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How to make friends and influence developers - @stekenwright at #TechSEO Summat


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Nearly 80% of SEO professionals have been waiting more than 6 months for their most pressing recommendation to get implemented. If we're going to get things done, we need to learn to speak to our web development counterparts. No more hacking it on with Tag Manager - it's time to build a culture of optimisation.

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How to make friends and influence developers - @stekenwright at #TechSEO Summat

  1. 1. How to make friends and influence developers Stephen Kenwright @stekenwright
  2. 2. How long have you been waiting for the technical change you’re most desperate to get implemented? @stekenwright < 1 month 1-6 months 6-12 months 12-24 months Longer than 2 years Will Critchlow / 21.1% 36.8% 15.8% 26.3%
  3. 3. When do you think it will happen? @stekenwright Weeks <6 months 6-12 months 1+ years Never Will Critchlow / 10.5% 15.8% 10.5% 31.6% 31.6%
  4. 4. Is it a big deal? @stekenwright Not too bad A serious frustration Stopping us hitting KPIs It’s cramping the performance of the whole company Will Critchlow / 10.5% 42.1% 26.3% 26.3%
  5. 5. @stekenwright “Developer experience matters!”
  6. 6. Start with an audit @stekenwright
  7. 7. Start with a conversation @stekenwright
  8. 8. ● What’s in the roadmap right now? ● What were the last SEO recommendations you implemented? ● Who’s in the team? ● How do you like to work? ● What are your KPIs hopes and dreams? Questions to ask @stekenwright
  9. 9. What does your org look like? @stekenwright Front end Back end CSS PHP, Ruby HTML .NET JavaScript, Angular JS etc. SQL, MySQL Apache, IIS
  10. 10. Create reports your developers care about @stekenwright
  11. 11. RAG-prioritised audits @stekenwright
  12. 12. PIE score @stekenwright
  13. 13. e.g. optimise crawl by updating robots.txt @stekenwright Potential 8 Importance 9 Ease 9 PIE Score 8 + 9 + 9 / 3 = 8.67
  14. 14. You can’t estimate ease without talking to developers first @stekenwright
  15. 15. Improve your comms with developers @stekenwright Client Client Developer Client Client Client Developer Client DeveloperScoping Recommendation Implementation Results Developer BetterTypical
  16. 16. Forwarding Lighthouse reports @stekenwright
  17. 17. KPI frameworks @stekenwright
  18. 18. Developers have their own KPI frameworks e.g. RAIL @stekenwrightGoogle Developers
  19. 19. Find common ground @stekenwright Developers might not agree Developers might agree We should implement AMP The site should be faster Every page should have a canonical tag There should be less duplicate content We should render JavaScript server-side Search engines should be able to render the site We need to update our meta data We should make the site accessible
  20. 20. Create KPI frameworks that work for your org @stekenwright KPI Starting score New score Critical load 2.5 sec 0.5 sec Pages crawled 10,000 5,000 Non-200 pages 5,000 1,000
  21. 21. Optimising Page Speed is not a one-off don’t make it one @stekenwright
  22. 22. Time Investment Think Build Ship Tweak How Spotify builds products @stekenwright
  23. 23. It’s everyone’s job to think and tweak, not just SEO @stekenwright
  24. 24. Hack it on with Tag Manager @stekenwright
  25. 25. Use your CMS @stekenwright
  26. 26. Vendors are your friends @stekenwright
  27. 27. Talk to the success team @stekenwright
  28. 28. Go to (or live stream) the conference @stekenwright
  29. 29. Read the documentation @stekenwright
  30. 30. Understand your incident management process @stekenwright
  31. 31. Adding your client to your Basecamp @stekenwright
  32. 32. Ask their developers about methodology @stekenwright
  33. 33. @stekenwright How we got development resource at Pendragon PLC
  34. 34. No visibility on product roadmap @stekenwright The frustration
  35. 35. Digital expected Web Product to keep track of recommendations @stekenwright The problem
  36. 36. Web Product were bending the rules making any changes at all @stekenwright The real problem
  37. 37. @stekenwright Pendragon PLC used Agile Epics
  38. 38. Epics organise issues into a single body of work @stekenwright
  39. 39. Epics are delivered in sprints... @stekenwright
  40. 40. an epic must have a start and end point @stekenwright
  41. 41. @stekenwright Pendragon PLC managed epics in Azure boards
  42. 42. Product Owner has to find a way to take a recommendation out of an email and into an Azure board @stekenwright
  43. 43. If there’s no epic, there’s no Azure board to add a recommendation to @stekenwright
  44. 44. @stekenwright The solution was to add all SEO requirements to a single epic
  45. 45. ● Web Product would know how much resource was required and when they could have it back ● Digital would know what would be done and when ● Digital were forced to be proactive and organised ● Web Product got better briefs ● We could put a value on the epic rather than an individual fix Benefits @stekenwright
  46. 46. We got our JavaScript site indexed @stekenwright
  47. 47. @stekenwright
  48. 48. Product management > coding @stekenwright Want to apply dev skills to SEO (in a big org)?
  49. 49. @stekenwright SEO Strategist Front End Developer or Designer
  50. 50. The creative SEO agency for people who want more. Sharp as a tack. Enthusiastic as hell. Experts in our field.