the river was orange. It is quite simple meth-ticularly important for our Ge- very narrow. We started our od. We put an orange in the riv-ography IGCSE final. Mr. Aus- investigations. First, we meas- er and measured the time untiltin introduced to us some gen- ured the velocity with digital it reached the finish point. Eve-eral information about the field- flow meter. It was very easy to ryone was focused on the or-work. Unfortunately, the get the flow velocity of the riv- ange whilst it surfed the river!weather was quite bad; the sky er. And then we observed andwas filled with dark clouds and recorded the bed loads (stones).temperature was very low. The After that we measured the After finishing site 2, the heavytruck that we used to move was width and depth of the river. It rain came, so we couldn’t inves-really unique. While we on the was simpler than we thought. tigate site 3. Unfortunately,road, we saw the phenomenal After that, we moved to the site most of the students didn’t haveThai landscape in tht back of 2. their own umbrella at thatthe truck. Enjoying the fresh time, so they got wet. It wasair was fantastic. It was a real quite interesting experience forexperience for us. When we arrived at site 2, it us and learnt a lot of geogra- wasn’t like site 1 as the path phy! was quite wide, neither slipperyTo reach the river, the path was nor dangerous. When we gotquite dangerous and slippery there, we did the same meas- Seong Jae and Eddieand a few students fell down urements that we did at site 1several times-site 1 was espe- in order to do the comparison. Geography students all undertook ele- ments of fieldwork upon the trip which in- cluded some rather wet river studies “Unfortunately, the weather was quite bad; the sky was filled with dark clouds and temperature was very low. “
  6. 6. Page 6 The RISS Annual IDEALS Journal. Demonstrating International Mindedness.We met each other at Tan Son We studied some Thai words, creams and beverages was im-Nhat airport and Mr. Charlie for examples:” Sawadee Kaa” pressive with its decoration.gave us the IDEALS booklets. (hello) and “Kob Kun Man” The days at the resort wereThen we took the morning (thank you). Thai food was very unforgettable.flight to Chiang Rai Interna- tasty, and somewhat similar The last day of the trip, we vis-tional Airport (CEI). Later, we to Vietnamese food. However, ited the temples. Thai templeswent on the vans to our resort. some of them are more spicy are very luxurious and beauti-We were very tired but the at- and salty. We mostly ate rice, ful. The buildings were elabo-mosphere at the Maekok Ai curry, soup like Vietnamese rately constructed. We spent aRiver resort impressed us. Liv- food. wonderful time there to learning there was fantastic because During the trip, we met the more about Thai civilians’ be-we had a chance to meet not resort staff who are from vari- liefs in their religion and enjoyonly Western people but also ous nationalities and we joined the clear atmosphere. We alsoThai people. We got on well the activities with them like took lots of photos with ourand shared everything with stick games, Olympic games friends and teachers.them. We realized that they and basketball. Also, the Bam-were so friendly and helpful. Lisa and Uyen boo club where we bought ice Being Adventurous Through Mountain Biking.We arrived at the meeting The further we went into the Through team building ac-place to decide which group go countryside the more mud on tivities, students bondedbiking or enjoy team work ac- road cause of heavy rain. with others from differenttivities because there are not It had many potholes on the cultures and backgrounds.enough bikes for all of us. road so it hurt us when weLuckily I’m in the first group went over it. The instructorswhich went for mountain bik- wanted us to be safe so theying. The instructors let us made us go in one line in achoose our bikes and we were constant speed. I and myready to rock!. Because of the friend had a race that was re-bad weather we had to wear ally fun and there were manyrain coat and many shirts. trucks so we aren’t going fastThey rent a taxi which guided as much as we could. We areus during the trip.. I really arrived back at the same timeenjoy the sightseeing on the in the resort.road and understand more I learnt loads of thingsabout the life of the local peo- through the activity; we learntple. It is really cold and mud- how to overcome the challeng-dy so not everyone could easi- es and teamwork.ly pass through. Khoa
  7. 7. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 7 The Environment—How Healthy Is It?We had some field work for both tures which were found at thisBiology and Geography classes. location, because the water hereWe had to go to the three loca- still quite clean. After that, wetions. At the first location, we had went towards the third location.to clam up the mountain because Here, it was very dirty andit’s the top, where the river start- smelly. We went back to theed and we were looking for crea- camp and had a shower becausetures which live in the fresh wa- we were all got wet (it rained allter. Then, we continued going to day long). We had dinner andthe second location which was congregated at the gym forfurther down the river’s course games to finish the day. Recording biodiversity inand we stopped to have our different river locations.lunch. We also found some crea- Phuong and Vu Providing Service and Developing Compassion.On the last day, we visited a local was the most fun activity of theThai school nearby the centre. school trip. We hope that we haveIt’s a orphanage school. Before we a chance to meet them again “We believe that thiswent to the orphanage, we decid- soon. experience was theed what will we do with them. We most fun activity ofwere able to use materials such the school trip. “as hoops, balls , etc inside the Ye Lim and Sonycentre. We had about 5 or 4groups of 3 to 4 people. The su-pervisors helped us communicatewith them since we don’t speakThai and they were very friendly.Some of us played basketball,some decided to play Kore-an/Vietnamese traditional games.Even though it was hard to trans-late from English to Thai (therewere only two translators) wewere happy to play games withthem. Also, we were proud of our-selves by helping young peoplewho need love and care from theothers. We learnt about the needof these services which is aboutlooking after the weak and poor. Service for others exemplified through our orphanage visit is an area where the school is looking to progress.We believe that this experience
  8. 8. Leadership And Responding To Pressure.We think the trekking was the trek. Our trainers got so wetmost difficult but most memo- and our hands were shakingrable part of our trip. Even due to rainy and cold condition.though I’ve hiked several We were glad that we wore wa-mountains, it was not compa- terproof rain coats and trou-rable to the one we’ve experi- sers. At the end of the trek, weenced before. The weather were glad that there has some-when we were trekking was where warming warm to goextremely bad as it rained all and we didn’t freeze like ani-day. The trekking route was mals during the ice age! Whilevery challenging. The pathway we were trekking we was justwas so narrow and rocky that thinking about the finishingjust one person could go pass point and anything to keep us “We think the trekking wasand the road was slippery and warm. The finishing point the most difficult but mostmuddy because of the rain. We made us very happy! memorable part of our trip.”saw several people slipping Won Hyuk and Jung Hoondown including me during the What Is It Like On A Residential?The resort which we stayed was Also, there were three beds in doing that, we were scaredthe Maekok river Village resort each side but because only four about it, However, after doingin Thailand. At first, since it students stayed in a room, two that, we gained confidence. Andwas too rural, we did not expect beds were left. Every night dur- we gathered at the gym beforea lot. But when we arrived at ing the Thailand trip, we came going somewhere and listenedthere, we were pleased . The together at the room and chat- about the activity. When werestaurant was separated with ted into the night. It was really could not do anything due tothe resort and it was also good interesting and we could be- the weather, we played in theand the food was delicious. We came more friendly with each gym. There was a swimmingstayed four nights at the resort other. Accordingly, we could pool in front of the gym. Alt-.There was a room which we share our room with Vietnam- hough we could not play atheard about biology and geogra- ese and Korean students and it there, we could always see itphy activities, and a table ten- was really interesting and made while we were passing it.nis room which we could play us more internationally aware. There was a net in the swim-the tennis table whenever we Many boys were playing the ming pool. I think that was forwanted to do. So Every night, basketball at night. There was some games which could play inwe went to the table tennis a gym in the resort. Also there the water.room and played. were lots of things what we Jeong EonWhere I and my mates slept could play such as archery andand took a rest were comforta- playing basketball. Thereble and nice rooms. There were was a confidence course andtwo bathrooms so we could use one night during the Thai-them without inconvenience. land trip, we did it. BeforeFrom Mr. Charlie….I would finally like to say how pleased I was to attend thistrip and work with everyone involved. This is a premier tripand a fantastic experience for all the students involved to de-velop the IDEALS. Long may this trip continue on an annualbasis for all future Year 10s.