Cannes Young Lions Media Competition Entry


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Cannes Young Lions Media Competition Entry

  1. 1. BRIEF MED 145SIFE is an international organization that enables students to connect their educational pursuits with a realworld application in the communities around them.Assignment:Increase the number of university students participating in SIFEChallenges:• Capturing student’s attention on a campus crowded with classes and activities• Demonstrating benefits as significant effort is needed on the part of the students• Ensuring the idea is led by students that are current SIFE members• Ensure scalability across campuses
  2. 2. LANDSCAPE MED 145LANDSCAPE INSIGHT: THERE ARE GAPS IN THE EDUCATION SYSTEMThe landscape for success has changed.The increasingly complex business landscape is creating a demand for increasingly skilled candidates.No longer can candidates simply rely on perseverance and book smarts. Today, top corporations aresearching for candidates who are creative, innovative, interpersonal, dexterous and entrepreneurial.Current Education System Success LandscapeMindset: Mindset:• Being the best at what already’s been done • Developing original thought• Following by example • Leading by evolving and improving• Focus on memorization, not application • Experimenting, testing, and evolving ideas• Based on the existing framework • Based on improvement, progressTeaches us to be: Needs us to be:• conformist • unique• hard-working • entrepreneurial• formulaic • instinctive Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower – Steve Jobs.Since we live in an age of innovation,a practical education must prepare aman for work that does not yet existand cannot yet be clearly defined 60% of CEOs in an IBM poll cited creativity – Peter Drucker. as the most important leadership quality
  3. 3. TARGET MED 145TARGET INSIGHT: STUDENTS ARE RELYING IN THEIR SCHOOLTO PREPARE THEM fOR THE fUTURE,bUT wILL NEED TO APPLY THAT EDUCATION TO ExPERIENCETO GAIN THE SkILLS NEEDED IN TODAY’S wORLD.Ambitious and active, these business students are working hard to ensure that they’re ready for the realworld. To get the competitive edge needed to get noticed, and to succeed long-term, they’ll need more.Target Truths: Millennials are most likely to say• In a word, business students are busy. They work hard and that what makes their generation play hard and as such they’re selective about their activities unique is “technology use” and their media attention - Pew Research Center: Millennials, A Portrait of Generation Next• With constant media invasion, current students are resistant to communications that aren’t authentic and relevant The average• For college students, each form of media has a different college student role in their lives pursuing a business degree spends over 21 hours online 21.2% of all college every week. students use social networking for professional - The ECAR Study activities. of Undergraduate Students and - The ECAR Study of Information Undergraduate Students and Technology, 2010 Information Technology, 2010
  4. 4. STRATEGY MED 145STRATEGY: DEMONSTRATE THAT SIfE fILLS THE EDUCATION GAPSupport the strategy through a 2-step approach 1. STUDENTS: ExPOSE THE GAP 2. SIfE: PROVE CREDIbILITY why SIFE is needed why SIFE is right what we Make students aware of the Prove that SIFE closes the gap Need To Do: disconnect between what schools by giving students real world traditionally offer and what is applications needed to run a needed in the world today start-up business How Shock and surprise students into Focus on building credibility by we Do It: awareness to make them want to highlighting professionalism, take action network, history and robust offering
  5. 5. BRAND IDEA MED 145POSITIONING: SIfE GROUPS AS REAL START-UP bUSINESSESEquip current SIFE members with everything they need to run a business, including, tools to positionthemselves as a legit business and recruit new students 1. STUDENTS: ExPOSE THE GAP 2. SIfE: PROVE CREDIbILITY Exhibit how SIFE offers more Make SIFE feel as authentic as than a traditional education by a real business and empower highlighting the experiential students to lead element of the program using real world examples This isn’t about creating a campaign. This is about building a brand.
  6. 6. ACTIVATION MED 145SIfE. SUCCESS fOR TODAY’S wORLD1. MESSAGING: Inspire students to take action by making them aware of the education gap.Messages will intercept students at the moments they are concentrating on their career skills, causing uncertainty.fACEbOOk GAME. A fun “Start a Business” Facebook game in ONLINE JOb APPLICATION bOARD. Pseudo job postings will advertise too-which students are set up to fail. Shortly after building their good-to-be-true opportunities for business students. The listings, posted onbusiness and inviting friends to join, their business goes under popular search sites and targeted to students, will return SIFE messagingdue to lack of experience, and brings them to SIFE messaging and and instructions on how to sign up.instructions on how to sign up.. Reverse student’s expectations on job boards- considered by recent college graduates to be GUERRILLA RECRUITMENT bOOTH. the second most useful job On-campus booths will feature a mock- search tactic (after family/ friends). recruiter who interviews and rejects prospective candidates. Rejected students April 2010 report will be given SIFE sign up information. “2010 State of the College Workplace.” Surprise students where they are: 54% of recent college graduates consider college recruiting and job fairs to be a useful job search tactic. Facebook is the top site for college students of both genders- providing many opportunities for engagement. April 2010 report “2010 State of the College Youth Trends “The Top Ten List Report: College Q1 2010.” Workplace.”
  7. 7. ACTIVATION MED 145 SIfE. SUCCESS fOR TODAY’S wORLD 2. TOOLS: Give an answer to the gap with SIfE, by building credibility By providing a robust toolbox for students, SIFE members can build credibility as sophisticated business.MARkETING TOOLS bUSINESS NETwORkA easily customizable website Comprehensive guidance andfor each team provides a paperwork for all aspects of aprofessional hub and links start-up like writing businessthem to SIFE’s business tools. proposals- the only hub of its kind online.Custom website design conveysauthority and uniqueness. Students gain the coveted opportunity to connect with professionals.AD SUPPORTProvides advertising templatesthat students can customize TRAININGand place on school papers, Guidance and paperwork for allbillboards, or radio stations. aspects of a start-up- the onlyEmpower and enable students to hub of its kind online.make the most appropriate media Proving SIFE to be an invaluablechoices for their campus. part of not only a SIFE students’ education, but also any business student’s education.RECRUITMENT TOOLS PROPERTY & EQUIPMENTExclusive guides on advertising SIFE will request by mailand recruiting. that all schools to provide aFor example, how to go after classroom intended as thea design student from the art SIFE’s group office.department for my branding. Having an official “office” willTutorials will train students to continue the validity of each SIFErecruit effectively and brand their business on, ensuring that each SIFEcampus maintains a sophisticatedimage.
  8. 8. EXTENSION MED 145SIfE wORLD CUPTo complete the idea of individual businesses, we’ll expand the idea into the SIFE World Cup where thewinners will get the chance to start their own business based on their SIFE initiative.As young entrepreneurs with newfound skills and a business plan, they’ll have the opportunity of a lifetimeas we set aside 250k of the media budget to furnish their goals.
  9. 9. MEDIA ECOSYSTEM MED 145 Landscape ACQUISITION Insight: Led by SIfE Led by students There are gaps in the current education Recruiting Booths Word of Mouth system. (Business cards, etc) Brand Idea: Position SIFE as Online Job SIGN Individual UP Application a business. Recruiting Efforts Banner (Print, radio etc) Outcome: An ongoing Facebook system that Game encourages sign-ups year after year by supporting engagement, on track to reach team’s 150,000 sign ups by 2014. SIfE business Marketing Tools Training SIFE (Business website, Materials World Cup business cards etc) SUPPORT & MAINTAIN
  10. 10. BUDGET MED 145 Based on 1,500 schoolsSIfE Student Experience Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June JulySIFE website creation 75,000SIFE alumni recruiting 30,000SIFE training material publication 42,500SIFE letters to schools 1,500SIFE World Cup 250,000Recruitment Efforts- SIfERecruiting booths & materials 1,125,000Online job application board 291,000Facebook game 50,000Facebook game promotion 75,000Recruitment Efforts- StudentsPrinting fees (business cards, flyers) 30,000Individual ads 3,030,000TOTAL: 5,000,000