The strengths & pitfalls of social media fame flipbook


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The strengths & pitfalls of social media fame flipbook By Rishi Vala

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The strengths & pitfalls of social media fame flipbook

  1. 1. The Strengths & Pitfallsof Social Media Fame Image by “Shaman42”By: Rishi Vala
  2. 2. “In the 1990s, theline between fameand obscurity waseasy to find.”Image by Vinoth Chandar- Kate KnibbsSource: How Social Media has Changed what it means to be a Celebrity
  3. 3. When you weregenerally famous forbeing an actor, a sportsstar, a politician, oreven a businessmagnate.Image by Kevin Dooley
  4. 4. There were many pathsto fame, but the majorityinvolved networking,going through agents,access to large sums ofmoney, and mostimportantly…Image by Trey Ratcliffe
  5. 5. Getting the BIG break.Image by Darthpedrius
  6. 6. Image by Simon Steinberger
  7. 7. A celebrity chosen by the people.Image by Mike Krzeszak
  8. 8. Social media outlets such as Faceboook, Twitter, andYoutube have elevated people to levels of fame they’dNever Reach Before.Image by “Jerolek”
  9. 9. For instance,Justin Bieberacquired hisclaim to famethrough postingvideosonYoutube.He isarguably thefirst“YoutubeSuperstar.”Image by Rob Campbell
  10. 10. Unconventional celebrities have also carved a nichefor themselves by the power of their tweets or photos.Image by M. Trombone
  11. 11. Megan Amram has become the writer for NBC’ssitcom Parks and Recreation.After graduating from Harvard she started a twitteraccount that was funny enough to achieve over90,000 followers.Image by Griffin TechnologySource: How Social Media has Changed what it means to be a Celebrity
  12. 12. Even people who do not want to shine in thespotlight somehow find a way to become famous.Image by “Visualogist”
  13. 13. “Platforms like Reddit played an important role infiltering unique momentsthat would have otherwise goneunnoticed.”- Christine EricksonImage by Thomas LeiserSource: 15 People Made Famous by the Internet in 2012
  14. 14. Access to all this information atthe palm of your handraises the concern of onlineprivacy.Image by Amrit
  15. 15. Some even go as far as stating,“Privacy is a has-been luxury, a relic of a bygone,unwired era.”- Cristen CongerImage by Thierry EhrmannSource: Is The Internet Destroying Privacy?
  16. 16. “The mostdynamic culturalicons kept youwanting more bystaying slightlyout of reach.”- C. ClevelandImage by PhrontisSource: Is Social Media RuiningCelebrity Mystique?
  17. 17. Amateur photographers and gossipers withsmartphones are emerging into the paparazziindustry by selling their smartphone-capturedphotos...Image by “Muha”
  18. 18. And deflating thecost by spreadingthem freely over theinternet.Image by Eneas De Troya
  19. 19. As of April 15, 2013,“On Instagram alone,there are 1,159photos tagged with– Kate KnibbsImage by “TimmyGUNZ”Source: How Social Media has Changed what it means to be a Celebrity#celebsighting, andmost of them captureunsuspecting celebritiesdoing normal stuff.”
  20. 20. “Eventually, people will get immune to socialmedia driving this instant celebrity, instantrecognition, but for now it’s a novelty.” – AdamHanftImage by Robert Couse-BakerSource: Instant Celebrity: Just Add Social Media
  21. 21. A society in which everything is recorded“will forever tether us to all our past actions,making it impossible, in practice, to escapethem” – Viktor Mayer-SchönbergerImage by Adam FosterSource: How Social Media can Cost your Job and your Reputatoin
  22. 22. CreditsAll images are licensed under theCreative Commons Non-CommercialShare-Alike 3.0 agreement sourced fromFlickr & Wikipedia Commons