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We act as a consolidated CRO company, providing extensive range of world-class services for drug discovery from our offices in seven locations in Northern Europe and India. We are serving over 150 pharma and biotech customers in over 20 countries. We bring our expertise and experience from more than 600 engagements with customers ranging from virtual biotechs to several global top 10 pharmaceutical companies.

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Sbw Models

  1. 1. SBW  Discovering  Success   Cascading  service  models  with  SBW  -­‐  a  Finnish-­‐Indian   research-­‐service  corpora<on  with  comprehensive   exper<se  in  drug-­‐discovery,  func<onal  foods  and     chemical  safety  industries  
  2. 2. SBW in a nutshell •  Contract Research Services for Pharmaceutical and Biotech customers •  Headquarter in Helsinki, Finland, offices / laboratories in total 7 cities in Finland, Sweden, UK and India •  Discovery informatics: bioinformatics, chemoinformatics, structural / SBD informatics •  Discovery biology; biomarker analytics and discovery •  Early and preclinical toxicology •  In vivo pharmacology •  ADME / DMPK •  Biostatistics, clinical data management and data warehousing •  140+ pharma/biotech customers in more than 20 countries. Organic revenue increase 2007-2008 around 50%. More than 60 professionals. •  Owned by Helsinki University Funds and Tooltech Pvt Ltd (Indian CAD/CAM and engineering simulations, offices in 7 European countries, India and US)
  3. 3. SBW Solutions for Drug Research Regulatory/ Indica'on   Target   Screen   Hit   Lead   Candidate   IND   Phase  0   Phase  1   Phase  2   Phase  3   SBW-­‐α   SBW-­‐η   SBW-­‐β   SBW-­‐ε   SBW-­‐γ   SBW-­‐δ   SBW-­‐α   SBW-­‐γ   SBW-­‐δ   SBW-­‐η   • Whole   genome   transcriptomics   and   • In   silico   bioac'vity,   adverse   effect   • In  vitro  metabolism   • Sample   size   es'ma'ons   and   power   gemomics   and  toxicity  predic'on   • CYP  iden'fica'on  and  inhibi'on   analysis   • Proteomics   • Scaffold  hopping  and  op'miza'on   • M etabolite   iden'fica'on,   MIST,   • Randomiza'on   • Biomarker  discovery  and  valida'on   • Experimental   logP,   logD,   logS,   pKa   different  species   • CRF  design   • Genome-­‐wide   bioinforma'cs   and   analysis   • PAMPA,  Caco-­‐2,  MDCK  permeability   • Database   design,   data   entry   and   computa'onal  systems  biology   • Plasma  protein  binding   • In   vitro   cytotoxicity,   prolifera'on,   valida'on   • PAMPA  permeability   membrane  integrity   • Sta's'cal  analysis  and  repor'ng   • Metabolic  stability   • In  vivo  pharmacokine'cs   • Medical  wri'ng   • In  vivo  disease  models   • Safety  pharmacology   • In  vivo  toxicology   SBW-­‐β   SBW-­‐ε   • Virtual   HTS,   ligand,   target,   and   • GLP  in  vivo  toxicity   reverse  docking   • GLP   in   vivo   safety,   ICH   Core   Ba^ery   •   Library  design   etc   • In  silico  ADME  models   • In  vitro  assay  development  
  4. 4. What suites you best? Fee  for  service   Risk  sharing  model       Consulta've  model   Collabora've  model       Protocol  based   Milestone  based     Your  preference     Price  /  study     Fixed  price  /  project   Based  on  your  need     Personal  customer  care  
  5. 5. Levels Of Engagement Close co-work, possibly in-site, Level 4 possibly external funding applied, Complete Drug Discovery / Development project involving risk-sharing partnership SBW involvement in focused areas of discovery, like LI, LO etc. Involvement of multiple Level 3 Managed project involving many types of expertise in units from SBW, sharing of combination with sponsor’s expertise related project data Master agreement with SBW, confidentiality and Level 2 Utilization and coordination of services from multiple expertise from multiple units units Level 1 Master agreement for Repeated utilization of services from individial unit repeated services Level 0 Individual service(s), NDA & Outsourcing of individual analytics - internal capactiy agreement with the extension and internally unavailable tasks corresponding unit
  6. 6. Discovering Success together with SBW •  Program Management Services –  We act as your tactical, logistical and scientific interface with our drug discovery resources. –  Diverse scientific expertise from Discovery Biology to Preclinical and Clinical Development. •  Business Models - We aim to form strategic alliances with our customers, where entire drug discovery programs are contracted and payment is based on mutually agreed milestones and success. •  BPO – Business Process Outsourcing •  Joint development •  Academic collaboration •  Indian delivery capabilities •  Risk and Reward sharing models •  EU, Government and competitive funding
  7. 7. SBW Organization SBW  HQ   Helsinki,   Finland   Toxis   Novamass   4Pharma   Biodix   Medachem   Infodix     Finland   Finland   Finland   India    India   India   In  vivo  animal   ADME   Clinical  trials   Discovery   Medicinal   Bioinforma'cs   models   analy'cs   data   biology  and   chemistry   chemoinforma management   ‘omics   'cs   SBW  Finland    SBW  India  SBW  Sweden    SBW  Switzerland  
  8. 8. Benefits of working with •  Easy access to world-class complimentary research skills SBW •  Access to state of the art infrastructure at a fraction of the price •  Cost efficient Indian delivery capabilities and Nordic work ethics •  More than 600 projects delivered to over 120 customers •  A large service platform for drug discovery & development •  With parallel offering of in silico and in vitro/in vivo based services •  Fixed deliverables, duration and investment Beginning
  9. 9. Joint R & D Collaboration It is a New  business  concept for collaborating on early discovery projects, where the parties together share the ownership, risk and potential reward of the project. The project is divided into smaller engagements with specific milestones. The parties agree jointly on the activities, efforts and duration of each engagement within the project. SBW will carry portion of the risk by utilising: Our Mixed-Model delivery capabilities Where we offer our Indian resources at cost basis Finnish project management and study directors Pre-determined deliverables and milestones Low cost and fast delivery for each engagement
  10. 10. Milestone Baseline price estimates FTE  MSc  /  MONTH  OFFSITE    (India)            700  eur   FTE  PhD  /  MONTH  OFFSITE    (India)            1500  eur     In  silico  tox,  ADME  and  bioac'vity  predic'on      20  eur   Omics  data  analysis  (microarray,  proteomics)      65  eur   In  vitro  Cytotoxicity  (LDH  &  MTT)            20  eur   Maximum  tolerated  dose  in  rat              3000  eur         MALDI-­‐TOF/TOF  (Bruker  Ultraflex)            90  eur   NMRs  (300  MHz  and  400  MHz  Bruker  DPX)  /  hour    20  eur   FTIR  with  IR  microscope  (Perkin-­‐Elmer)  /  1st  scan      20  eur   500  MHz  LC-­‐NMR                    request   UHR-­‐Qq-­‐TOF  (Bruker  MaXis)              request     LC-­‐MS/MS  LTQ  XL  Linear  Ion-­‐trap  (Thermo)        request     LC-­‐MS  APCI/ESI  Probe  (Finnigan  Mat)          request   GC  with  capillary  column  headspace  (Shimadzu)      request  
  11. 11. What can we do for you •  World-­‐class  CRO  services  with  experience  and  excellent  instrumenta'on   •  Deliver  Europe  and  India   •  Broad  service  plaporm  from  early  discovery  to  marke'ng  authoriza'on.  We  have   been  involved  in  projects  from  target  iden'fica'on  to  successful  drug  registra'on.   •  More  than  600  projects  delivered  to  over  120  customers  in  over  20  countries.   Including  companies  form  small  virtual  biotechs  to  global  big  pharma     •  Bundled  Services  and  Plaporms  with  overall  project  management   •  Business  process  outsourcing  possibility   •  Joint  R&D  collabora'on  with  industry  and  academia     •  Pay  per  service,  FTE,  milestone  based  and  risk-­‐reward  sharing  business  models  
  12. 12. SBW Sponsors and partners Over 120 pharma and biotech customers in 20 countries