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Councilmember Rishi Kumar's March2015 Newsletter


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March 2015 Newsletter of Councilmember Rishi Kumar

Rishi Kumar, Saratoga City Council
Direct all city/council related emails to
Connect with Rishi —> ||
PHONE 408 805 5993 || || Twitter rishikumar1
Office hours: 1st Saturday every month, Bell Tower Bistro (10AM to 11AM)
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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Councilmember Rishi Kumar's March2015 Newsletter

  1. 1. M a r c h 2 0 1 5 n e w s l e t t e r Dear friends, This past month has been a productive month on our council. Our council distributed almost $34K amongst 15 Saratoga community events that are on the cards for the next fiscal year. We also amended Chapter 11 of the city code as it pertains to smoking to include electronic smoking devices and flavored tobacco. What is coming up soon on the council agenda is a tobacco retailer licensing ordinance. I attended a WELL water conference in Palm Springs, also attended the Santa Clara County Expressway 20140 orientation this past month. You can find the city council complete agenda and videos/subscription information via links on my website . Do you have a boy scout or girl scout in the family/friends circle seeking a project? Please reach out. Also, I am helping our scouts finish a key requirement for the fulfillment of "Citizenship in the Community" merit badge. Please reach out to schedule a discussion. Join my monthly office hour slot in April - on April 4th - if you are interested in learning how to start a Neighborhood Safety Watch for your neighborhood. I will be presenting what it takes to get a Safety Watch program established in your neighborhood – details below in the newsletter. This Saturday April 4th is also the 5th Annual Egg Hunt. Did you know there are a few new stores in downtown: WHIMSY TUTU and GLUTEN FREE GOURMET. April 4th is the grand opening, hope to see you join us. I was delighted to be part of many Saratoga community events in March – some pictures are included in this newsletter. How can I help? Email is the best way to reach me at, Sincerely Rishi Kumar Blossom Festival at Warren Hutton House WWW.RISHIKUMAR.COM || WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/VOTERISHI || RKUMAR@SARATOGA.CA.US
  2. 2. Lorem Ipsum C i t y h a p p e n i n g s CRIME PREVENTION 3 Dates TO REMEMBER BLOSSOm festival! New Clothing store Community Grants SUNDAY CLASSES A note from Saratoga’s Emergency Services Coordinator Jim Yoke about the recent 2.9 Saratoga earthquake reminds us to always prepare for disaster. For more information, checkout details at Here are some relevant docs provided by Jim /family-disaster-supplies-kit-english /family-disaster-plan-english /earthquake-english The Blossom Festival, a vivacious celebration of springtime happened on Saturday March 21. Some of the fun activities that took place include food trucks, a car show, and poetry. The Blossom Festival this year was in the Saratoga Heritage Orchard and Warren Hutton House, and was reminiscent of the original Festival that occurred over one hundred years ago. The Saratoga Clothing Company is officially open in the Village. Come in and welcome Denise and Eric Imms whose new store is in the Wells Fargo parking lot area. Please stop in and say "hello". On March 18th, the Saratoga City Council approved 15 community grants including funding for the annual Blossom festival, the Chinese Mid- Autumn festival, the Holiday Wine Stroll, Saratoga Bollywood and other exciting upcoming events. Search for “Saratoga Community Grants” for details and if you have an event, you should apply next year Sunday afternoon weekly classes - there is no charge to attend these classes. @3pm - Bhagvad Gita @3pm - Therapeutic Yoga Session - focus on April is allergies @4pm - Bollywood Fitness @4pm Meditation class @5pm - Yoga @5pm Hindi class for kids NOTE: Classes are always free, open to ALL and conducted at the Saratoga Community Center. Subscribe here WATER CONSERVATION Water use restrictions currently in place from Saratoga’s water retailer, San Jose Water Company: · Use of water for outside plants, lawn, landscape, and turf areas every other day, with even numbered addresses watering on even numbered days of the month and odd numbered addresses watering on the odd numbered days of the month. Water conservation rebates for residents and businesses at ams/rebates.aspx 5th Annual EGG HUNT Earthquake Music with live DJ, Face painting and Balloon twisting, Tattoes, Limbo – how low can you. Where? Wildwood Park When? Saturday April 4th @ 10AM Let the egg hunt begin! - How to setup a neighborhood Safety Watch – Saratoga city office, Administrative Conference room on April 4th @10AM - Crime Prevention Forum, at Saratoga Senior Center, Saunders Room on May 19th 6pm to 9pm - Saratoga Neighborhood Associations meeting at the Senior Center | Saunders Room June 3rd 5:30 p.m. Captain Rick Sung will join Planning commissioner Appointments On March 18th,our Saratoga City Council appointed Sunil Ahuja and Joyce Hlava to terms on the Planning Commission that begin April 1, 2015 and end March 31, WWW.RISHIKUMAR.COM || WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/VOTERISHI || RKUMAR@SARATOGA.CA.US
  3. 3. 3 C i t y c o u n c i l U p d a t e s WWW.RISHIKUMAR.COM || WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/VOTERISHI || RKUMAR@SARATOGA.CA.US Chapter 11 of the city code Updated Early Warning system Paid unfunded liability U p c o m i n g How to form a Neighborhood watch (april 4th) Saratoga quarry park tour (april 11th ) Creek Clean up (may At the March 4, 2015 City Council Meeting, the Council introduced the ordinance amending Chapter 11 of the City Code. This was adopted on March 18th, effectively amending Chapter 11 to define electronic smoking devices and their use is prohibited in City parks, recreational areas, and parking lots. The Saratoga city staff has been working closely with the Saratoga Fire District on proposed amendments to their local ordinance and amendments to the City Code, which would provide more choices to homeowners on monitoring systems. The Fire District Board is scheduled to update their ordinance hopefully by April. The city of Saratoga voted unanimously to authorize a $3.3 million payment toward its unfunded accrued liability. According to Saratoga Mayor Howard Miller, this payment represents the largest onetime payment in the city’s history. Did you read the coverage of this news in Saratoga News and the Mercury News online site, under Saratoga? A Neighborhood Safety Watch meeting will be held on April 4th at 10 AM. The event will take place in the Saratoga City Office Administrative Room – step by step instructions on how to form a neighborhood safety watch. Join the Saratoga Safety Forum at oga A tour of Saratoga’s latest park– Saratoga Quarry Park will take place. Previous fun tours of the park included different routes along trails around this area. Come out and join in for some nice outdoor activity. 21330 Big Basin Way, Saturday April 11th @ 10AM May 9th between 10AM to Noon is confirmed for the creek cleanup. Our city staff is working on the exact location for this effort with the non-profit group CLEAN WATER PROGRAM. We have collaborated with Clean Water in the past and it works well, as they zone upon an area, provide gloves, picker-uppers, trash bags etc. We will likely have a few Boy and Girl scout troops participate. Here is the sign-up form
  4. 4. Lorem Ipsum Audition for saratoga’s got Stride for Susie (may 24th ) Next saratoga CERt academy V o l u n t e e r o p p o r t u n i t i e s a n d a n n o u n c e m e n t s Youth commission deadline may 13th Volunteering opportunities Saratoga GROUPS Saratoga’s 4th Annual Saratoga’s Talent Show Annual Competition is scheduled for August 22nd at Saratoga’s Joan Pisani Community Center. To be part of the contestant lineup submit your audition videos here ogatalent by midnight May 15, 2015; there is no charge for the audition. All submissions will be sorted and finalized/ invitations to participate sent out by May 31st 2015. Join us on Sunday, May 24th, 2015 at Saratoga High School in Saratoga, CA for Susie's 5th Anniversary Event: Stride for Susie 5K. Together we will raise awareness and critical funds for patient services and clinical research projects. Share a powerful fun day with family, friends and others who are walking to cure lung cancer. The day is filled with activities for everyone, music, entertainment. Register at The recent earthquake should inspire Saratogans to sign up for the upcoming CERT academy which starts April 21st , and it will be held at the Joan Pisani Community Center. Any comments or concerns should be addressed to Services Coordinator Jim Yoke. Register via email at The deadline for applying to the Saratoga Youth Commission is approaching, at May 13th . The Youth Commission application and specifics can be found on the Saratoga City website, and the group meets monthly on the second Tuesday of every month, 7:00 p.m. at the Warner Hutton April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month. There are so many volunteer opportunities with the City of Saratoga, such as helping our Parks Division spread mulch at the Beauchamps Park for aesthetics and weed suppression. Other opportunities include students volunteering for the Youth Engagement volunteering project, or West Valley College students working on the Geographic Information System project. If you have any projects that a volunteer would be able to help out with, please email A discussion group for Saratoga Residents - Email group: Email group for Saratoga Union School District Email group for Saratoga’s High School District Saratoga Chamber of Commerce events amber Saratoga’s Open Mic / Entertainment events Email group: Email group for Saratoga Businesses ratoga Saratoga Saratoga GROUPS Saratoga’s Bollywood Workout/Yoga Email Bollywood Email group: aratogabollywood
  7. 7. (Missing Picture) Boy Scouts “CITIZEN IN THE COMMUNITY” Merit badge Discussion at Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Allendale Avenue WWW.RISHIKUMAR.COM || WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/VOTERISHI || RKUMAR@SARATOGA.CA.US Tournament of Roses President Mr. Mike Matthiessen visit to Saratoga High. Saratoga High School will be participating at the 127th Rose Parade in Pasadena on Friday, January 1, 2016. BASEBALL OPENING DAY AT CONGRESS SPRING PARK SUBSCRIBE TO COUNCILMEMBER KUMAR’S CITY COUNCIL VIDEO UPDATES POSTED AT