Guide to Facebook ads


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This is complete guide to Facebook advertising. Facebook has provided powerful and reliable advertisement platform for online marketers which helps them to achieve different business goals. With growing popularity of Facebook as a social media platform, these ads are having extreme importance and adapting with the technology is the key for those who want to make most out of such a wonderful advertising medium.

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Guide to Facebook ads

  1. 1. Guide to Facebook Ads
  2. 2. Why Facebook ads?  Greater visibility  Precise targeting  ROI measurement possible  Various cost models available  Generate quality leads
  3. 3. Type of Facebook ads
  4. 4. Ad dimensions (Source : Jon Loomer blog)
  5. 5. How it works?  Step 1: Ad copy design  Targeting  Pricing Text Imag e Call to Action
  6. 6. How it works continued…  Step 2 : Targeting Targeting based on Geography, Demograp hy and Interest Reach
  7. 7. How it works continued…  Step 3 : Pricing
  8. 8. Important terms  CTR : Click Through Rate CTR = Clicks Impressions  CPC : Cost per click  CPM : Cost per Mile  Reach : Total fans reached through ad  CPF : Cost per Fan CPF = No. of Likes Total budget spent
  9. 9. Facebook premium ads  Best way to reach your target audience from most visited page on Facebook.  Placements are through News feeds, Right hand column and Mobile news feed  How to buy these ads : - Through Insertion Order via Facebook representative - By Power editor tool - Via Facebook API or Preferred marketing developers
  10. 10. Premium ads – Right hand column Page post text ad Page post photo ad Page post video ad Page post link ad
  11. 11. Premium ads – Right hand column Domain ad Offer ad Event ad App ad
  12. 12. How premium ad looks?  Page post video ad : These ads appears on user’s logout page. Suggested resolution – 1920X1080p Suggested format – MP4 Max duration – 3 minutes
  13. 13. How premium ad looks?  Page post link ad: These ads appears on user’s logout page. Suggested resolution – 851X315 Like/comment/ share disabled
  14. 14. Tips to optimize Facebook ads  Write appealing ad text  Provide proper call to action  Use attractive images  Try to be precise in your targetting if your product or service is niche  Choose the right pricing option according to your objective
  15. 15. THANK YOU Rushikesh Patil Social Media Marketer