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Lync Server


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Lync Server

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Session Objectives and Takeaways
  3. 3. Datasheets Pre-planning Product overview SCOM 2007 R2 pack+ Lync Server 2010 Planning tool+ Monitoring Server+ Monitoring Planning Planning Guides+ Synthetic Transactions* Lync Server 2010 Control Panel* Topology Builder* PowerShell* Administration Deployment Setup (Local)* Migration tools (PowerShell)** new in Lync Server 2010+ significant enhancements in Lync Server 2010
  4. 4. CMS Lync 2010 server 2 4 1 3 51. Administrator makes changes through CS PowerShell/UI Interfaces.2. Master Replicator generates a snapshot of the new configuration.3. File Transfer Agent replicates the snapshot to all computers in the deployment .4. Local Replicator Agent notified of new snapshot available. Loads it into the database and reports back status.5. Status is transferred back to master and replication status is updated.
  5. 5. Management Experience Investments
  6. 6. Global Microsoft Sites Redmond Dublin(Data Center) Pools Tukwila-1 Tukwila-2 Dublin-1
  7. 7. Task OCS 2007 R2 Microsoft Lync Server 2010Create Dial Plan: 10 Digit Dialing 58% 75%Create Dial Plan: 4 Digit Extension 25% 88%Create Voice Policy: Local Calls Only 4% 100%Create Voice Policy: Assign Gateway 29% 88%Create Voice Policy: Block Numbers 0% 50%Create Conferencing Policy: Restricted Policy 58% 88%Create Conferencing Policy: Unrestricted Policy 63% 100%Enable Users 50% 100%Move Pool 96% 100%Troubleshoot AV Issue 90% 100%Check Service Status 70% 88%Average 49% 89%
  8. 8. Management Experience InvestmentsLync Server Control Panel
  9. 9. User Management Configuration Management Device Management Search for users Server Roles Device configurationEnable/Disable for OCS Global/Site level Common Area phones Assign OCS policies Analog devicesPolicy Management Synthetic Transactions Deployment Management ArchivingPolicy Test phone calls Certificates managementExternalAccessPolicy SIP registrations Setup steps VoicePolicy Simple conferencing Topology management Voice Applications Response Group Conferencing Attendant Bandwidth management External applications
  10. 10. Management Experience InvestmentsLync Server Control PanelPowerShell
  11. 11. Built-In Role Exchange Equivalent NotesCSAdministrator Organization Management Top level; Can assign roles Archiving configuration and policies–CSArchivingAdministrator Retention Management, Legal Hold exclusive access to some functions Read-only view with access toCSHelpDesk HelpDesk troubleshooting tasks Manage, monitor, troubleshootCSServerAdministrator Server Management services, including start, stop, drain Provision, move, assign policies toCSUserAdministrator Mail Recipients users View Only Organization View only access to configuration,CSViewOnlyAdministrator Management healthCSVoiceAdministrator N/A Voice settings and policies Response Group Service (RGS)CSResponseGroupAdministrator N/A managementCSLocationAdministrator N/A Lowest level E911 rights