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What is semantics


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intro to linguistic

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What is semantics

  1. 1. Intro. To. Linguistic semantic
  2. 2. what is semantic? Semantics is the study of meaning communicated through language Saeed (1997)
  3. 3. Unsur semantic •Lambang ( Symbol/Sign) •Makna (Meaning) •Penamaan (Naming)
  4. 4. WHAT IS MEANING? meaning is a describe and consep of word or sentence.
  5. 5. Types Of Meaning • Literal and non literal meaning Ex: i’m hungry, I could eat a hourse • Leksical and gramatical meaning Ex: clothes, berkuda • Referencial and non referencial meaning Ex: I’m hungry, I could eat a horse
  6. 6. • Conotative and denotative meaning • Contruction meaning • Ideational meaning • Propotional meaning • Central meaning • Idiomatic meaning
  7. 7. NAMING ( Penamaan) •padi bahasa Indonesia •pare bahasa Sunda •pale bahasa Gorontalo
  8. 8. Signs and Symbol Semiotics studie show “signs” mean, that is, how we can make one thing stand for another