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Wealtha power pay plan


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Wealtha power pay plan

  1. 1. Why join Wealtha?:→ Since 2009→ 70% Filipino, 30% Foreign→ Awarded as the No. 1 internet Marketing Company- 2010 18th annual Asia pacific Award@Tokyo Imperial Hotel, Japan→ with30yrs combine experience in Global Network Marketing→ Suite 209 AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City Welcome to Wealtha Family!
  2. 2. RAISU – THE EXTREME ANTIOXIDANT! Did You know that Red Rice Bran World Health Organization Extract Recommended are: American Heart Association Recommended Supported with Clinical Studies Contains over 2000++ Antioxidants  7 US Patents Highest Antioxidant capacity Halal Certified!
  3. 3. •Supplies of Red Rice Bran from Himalayan Red Rice, The Paro Valley, Bhutan, North America etc. • Japanese Technology Extraction! Scientists in Japan discovered and developed a proprietary non-chemical process that Rice Bran without destroying or degrading its nutritional profile. Their patented method selectively deactivates the lipase enzyme activity without damaging heat-sensitive nutrients. The result is a microbiologically safe rice bran with higher levels of micronutrients and antioxidants! Halal Certified!
  4. 4. More about RAISU:Scientists in Japan discovered that Rice Bran Contains over2000++ Antioxidants including 120 known super antioxidantscofactors and catalysts – including:Tocotrienols,TocopherolsPhytosterols,CoQ10,Alpha Lipoic Acid,Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs),SOD,IP-6,Lutein,Glutathione,Carotenoids,Selenium,Lycopene,Gamma Oryzanol,and the Omega 3, 6, & 9.Red Rice Bran Extract contains all of these andmore!
  5. 5. Amazing Health Benefits: Enhance Your Natural Beauty Increase Energy Lose Weight Boost Immunity Highest ORAC Value (compared to 28 other well known high antioxidant) Even higher than Blue Berries Lower Cancer Risk Lower Cholesterol and Prevent Heart Disease Improve Eyesight Regulate Blood Sugar Build Strong Bones & Reduce Osteoporosis Risk Reduce Headache’s & Improve Mental Function Improve Liver Function Improve Gastrointestinal Health Decrease Kidney Stones Reduce Symptoms of Menopause
  6. 6. Dr. Lester Packer M.D.He is the world’s foremost antioxidant research scientist, asenior scientist at the prestigious Lawrence Berkeley Laboratoryand a professor for 35 years at the University of California.“Literally thousands of studies have confirmed thatantioxidants can help prevent numerous diseases and willnot only enhance life, but in all probability extend life.”Antioxidants are like cellular bodyguards.They “take the bullet” when a cell is attacked so cellulardamage is avoided. Vitamins C and E are well knowndefenders, but scientists have discovered even morepotent antioxidants such as CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid,SOD, Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs), Tocopherols &Tocotrienols (TOCOLS), IP6, Glutathione, Carotenoids,Selenium, Phytosterols, Gamma Oryzanol, Lutein andLycopene. Rice Bran Extract contains all of these & more!“
  7. 7. Red Rice Bran Extract vs. Fruits & Vegetables USDA Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center, USDA, 1120 Marshall Street, Little Rock, AR 72202, USA b Nutrient Data Laboratory, USDA Beltsville Human Nutrition Center, 10300 Baltimore Ave., Beltsville, MD, USA Received 10 July 2003; received in revised form 18 February 2004; accepted 1 March 2004.
  8. 8. P500 P500
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  10. 10. 2,000