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eSigner.NET - Digital Signing and Encryption the easy way


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NetGains eSigner.NET is a Digital Contract & Mailing software performing multiple functions of digitally signing the documents, encrypting and subsequently mailing the documents to the clients’ email address.

Being purely web-based, it has easy accessibility from anywhere anytime. Its efficient and complex engine empowers it to easily send up to 100,000 documents per hour. Using its own SMTP Gateway, this software frees itself from being dependent upon MS Outlook / Express. Its built-in archival feature is another unique characteristic of this software. The encryption is 100% foolproof and is immune to any brute force.

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eSigner.NET - Digital Signing and Encryption the easy way

  1. 1. Introducing eSigner.NET 2.0 a tour to eSigner.NET 2.0
  2. 2. Digital signing & mailing software eSigner.NET is a Digital contract signing & mailing software which digitally signs the contracts, encrypts it and then mails it to the client’s email address.
  3. 3. Enhancing Your Way You Work We have features for every step of the way SigninSignin gg EncrypEncryp tiontion MailinMailin gg
  4. 4.  In Accordance with SEBI Guidelines  Digitally Signed Documents Without any Verifying Utility  Bulk Mailing to Multiple Clients at Single Click  Uses S/MIME protocol for signing and encryption  Integration with Jaadoomail  Delivery report generation  Sends up to 60,000 contracts in an hour  Bounced Mail Management Special Features
  5. 5. Categorization of Files  ECN FILES 1. Client records included in Master. 2. email id present in Master.  NON ECN FILES 1. Client records not included in Master. 2. Email id not in Master. 3. Client records or email id either not present.
  6. 6. Hardware Specification
  7. 7. Software Specification
  8. 8. Network Specification
  9. 9. ? Any Question…
  10. 10. NetGains Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 708/709, Corporate Avenue, Sonawala lane, Goregaon East, Mumbai – 400 063. Ph: +91-22-61397100 Email: Web: