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Rishabh SoftwareSalesforce Services Rishabh’s SFDC Services (SFDC) is a CRM investment that many organizati...
Rishabh SoftwareSalesforce Services Rishabh has developed and delivered many complex projects and solutions for customers ...
Rishabh SoftwareSalesforce Services Learn how Rishabh Software helped a Healthcare client in solving its Salesforce needs ...
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Salesforce Capabilities Document - Rishabh Software


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Salesforce Capabilities Document - Rishabh Software

  1. 1. Rishabh SoftwareSalesforce Services Rishabh’s SFDC Services (SFDC) is a CRM investment that many organizations make the world over. With products that manage critical areas of a business such as sales and customer service, companies can steer through turbulent times, by being on top of every lead, opportunity, and customer interaction. Effective business CRM solutions must stand up to the rigorous and evolving demands of companies, big and small. Over the years, Rishabh has evolved to help develop and customize SFDC with features and functionality that today’s businesses demand. With Rishabh’s SFDC solutions you can: Access Real-time reporting, calculations, and dashboards, which can help optimize performance and help in Ø decision making Ø and deliver all your companys business applications in a single environment with one data model, one Build sharing model, and one user interface Ø all of your industry-specific needs with customizable apps Meet Ø a more effective tool for your business Have We know today, that a CRM tool such as SFDC can tremendously improve workforce productivity and customer satisfaction. However, implementation of SFDC can be complex, time-consuming, and an expensive proposition for an organization, without prior experience. With Rishabh’s expertise you can be assured of quality SFDC services that are cost effective with minimal risks involved. Rishabh Software’s Salesforce consultants can help companies in utilizing its SFDC CRM tool to the fullest potential and enable to maximize its ROI. customer service satisfaction sales Lead and support and revenue & conversion productivity retention Productivity ratios Rishabh Software your reliable solution partner CMMI Rishabh Software US: +1 877-747-4224, +1 201-484-7302 3 LEVEL UK: +44 (0) 207 993 8162 India: +91 (265) 2326267 / 2326268 Email: Blog:
  2. 2. Rishabh SoftwareSalesforce Services Rishabh has developed and delivered many complex projects and solutions for customers spread across USA, India and Asia Pacific. Rishabh offers the following suite of services for SFDC: Configuration and Deployment: Rishabh has experiences in multiple verticles where understanding of your Ø requirements converts into SFDC very easily. You can be guaranteed of a business solution rather than just development to improve customer processes Less development effort: With Rishabh’s experience, you can get an added ? advantage of quick time to market Email templates, workflows and approval processes can be created for business process automation ? ? integrate your SFDC tool with other enterprises systemsYou can get highly effective custom You can reports and dashboards for better insight into your business Consulting and implementation assistance: SalesForce team along with Rishabh can provide development Ø and deployment consulting to you with almost no turnaround time for a successful launch Extending SFDC : Rishabh can develop custom solutions to enhance the functionality of SFDC for your business Ø using development tools like Visual Force, APEX API and many more Ø Management, Migration and Remote Support: After successful implementation, Rishabh can help Data support your integration of data from existing application to SFDC using appropriate data analysis methods and tools. Rishabh’s flexible support options allow s you to select from part-time remote administrator to full-time support and guarantee minimal risk and outstanding service Training and Heldesk Support: After successful implementation, Rishabh offers comprehensive training and Ø help desk support services to ensure high end-user adoption. You can receive constant support, no matter where you are located with our experienced Helpdesk support members. Not only does Rishabh understand CRM and sales force automation but we can propose and implement best- of-breed practices, enabling you to maximize your return on investment in Salesforce CRM. Information Management Customer Relation Management Business Intelligence and Ø Ø Center Contact Reporting Effectiveness Data Warehouse Ø Customer Insight Ø Knowledge Management Ø Enterprise Relationship Ø Management Ø Automation Sales ØVulnerability and Performance Testing ØSystem Integration ØProgram Management ØEnterprise ØProcess Improvement Architecture ØIT Strategy and Innovation Ø Interoperability Cloud Enterprise Transformation Enterprise Architecture & Integration Rishabh Software your reliable solution partner
  3. 3. Rishabh SoftwareSalesforce Services Learn how Rishabh Software helped a Healthcare client in solving its Salesforce needs Client is an American company based in New York, one of the worlds leading suppliers of eye health products, such as contact lenses and lens care products. The Company manages its business through five business segments, which include three regional commercial segments: the Americas; Europe, Middle East and Africa (Europe), and Asia, and two centralized functions: Global Operations and Engineering, and Research and Development. The Business Need Client was looking for a support system to their existing sales solution, so that they could know the status of their orders and support their customer’s needs. Though the information was available on the mainframe, it was not easily extractable for ready use. Rishabh’s Solution Rishabh provided solution to clients need on Salesforce platform by providing data integration between Salesforce Platform and mainframe via BizTalk server as middleware. Rishabh provided a Helpdesk Solution that assisted the sales team members of the entire APAC (Asia Pacific) region in their order tracking and in turn customer satisfaction. With this Helpdesk Solution: Ø team members could take order and push the information to mainframe and the order processing could be Sales done in mainframe All relevant customer data such as product, location, ship to address, sales personal etc. data were made Ø available in the mainframe Ø could be sent to Salesforce through the BizTalk integration service and customer could see their order Status status A comprehensive user interface was created through which customers were able to see their order status using Ø their smart phones. Client Benefits Increased sales team efficiency Ø Ø customer satisfaction levels Higher Improved order management system Ø Øinvestment and more revenue. Less Rishabh Software your reliable solution partner