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Creating abundance is one of the hottest topic right now and there has been a lot of discussion about this. In this article, you will learn the myths in creating abundance and on how to dispel these myths.

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Creating abundance

  1. 1. Creating Abundance - 2 Harmful Myths About Creating Abundance Creating Abundance - 2 Harmful Myths About Creating Abundance Creating abundance has become a hot topic of discussion of late, especially since the release of The Secret. Along with all that discussion come a couple of harmful myths. In this article Ill dispel those myths. By Rishan Page 1
  2. 2. Creating Abundance - 2 Harmful Myths About Creating AbundanceIf you follow the advice in this article youll find your work with creating abundance somuch more simpler, flowing and helpful. Unfortunately, if you continue to play by the rulesof these myths, your whole task of creating abundance can be much harder than it has tobe.In my experience, creating abundance should occur from a place of ease,peace and flow. Anything that detracts from this state, createsresistance. Resistance causes stress and struggle and blocks off thisabundance from flowing into your life.Myth #1: You need to think positive thoughts all the time!From my personal experience, and those of my clients, this is just not true. Its unrealistic toexpect yourself to monitor and censor the thousands of thoughts that flow through youmind each day. The task is just impossible.In addition, if you buy into this myth, you might find yourself disapproving of yourselfwhenever you do think a negative thought. This causes even more resistance. Its a badcycle.To escape this dreaded cycle simply choose to let go of disapproving of yourself for havingnegative thoughts. Allow those thoughts to be as they may.Sure, youd prefer to only have positive thoughts, but disapproving of yourself or trying tochange what is, is counter-productive.Instead, set aside small periods of time throughout the day in which to imagine yourgoal as completed. Through those set times, focus on the positive and develop thefeelings of already "having" what youve been wanting.As you continuously apply yourself during these set periods, you may find that yourhabitual thoughts naturally shift to being positive. This occurs without conscious effortduring your "off time".Myth #2: You can attract basically anything right now.This is a tricky one. The truth is, energetically and vibration wise, you really can attractanything you desire almost immediately.Nonetheless, so as to match up your vibration with what you want to attract requires acertain level of belief. Unfortunately, no matter how much we could consciously forceourselves to believe something; our subconscious mind may have other ideas.This is simply a reality of having grown up in the world around us. Again, theres no Page 2
  3. 3. Creating Abundance - 2 Harmful Myths About Creating Abundancefighting or resisting it. Simply accept is as is and work with it.Start off by attracting smaller goals which you may have a higher level of belief you canaccomplish. As you begin to attract those into your life, so your overall belief in the processwill grow and you can shoot for bigger goals. This is the art of creating a positive beliefspiral.Those are far away the two biggest and most harmful myths when it comes to creatingabundance. Your next step after reading this article is to become aware of how you arecreating resistance whenever you routinely think unfavorable thoughts. Next decide to letgo of that resistance.Creating abundance is your God given right, and with the help of this article youshould be on your way to attracting anything you desire.Resources:My websitehttp://attractingabundancehq.comWatch The Step-By-Step Blueprint For Attracting Anything You WantInto Your Life Page 3
  4. 4. Creating Abundance - 2 Harmful Myths About Creating AbundanceHow To Manifest Absolutely Anything And See Results in 2 Days FlatWithout Silly Fluff, Jedi Mind Power Skills or Years ofPractice…Guaranteed Abundance Blueprint: The Synergy of Internal Peace andExternal Success Page 4