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Disposition of san jose water company's advice letter no. 508 b


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Disposition of san jose water company's advice letter no. 508 b

  1. 1. STAT.E OF CAlifORNIA EDMUND-G. gROWN JR., Governor CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION 505 VAN NESS AVENUE SAN f RANCISCO. CA &<1102-3298 June 1,2017 Re: Protest to San Jose Water Company Advice Lctter 508/508A/ 508B To Whom It May Concern: Please be advised that the Water Division is approving San Jose Water Company's (SJWC) Advice Letter No. 508-8 filed on May 26, 2017 which is a supplement to Advice Letter 508 filed on May 2, 2017. SJWC is requesting that Advice Letter 508-8 be effective June 1, 2017. The advice letter filing meets the requirements set forth in General Order 96-8. Industry Rule 7.3.2 and General Rule 7.6.1. Water Division authorizes SJWC to re-instate two surcharges: 1) A $0.08 per 100 cubic feet surcharge to amortize the uncollected balance of $996,023 remaining from the recovery of the previously authorized 20 14 Mandatory Conservation Revenue Adjustment Memorandum Account (MACRAMA) originally approved in California Public Uti lities Commission (Commission) Resolution W-507 1; and 2) A $0. 1441 per 100 cubic fect surcharge to amortize the uncollected balance of $2,232,698 remaining from thc recovery of the 20 15 Water Conservation Memorandum Account (WCMA) originally approved in Commission Resolution W-509S. Advice letter 508-8 requests that SJWC he allowed to recover the uncollected balances of the accounts beginning June 1, 20 17 for a period of less than 12 months and to monitor the account balances and terminate the surcharges when the balances have been collected. At that time, SJWC will inform the Commission by filing a Tier 1 Advice letter to revise the tariffsheets and to remove the surcharges. The cuslomers ofSJWC filed prolesls during lhe prolesl period ending May 22,2017. The protests indicated thc relief requested in the advice letter is unjust, unreasonable, or discriminatory. However, the Commission resolutions approved the surcharges for lost revenue during the declared drought emergency in 2014 and 20 15. Water Division reviewed the relevant calculations and work papers and detennined the uncollected balances occurred due to rcduced water usage and SJWC should be allowed to re-instate the surcharges to recover the uncollected balances. As a result of the surcharges, the monthly bill for a residential customer with a S/8-inch meter using 15 Ccfper month will increase by $3.36, or 3.3%.
  2. 2. SJWC Advice Letter No. 508-B Page 2 of2 The SJWC's AL 508-B designated as Tier 2 will be elTective as requested on .Iune 1, 2017. Ifyou have any questions, please contact Tayeb K. Mogri in Water Division at (415) 703-2146 or ce DeBerry ogram Manager Water Division