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Councilmember Rishi Kumar's August 2015 newsletter


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Rishi Kumar
City Councilmember, Saratoga
My monthly City Council update
Intern with Councilmember Kumar
Direct all city/council related emails to rkumar<at>
Connect with Rishi —> ||
PHONE 408 805 5993 || || @rishikumar1
Office hours: 1st Saturday every month, Bell Tower Bistro (10AM to 11AM)
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Councilmember Rishi Kumar's August 2015 newsletter

  1. 1. A u g u s t 2 0 1 5 N E W S L E T T E R WWW.RISHIKUMAR.COM || WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/VOTERISHI || RKUMAR<at>SARATOGA.CA.US Cell phone towers: Saratoga’s Issue Dear Friends, Being a hi-tech executive, I understand very well how technology improves life. I am always applying my learning in high-tech to city governance. New cell phone towers may be necessary address the capacity needs that more and more electronic devices are demanding. But it is important to establish a framework of how we make changes in Saratoga - needs to be well thought out, something we did very well historically and established the special Saratoga brand. We have established policies of how we incorporate technology in our lives. For example - we have a law that prohibits texting while driving. So establishing frameworks is important. Thus, I truly believe that Saratoga’s WIRELESS COMMUNICATION TOWERS AND ANTENNAS ordinance needs to be updated. We should consider adding setbacks and other parameters consistent with the aesthetics and quality of life expected by Saratoga residents. Cell phone ordinances in Cupertino and San Jose are more stringent. I have brought this up twice on the council meeting, and will continue to do so. Working in piece meal manner creates a hodgepodge inconsistencies and uncertainly. We need to make sure that our neighbors are heard and I will continue to do that so that overall policy that benefits Saratogans is achieved. Yes I voted AGAINST the 3 cell phone towers on Prospect at the city council meeting last Wednesday August 19th after careful deliberation - the only dissenting vote. But, like with every project that comes up on the city council, I research the issues, read about them and then show up at the council meeting with an OPEN MIND to make the choice that works best for Saratoga and our citizens. So with future cell phone tower discussions, I will continue to have an open mind that works best for our citizens - after all I was trusted by them to represent them on the council. I would love to hear from you - please do provide your feedback to what you think about this issue Thanks, Rishi At the 4th annual Saratoga has Talent
  2. 2. Lorem Ipsum WWW.RISHIKUMAR.COM || WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/VOTERISHI || RKUMAR<at>SARATOGA.CA.US On August 22nd Saratoga put on its 4th annual talent competition as a fundraiser to raise money for the Saratoga Senior Center. Many contestants from all ages took part in a fun competition in the Joan Pisani Community Center in front of a panel of honored judges and an entertained audience. Food and drinks were on sale as well, and over 250 people attended. The competition was split into a younger division and adult section. Our judges panel included: Senator Jim Beall, Assembly members Evan Low Assembly member Kansen Chu Former Mayor Jill Hunter, Principle Paul Robinson, Retd Music Director Mrs Vicky Wyant Music Director Mr Jow Music Director Mr Pwu, and Mandeep Singh. Thanks to all those who volunteered and made the event a success! Healthy cities grant for water filling stations The City of Saratoga received $10,000 from Santa Clara County’s Healthy Cities for the Partnerships to Improve Community Health Award. The Award is to install 2 water filling stations in city locations that have heavy pedestrian, bicyclists, and equestrian traffic. City staff will be installing one water filling station at Joe’s Trail and one at Blaney Plaza. The funding will be in effect in October 2015. 4th annual Saratoga has talent!! A U G U S T H A P P E N I N G S Last week, deputies were dispatched to 20000 block, Thelma Avenue on a report of a possibly interrupted residential burglary. The reporting party(R/P), a next door neighbor, saw a black male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt go into the back of the residence at 2000 BLOCK Thelma. As the R/P was on the phone with the victim, the resident at the above location, she saw two black male suspects come out of the house with a bag. The victim also pulled up to his residence as the original R/P was taking photos of the male suspects and the getaway vehicle, a white Dodge, which was parked in front of the victim’s residence. The male suspects dropped the bag and fled on foot while the getaway vehicle sped off. Units arrived on scene shortly, set up a perimeter and began searching for the suspects. The female suspect, who drove the getaway, …continued above Perimeter setup in Saratoga- thieves caught voluntarily showed up where we had the first suspect detained and began to lie about the fact that she had nothing to do with the burglary and she didn’t know who the suspect was. She ended up confessing to the whole thing. At another location in San Jose, we located the vehicle belonging to the third suspect, who is wanted by multiple agencies. It’s a matter of time until the third suspect is caught. Thanks to our resident’s vigilance and reaction!
  3. 3. 3 WWW.RISHIKUMAR.COM || WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/VOTERISHI || RKUMAR<at>SARATOGA.CA.US Saratoga annual youth tech day Brews and blues festival Opera in the park- downtown wildwood park On Saturday September 12th The young students of our community are invited for a fun, interactive learning experience about Software and Technology at the first annual Silicon Valley Tech Day tech. This event is free and open to *all*. Panel discussions, demos, interactive learning, hackathons and much more. We want to provide an opportunity for every student of our community to learn software and coding. WHERE: Saratoga's Joan Pisani Community Center 19655 Allendale Ave, Saratoga, CA 95070. WHEN: September 12th, 1:30pm to 6pm Sign-up at U p c o m i n g e v e n T S The second annual Brews and Blues Festival will take place on Saturday, September 5, from 3 to 7 p.m. at Wildwood Park, 20764 Fourth Street. The event will feature craft beers, local wines, tasty barbecue, and exciting music by Shakedancer Blues Revue. According to Saratoga Chamber of Commerce Coordinator Pat Martell, “This festival offers so many different things—craft beers, incredible barbecue, and exciting live rock and blues musicians playing non- stop—all in a beautiful park.” Bay Shore Lyric Opera will present a free performance of Mozart's masterpiece opera DON GIOVANNI on September 12th in downtown Saratoga's Wildwood Park. Show begins at 4pm sharp and ends at 6pm. Professional opera singers, Don Hoffman, Jennifer Der Torossian-Studley, Eric Coyne, Norman Espinoza, and more perform Mozart's exciting opera under the baton of the prestigeous Maestro Eric Kujawsky and world-renowned pianist, Tamami Honma. Documentary screening September 20th Noon to 3pm COWSPIRACY: The Sutainability Secret, OM SURYAYANAMAHA. RSVP here: ning. Hosted by: Saratoga Hindu Temple & Community Center with Santa Clara County Activists for Animals. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is a groundbreaking feature-length environmental documentary following intrepid filmmaker Kip Andersen as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today. This shocking yet humorous documentary reveals the absolutely devastating environmental impact this industry has on our planet. Saratoga’s bollywood night Bollywood Night in Saratoga this Friday, September 4th at Blue Rock Shoot. Please RSVP here: ood. Facebook events page s/1652360598326182/. We are a kids/ family friendly Bollywood based talent show, where anything and everything goes. We love songs, dances, stand-up comedy, musical performances etc. from all parts of the world. This is a relaxed cozy setting, to inter-mingle and make some new friends- There is no get in free, getting out maybe a challenge. :) When? – Usually the 1st Friday of the month (check our facebook) Where? – Blue Rock Shoot (14523 Big Basin Way, Silicon Valley, CA)
  4. 4. Lorem Ipsum A u g u s t G L I M P S E S On the Fremont parade float: india’s independence day C i t y c o u n c i l u p d a t e No parking approval We conducted the 5th meeting in the Hakone Project series at Joan Pisani Community Center, as the Hakone architect team discussed their future plans. More updates and meetings to follow. Are you plugged in? Hakone garden project A Saratoga neighborhood got NO PARKING restriction enforced on a desired street in a matter of week. They approached me barely a few weeks ago, I directed them to Public Works, they worked with the Traffic and Safety Commission and presto, their NO PARKING request is a reality...matter of weeks. Yes, it is easy to work with the city of Saratoga, reach out to me if you need help How can you get your free drought gear? We have most pieces of the drought gear available for Saratoga distribution. The only parts that we still do not have are the buckets. Our city will be announcing a date soon to alert the population of when they arrive. The location will also be announced with the date.
  5. 5. 5 WWW.RISHIKUMAR.COM || WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/VOTERISHI || RKUMAR@SARATOGA.CA.US Attending the 4th annual flag ceremony for Indian independence day Chatting with congressman Honda about Highway 85 at the 280/i/880 ribbon cutting
  6. 6. WWW.RISHIKUMAR.COM || WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/VOTERISHI || RKUMAR<at>SARATOGA.CA.US Speaking at the FOG: Political education discussion Our 13+ judges at Saratoga has Talent 2015 L to R Principal Paul Robinson, Assembly member Evan Low, Senator Jim Beall, Assembly member Kansen Chu, missing in the pic Mrs Vickie Wyant Saratoga has Talent - the 4th year of some scintillating talents is behind us now. It is a lot of work to make this happen, but watching these high energy, talented contestant is very rewarding - and then our Seniors thanking us from the bottom of their heart with the fundraiser contribution - priceless. We have a new model - letting the youth of our community drive the sponsorship and community engagement - creating opportunities of learning and empowerment. This is the model that we will continue to harness for this talent show every year and make it a win-win for our youth ...and the Seniors. Organizing the 4th annual neighborhood block party
  7. 7. AND THE WINNERS ARE…. WINNERS 5-12 competition: 1st place: Venice Lauren Barbiran, 2nd place: Prerana Archaryya, 3rd place: Kayko Lee, 4th place: Isha Sarkar. WINNERS: 13+ 1st place: Ken Cioffi, 2nd place: Nevin Richards, 3rd place: Isha Mangal, 4th place: Qi Ming Ng At the Pranic Healing gathering - hosting Master Co in Saratoga With the Indian Ambassador to the US - Arun Kumar Singh
  8. 8. THE PM MODI VISIT ORGANIZING TEAM West Valley community service Back to school shopping for local kids
  9. 9. At the Vietnamese thank you America event At the Pakistani Independence Day celebration with President Dave Cortese, County Supervisor Saratoga Gateway Celebration and Zoe Alameda’s cake cutting
  10. 10. At a Friday Drought Tour - organized by Santa Clara Valley Water District Attending a mere kala event in palo alto
  11. 11. Playing volleyball in the sandpit of El Quito park Entertaining the Seniors of Priya Living