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2016 Q2 Newsletter Saratoga Councilmember Rishi Kumar


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2016 Q2 Newsletter Saratoga Councilmember Rishi Kumar
Dear friends,

Hope you had a wonderful July 4th weekend.

Our city celebration today was an incredible community event with hundreds participating. I was delighted to be part of the celebration, a good day for Saratoga!

Today is definitely the day to value, appreciate and cherish our freedom and be thankful to all who made it happen; for all the opportunities, and rights this country provides us - that many, in many parts of the world do not have the liberty for. May our flag always flutter high - bringing enlightenment and learning for the rest of the world, always leading and showing the path.

Please click on this link to get the latest update from my role on the Saratoga city council (or find it here The current on-going issues in Saratoga are covered, and may have relevant and important information for you. Topics such as:

Odor in Saratoga’s drinking water.
Increase in Saratoga break-ins.
"Eat-In-Saratoga" for Saratoga High students (begins Fall)
The latest drought mandate
High Speed charging station at the library
Saratoga’s Annual Car Show on July 17th
Saratoga celebrates 60 years on September 17th
And more...

This summer, I am meeting many neighborhoods towards having a dialogue on neighborhood safety and launching Neighborhood Safety Watch programs. Happy to help organize one for your neighborhood too.

As always please reach out if you need to chat, or if I can help with anything.

Rishi Kumar
City Councilmember, Saratoga
Join my community activities
Director - CA League of Cities API Caucus
Board Member - NLC Asian Pacific American Municipal Officials
National League of Cities Energy Environment and Natural Resources Steering Committee
League of CA Cities Employee Relations Policy Committee
League of CA Cities Administrative Services Committee
My monthly City Council update
Intern with Councilmember Kumar
Direct all city/council related emails to
Connect with Rishi —> ||
PHONE 408 805 5993 || || @rishikumar1
Coffee with Councilmember Kumar: 1st Saturday every month
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2016 Q2 Newsletter Saratoga Councilmember Rishi Kumar

  1. 1. Q 2 2 0 1 6 N E W S L E T T E R WWW.RISHIKUMAR.COM || WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/VOTERISHI || RKUMAR<at>SARATOGA.CA.US Dear Friends, Hope you had a wonderful July 4th weekend. Our city celebration today was an incredible community event with hundreds participating. Today is definitely the day to value, appreciate and cherish our freedom and be thankful for all the opportunities, and rights this country provides us - that many, in many parts of the world do not have the liberty for. May our flag always flutter high - bringing enlightenment and learning for the rest of the world, always leading and showing the path. Legend goes that just after the drafting of the constitution, Benjamin Franklin was approached by a woman who asked, “What manner of government have you bequeathed us?” He answered, “A Republic, madam, if you can keep it.” What Benjamin meant by that was, a functioning Democracy as defined in our constitution needs involvement from all of us. Do we live in a society where only the elite can participate in the government process? We elect citizens to serve at every level - school board, water board, city council. If we volunteer and participate, we will find an ability to make a difference that will be very energizing. Holding public office is neither easy not glamorous - but serving is critical to the functioning of democracy. as local elected officials make significant decisions while volunteering in their elected capacity and holding a full time job at times. That is how the system is meant to work. It behooves each of us to not play sideline basketball, or "wait for others", but immerse ourself - our local community needs each of us. Our city recently ran a survey to get feedback about our Village, our Parks. We got a couple thousand responses for the Village survey and a couple hundred on the Parks. We definitely have engaged citizens, but there is always more that each of us can do. Feedback, input, ideas is something I certainly welcome and look forward to on the council. Please take the survey at Citizen feedback is an essential component of decision making on the council. That is the reason why, I have embarked on a mission to meet as many neighborhood groups as possible this summer. Many meetings have been scheduled in July and August. Are you interested to address an issue or challenge that your neighborhood faces? I am happy to meet. Please call me at 408 805 5993 or email rkumar<at> Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve and to continue doing important and satisfying work in Saratoga's interest. It is truly an honor to serve Saratoga, the city that I love. Sincerely, Rishi Kumar NEWSLETTER EDITOR: YOUTH INTERN SHAUNAK VAIDYA
  2. 2. 2 WWW.RISHIKUMAR.COM || WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/VOTERISHI || RKUMAR<at>SARATOGA.CA.US C i t y C O U N C I L u p d a t e On May 3, the city council approved a Saratoga pavement construction/repaving project. The following streets are currently on the project plan ideally completed by August: Arden Court, Ardmore Court, Ashton Court, Brook Lane, Brookhaven Drive, Brooknoll Court, Brookridge Drive, Brookview Drive, Deer Park Court, Donna Lane, Douglass Lane, Jacaanda Court, La Vista Court, Lanark Lane, Larchmont Ave, Lynde Avenue, Needham Lane, Palmero Court, Palmtag Drive, Reid Court, Scully Avenue, Sobey Meadows Court, Ted Court, Via Cresente Court, Via Ranchero Drive, Via Ranchero Court, Woodside Court. Those living on these streets should find appropriate noticing by city staff prior to project start near your home. If your street is NOT on this schedule, Google "City of Saratoga Pavement Management" and you should find a city of Saratoga web page that describes our pavement management program and click on "PCI List of Streets in Alphabetical Order" to find your street. City road repavement COUNCILMEMBER RISHI KUMAR NEWSLETTER Q2 2016 Page 2 of 16 LAUNCHING NEIGBORHOOD NEIGHBORHOOD SAFETY WATCH One of Councilmember Kumar’s priorities on the city council is to address the neighborhood break- ins that have seemingly spiked in 2016. There are many efforts on- going, one of which is to launch many new Neighborhood Safety Watch programs. Having one in your neighborhood definitely enhances the safety of your home and your neighborhood. You can sign-up here to launch one: Saratogans have reported a petroleum odor in their water. We had San Jose Water Company SJWC and Santa Clara Valley Water District researching this issue. Here are the conclusions: It appears that an algal bloom is the cause of the petroleum smell in the water. SJWC expects the odor to go away; they have taken steps to switch to a different source of water. Please be assured that the water continues to meet drinking water regulations and remains safe for all uses. If you continue to notice the odor in your water, please do the following: **Sign the Petition. See details below **Call SJWC’s Customer Service department at (408) 279-7900 and request a quality check of your water Here is a petition that has been created by a Saratoga resident Sreenatha Timmareddy er Councilmember Kumar, as the council representative into the SCVWD, continues to work with SJWC and SCVWD Board Member Nai Hsueh, a Saratoga resident Petroleum odor in water SPIKE IN SARATOGA BURLARIES s Neighbors You should checkout the RESIDENTIAL BURGLARIES from the PATROL ACTIVITY SUMMARY published in Saratoga News Are we seeing a summer-break burglary spike? 'Tis is the time to be alert, specially if you are leaving on vacation NOTE: There were 3 arrests made of suspects with burglary tools - you will see the report below Here are some safety tips m/safety-tips.html
  3. 3. 3 WWW.RISHIKUMAR.COM || WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/VOTERISHI || RKUMAR<at>SARATOGA.CA.US C i t y C O U N C I L u p d a t e Councilmember Kumar is launching a pilot program to offer Saratoga restaurant food on Saratoga High campus during Saratoga High School’s lunch period. It is called, “ Saratoga Treats for Saratoga Students”, which will create additional lunchtime options for Saratoga High students starting Fall 2016. This is part of his initiative to help create a culture of supporting Saratoga businesses, a program called “Eat in Saratoga”. If you own a restaurant in Saratoga and are interested in offering your food for sale at Saratoga High School, please sign-up here gaTreats Read the Saratoga News article aratoga This program will be conducted and managed by Team Saratoga High School Food Service “EAT IN SARATOGA” FOR SARATOGA HIGH STUDENTS QUARRY PARK AWARD FOR SARATOGA In April the Saratoga Quarry Park Master Plan received Outstanding Planning Document Award from the Association of Environment Professionals. Quarry Park opened last October, 64 acres, wonderful hiking trails and picnic areas. Thanks to our Saratoga Public Works Department staff led by Public Works Director John Cherbone who worked on the master plan. As you may know, the State Water Resources Control Board and Santa Clara Valley Water District recently established new water conservation restrictions and target effective July 1, 2016. SJWC has updated our water conservation program to reflect these modifications and they include a reduction of the conservation target from 30% to 20%, as requested by the Santa Clara Valley Water District, and minor changes to the conservation rules. Watering days have been increased from two (2) to three (3) days per week and restrictions on the filling/refilling of pools and washing your car at home have also been removed. Customers will be informed via a special mailing that will arrive next week and includes the updated rules and answers to frequently asked questions. This and other comprehensive drought information is available on our website at (click on the drought banner) Please continue to conserve! The surcharge remains in place THE DROUGHT MANDATE - ChANGES High Speed charing at the Library was a project initiated by Councilmember Howard Miller and Councilmember Rishi Kumar. Our city staff is procuring grants for this project.The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) notified Saratoga that they have recommended a proposed grant award of $35,000 to the City of Saratoga for a dual- connector Fast Charge EV station at the Saratoga Library. This is the initial step. The California Energy Commission will consider the request and the City will be notified of the final approval in July. Proposed funding agreement will be sent to awardees for signature by August 31. The project may beging September; Charge Fast! EV Stations should be up and running in the fall. HIGH SPEED CHARGING AT SARATOGA LIBRARY COUNCILMEMBER RISHI KUMAR NEWSLETTER Q2 2016 Page 3 of 16
  4. 4. 4 The West Valley cities of Saratoga, Campbell, Los Gatos, Cupertino and Monte Sereno unanimously sent their statement of opposition for Governor Brown’s By Right Housing Proposal. The proposal would have pre- empted local discretionary land use approvals and taken local control away, removed environmental review and restricted design review. This By Right Housing Proposal was not approved. C i t y C O U N C I L u p d a t e COUNCILMEMBER RISHI KUMAR NEWSLETTER Q2 2016 Page 4 of 16 GOVERNOR’S AFFORDABLE HOUSING BY-RIGHT PROPOSAL Foster Care In santa clara Did you know that there are more than 1,300 children in foster care in Santa Clara County? The Saratoga City Council took the opportunity at its May 18th meeting to thank foster parents for their efforts by proclaiming May 2016 as Foster Care Appreciation Month in the City of Saratoga. Foster parents are the front-line caregivers for children who cannot safely remain with their biological parents. They also provide physical care, emotional support, and education advocacy; and are the largest source of families providing homes for children leaving foster care to adoption. Hakone Garden Master plans The City of Saratoga completed an Initial Study analyzing the potential environmental impacts of the Hakone Estate and Gardens Master Plan and accepted public comments on thed study untill April 20th . The study addresses aesthetics, biological resources, water quality, noise, geotechnical hazards, and traffic and short term construction effects. Recently, plans were made to enhance the structures and facilities at Saratoga’s historic Japanese Gardens. The plans were officially and unanimously approved by the Saratoga City Council. Details at VILLAGE MASTER PLAN Joint HPC/PC met to review Saratoga Village Plan Outreach. City staff presented an overview of results of the Saratoga Village Plan. Copies of the survey results and outreach efforts can be found on the project website The Planning Commission and the HPC are currently working on the needed updates. Stay tuned! COFFEE MEETING WITH COUNCILMEMBER KUMAR - ALWAYS ON THE FIRST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH CHECK FACEBOOK.COM/VOTERISHI FOR TIME AND LOCATION
  5. 5. 5 C i t y C O U N C I L u p d a t e COUNCILMEMBER RISHI KUMAR NEWSLETTER Q2 2016 Page 5 of 16 SISTER CITY PROGRAMNEIGHBORHOOD SAFETY: HIGH ON COUNCILMEMBER KUMAR’S AGENDA Many of you may know that Saratoga has a sister city program with Muko Japan Read about it here bout-organization. It has been a very successful relationship thanks to dedicated volunteers who established the program and helped ensure it was alive and thriving over the years, and more so today. Today, Saratoga has a population that has many Chinese Americans, Taiwanese Americans and Indian Americans Perhaps we can initiate a new Sister City program? Are you interested in leading a Sister City program with a city in India? Perhaps, you know folks who would be interested to leading a Sister City program with China? with Taiwan? I would love to speak with you - happy to share details FAQ at http://www.sister- Please reach out. Yes, this is the time to be vigilant, watch out on your neighbors Yes, this is the time to plant deterrents around your own home VISIT for the latest info There are break-ins happening in Saratoga this summer – the adverse impacts of Proposition 47 +other factors have increased crime in every part of Bay Area. Please be careful!! In terms of residential burglary in 2015, we had a total of 123 compared with 98 in 2014. As of May of this year, we had 58. A citizen analysis indicates a break-in every 2 days this year. Here are some recommendations: - Join the Safe Saratoga forum - Subscribe to crime reports - Take simple precautions, some excellent tips here You will find interesting info e.g upgrading your doorbell to a type of surveillance camera/door bell that sends a video of anyone who comes in the vicinity of the front door into the cloud. WE ARE DOING OUR BEST to address these challenges in our city. - Councilmember Kumar has proactively proposed to city staff to consolidate a single crime safety information web page. It is complete and available here - On the council, he has proposed enhancing the policy as it relates to Saratoga’s 29 Landscape and Lighting District to include surveillance cameras. Councilmember Kumar would love to see many more surveillance cameras in Saratoga homes. - How about a parking sticker to identify Saratoga cars and vehicles and handing out parking stickers with expiry for service folks? - Councilmember Kumar had a neighborhood meeting at Blue Meadow court last week, and the neighborhood is interested in using their L&L district dollars for surveillance cameras and neighborhood monitoring. - Working with our city manager and Captain Rick Sung – Councilmember Kumar has added another Safety event hosted by our Sheriff, to allow an opportunity for citizens to ask questions, and be informed – held Feb. 2016. This is the 3rd annual Safety event that the city hosts. Proposed a monthly citizen-sheriff “Coffee with Cop” series. - The first Crime Safety Forum was launched September 2014 upon his request, after a string of Saratoga break-ins - it is now an annual meeting between the Sheriff and our neighbors. - Councilmember Kumar is also meeting with neighbors and launching "Neighborhood Safety Watch programs”. What exactly is this program? Details This program helps connects the neighbors of your neighborhood and ensures that you are collectively keeping an eye on each other. Many neighborhood safety watch groups lead into an annual block party to bring the neighborhood together and helps build bridges over time. Submit your info at if you like to launch one.
  6. 6. 6 WWW.RISHIKUMAR.COM || WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/VOTERISHI || RKUMAR<at>SARATOGA.CA.US COUNCILMEMBER RISHI KUMAR NEWSLETTER Q2 2016 Page 6 of 16 WATER conservation seminar As the council representation for the Santa Clara County Valley Water District, Councilmember Kumar keeps a close eye on what we can bring to Saratoga that leverages offerings of SCVWD like the drought gear distribution we conducted in Saratoga a few months ago. Collaborating with SCVWD staff and Saratoga’s city staff, a seminar was held on Saturday, May 21 from 3-5 p.m. at the Prospect Center: Innovative approaches to residential water conservation. Video can be seen at ve2 Saratoga High School student Shivaum Kumar's Silicon Valley Coders club team had a very successful 2nd annual SILICON VALLEY TECH DAY. Panelists and speakers included: Dave Holt, CEO/Startup Advisor Dipti Vachani, VP/GM Intel Sudhakar Ramakrishna, CEO Pulse Secure Kelly Ahuja, SVP Cisco Systems Rani Hublou, Chief Product Officer, Comprehend Systems Patty Hatter, GM, Intel Security Nandini Ramani, VP Engineering Twitter Shobana Radhakrishnan, Director of Engineering Roku Kamala Subramaniam, Cloud Technologist Jim Beall, Senator District 15 Kansen Chu, Assemblymember Rose Herrera, Vice Mayor, San Jose Magdalena Carrasco, Councilmember San Jose Ash Kalra, Councilmember San Jose Kuldip Thusu, Councilmember Dinuba As part of the Pitch Fest, Team Colorprints that demonstrated a successful Henna printer prototype, won the top prize/ $1,000 seed money. 150 students in Saratoga, San Jose and Livermore got the art of start-up via this program’s Spring semester, many new products developed Silicon valley tech day C i t y N E W S A N D u p d a t e Happy 100th birthday Olivia. Former Saratoga resident, Hollywood star, Two time Oscar winner, Olivia de Havilland turns 100. In fact, a Saratoga street is named after her. Olivia's career is remembered for two things — her films with Errol Flynn, with whom she co-starred nine times, and her role as Melanie Wilkes in “Gone With the Wind.” She is one of only 13 women to have won multiple Oscars for acting. She celebrates in Paris, her home since 1953. OLIVIA CELEBRATES HER 100th BIRTHDAY 19th SAFEST CITY Saratoga came in 19th on Alarm System Reviews' recently published 2016 list of the 30 safest places to live in California. The study factored in violent crime rates, property crime rates and an emergency preparedness rating. The complete list can be found at Back in 2013, Saratoga was the safest city in California. In 2015, Saratoga was the 5th Safest City 50-safest-cities-california/ NOTE: These rating systems may not have the same exact criteria Yes, we can do better with our neighborhood safety!
  7. 7. 7 Note from sheriff’s office The Sheriff’s Office is grateful to the public for providing critical information that resulted in the identification and arrest of a suspect in the recent hit-and-run incident in Saratoga where two dogs were tragically killed and their owner injured. Exterior surveillance footage from three homeowners’ residential security systems was a key piece of evidence. This incident illustrates the value of a good home security system that includes the use of outside cameras, and the crucial information they can provide on what is happening just outside your door, sometimes in unexpected ways. C i t y N E W S A N D u p d a t e In November 2016, Saratoga voters will be asked to elect two members to the City Council. The nomination period for the November election begins Monday, July 18, and closes Friday, August 12. During this time, eligible candidates may obtain nomination papers from the City Clerk during regular business hours. If candidates decide to withdraw their nomination papers, they have until the end of the nomination period to do so. Prior to the start of the nomination period, prospective candidates may form a campaign committee and raise funds. To do so, candidates must file certain forms with the Secretary of State and City Clerk, as well as disclose campaign contributions and expenditures. For more information about the upcoming November 2016 election, visit City council nomination period The annual Saratoga Independence Day Celebration was held on Monday, July 4, from 9:30 to 11 a.m. at Kevin Moran Park, located at 12415 Scully Avenue. The event featured patriotic music from the McCartysville Volunteer Band and a youth chorus, presenting of the flag, a family parade, and free popsicles and flags for children. Details Sarah Akuno was thanked for leading this community run effort for 7 fabulous years. Christina Garrod Cagliostro takes over from Sarah and will be running the July 4th celebration event next year Annual Independence Day celebration Asian American Heritage month The City of Saratoga invited a member of the Asian American community from Saratoga to our city council meeting to receive a special proclamation this past May. It is an appropriate recognition of a few historical milestones in America's cherished history and the Asian American contribution. COUNCILMEMBER RISHI KUMAR NEWSLETTER Q2 2016 Page 7 of 16 COMMUNITY CHOICE ENERGY STATUS Saratoga’s roadmap with Community Choice energy is progressing. We are still hoping that we will “Go Live’ in Q1 of 2017. The latest news, an executive director has been hired by the JPA. The cities that have signed with the SCC JPA are having a dialogue on raising funds for the contracts. Member agencies need to vouch for any borrowing that may be needed. Councilmember Howard Miller is our city representative and updates us at the city council meeting
  8. 8. 8 U P C O M I N G E V E n t s UPCOMING EVENTS Visit ANNUAL CAR SHOW SARATOGA TURNS 60 STARTUP BOOTCAMP FOR KIDS A brand new semester of the Startup bootcamp run by the Silicon Valley Coders club begins September 11th. Sign-up now at tart-up-boot-camp We have had about 150 kids gain some news skills over the last semester at the San Jose, Saratoga and Livermore location. Many new prototypes were developed. A middle school team won the startup seed money of $1,000 at the Startup Pitch Fest at the semester finale, the 2nd annual Silicon Valley Youth Technology Day on June 11th last week based on the prototype they built. The next semester will see a repeat of the program for a new batch of students - at a new location in San Jose, along with Saratoga, Livermore, Fremont, East Palo Alto and Dinuba. Saratoga’s 7th annual classic car show is set for July 17th, vintage cars, all throughout beautiful downtown Saratoga. From 10 AM to 5 PM on Big Basin Way on Sunday July 17th The kick off party on July 9th deemed Wheels and Wine would happen at House Family Vineyards from 6 PM to 9 PM. A parade is planned for Sept. 17 along Big Basin Way, complete with floats, musical ensembles, and our schools participating as well. For more information, visit Earlier this year, the city council allocated $7,000 from the city's discretionary fund for this event. Groups or individuals interested in participating in the parade are asked to fill out an entry form and a liability disclaimer: contact Marlene Duffin at 408.997.7528 or marlduffin@aol.comThere is no entry fee to join, and the parade is open to all COLLEGE APPS SEMINAR The annual College Apps Demystified Seminar – panel discussion, 1:1 with the experts is set for August 28th -- 3pm to 5pm WHERE: Saratoga Community Center 19655 Allendale Avenue, Saratoga CA RSVP required for this free event: UPCOMING EVENTS CHAIRED BY RISHI COUNCILMEMBER RISHI KUMAR NEWSLETTER Q2 2016 Page 8 of 16 MONTALVO ROCK THE GARDEN On Friday, July 22 from 5PM- 10PM at Montalvo Arts Center, join us for Rock the Garden: 5 Hour Sculpture, a pop up arts festival. Amazing art installations (that YOU get to help create) and performances will "pop up" throughout Montalvo's 175-acre grounds. Plus, enjoy hands-on art- making, dancing, live music by the Real Vocal String Quartet, delicious fare from gourmet food trucks, and much more.
  10. 10. 10 SARATOGA’S JULY 4t h CELEBRATION ON KEVIN MORAN PARK the Spring Water Symposium Resilience and Reuse Symposium. Lots of innovation being done around water and many use cases being discussed COUNCILMEMBER RISHI KUMAR NEWSLETTER Q2 2016 Page 10 of 16 MEETING NEIGHBORS OF TEN OAK WAY
  11. 11. 11 Speaking at International forum “our roles as world citizens” Images from the youth commission’s Saratoga color run COUNCILMEMBER RISHI KUMAR NEWSLETTER Q2 2016 Page 11 of 16 SARATOGA’S MEMORIAL DAY CELEBRATION
  12. 12. 12 AT THE WHITE HOUSE AAPI BRIEFING AMERICAN IN BLOOM JUDGES VISIT SARATOGA – SVDC hosting Making pancakes at the annual Saratoga high pancake breakfast in may COUNCILMEMBER RISHI KUMAR NEWSLETTER Q2 2016 Page 12 of 16
  13. 13. 13 At oracle’s women leadership event COUNCILMEMBER RISHI KUMAR NEWSLETTER Q2 2016 Page 13 of 16 A NEIGHBORHOOD MEETING LAWN SIGN
  16. 16. 16 COUNCILMEMBER RISHI KUMAR NEWSLETTER Q2 2016 Page 16 of 16