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Online Cab Booking and Taxi Dispatch System

A taxi cab management system built by using framework for Taxi service providers. Rishabh Software delivers custom solutions for travel industry.

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Online Cab Booking and Taxi Dispatch System

  1. 1. Faster Market Adoption With Cab Reservation Framework
  2. 2. Current Problem – Cab Service Industry Increased Customer Expectations Fleet Management Managing Multiple Types of Payments & Invoicing Tracking & Synchronizing Location Data Customer Relationship Management Poor GPS Performance Personalized Customer Experience Increased Development Costs
  3. 3. Fleet Management Reservation Engine Payment Management User Management Better Operational Efficiency Improved Quality-of-Service Faster Reach To Market Solution – Cab Reservation Framework Unified Access Integrated Plug-n-Play Modules Delivers Enterprise BenefitsCab Reservation Framework
  4. 4. Cab Reservation Framework Elements Cab Reservation Framework Administration Control Panel Customized Cab Booking Apps Customized Driver App View - Cab Booking and Dispatch Solution
  5. 5. Rishabh Software Pvt. Ltd HQ – Vadodara, India +91 (265) 2680159, 2681159 Rishabh InfoServices London, UK +44 207 993 8162 Rishabh Business Solutions San Jose, USA +1-877-RISHABH (+1-877-747-4224) Connect With Us: Contact Us Cab Reservation Framework Email: