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Brighton SEO on tour - Link building within difficult or boring industries


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How to create content campaigns that top-tier journalists LOVE for a brand that NO-ONE’s heard of or likes

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Brighton SEO on tour - Link building within difficult or boring industries

  1. 1. How to create content campaigns that top-tier journalists LOVE for a brand that NO-ONE’s heard of or likes Creative Director @CarrieRosePR
  2. 2. Building links for any brand is not easy. But one thing is clear, we need to start thinking a little more creatively @CarrieRosePR
  3. 3. In the past 5 years, I’ve built THOUSANDS of links @CarrieRosePR
  4. 4. And I haven’t paid for a single one of them. @CarrieRosePR
  5. 5. “Cleaning of the London Underground will be stepped up each night over the summer period across 50 stations and five tunnels.” SADIQ KHAN, MAYOR OF LONDON I’ve created content that caught the attention of people like this…
  6. 6. CAMPAIGN GO LIVE DATE And helped produced graphs that go like this...
  7. 7. I’ve won awards for my work
  8. 8. I’ve won awards for my work And even made 1 client cry (with happiness)
  9. 9. Yet, some clients still say to me… “Top-tier press wont link to brands like us” @CarrieRosePR
  10. 10. @CarrieRosePR NOT TRUE
  11. 11. And those that no-ones heard of or likes (to link to)
  12. 12. 18,000 interactions I once landed a link on HSBC site to a gambling client @CarrieRosePR
  13. 13. 18,000 interactions 22,000 Referral visits Once drove 22,000 people to a small insurance brand website no-ones ever heard of with this headline
  14. 14. 18,000 interactions 2.5 million Views on the BBC Which also landed on the BBC and achieved 2.5 million views
  15. 15. 18,000 interactions This week built 61 links to a health and safety training site with nothing but blog post content @CarrieRosePR
  16. 16. Small budgets Bad/spammy reputation Little – No brand awareness Bland topic These clients have several things in common… @CarrieRosePR
  17. 17. 18,000 interactions It is definitely possible. @CarrieRosePR
  18. 18. So where do we start?
  19. 19. THINK like a PR, but ACT like an SEO
  20. 20. First: Lets talk about what journalists want and need @CarrieRosePR
  21. 21. Last week we met up with journalists from The Sun, House Beautiful and Cosmopolitan magazine. And they ALL said the same thing… @CarrieRosePR
  22. 22. They’re KPI’d on traffic… @CarrieRosePR
  23. 23. …social shares @CarrieRosePR
  24. 24. …and time on site @CarrieRosePR
  25. 25. They have on average an hour to write up a story @CarrieRosePR
  26. 26. And produce 6-8 articles a day @CarrieRosePR
  27. 27. So what does that tell us? @CarrieRosePR
  28. 28. We need to create stories that resonate with a wide audience @CarrieRosePR
  29. 29. Stories that are shareable @CarrieRosePR
  30. 30. Stories that help them keep readers on site @CarrieRosePR
  31. 31. Every article needs video – whether that’s their own or yours @CarrieRosePR
  32. 32. Every article needs imagery – whether that’s their own or yours @CarrieRosePR
  33. 33. But you’re much more likely to land a placement if you can provide all of that at once @CarrieRosePR
  34. 34. Tip: Journalists use videos to not only keep users on page for longer but monetise – make money for ads placed on video content. Meaning they’re more likely to cover video content for this reason. @CarrieRosePR
  35. 35. Here’s an example of where stock video footage and a blog post got 169 links from nearly every national publication @CarrieRosePR
  36. 36. @CarrieRosePR
  37. 37. 169 Links and Coverage 7,966 Organic Visits 693,324 Reach on Social 3,897 Applications In 2 weeks… @CarrieRosePR
  38. 38. Some may say “well that’s easy with a fun brand and topic like that” @CarrieRosePR
  39. 39. So lets talk about how we did this same thing for a health and safety training client just this week… @CarrieRosePR
  40. 40. Last month, this story hit the headlines… @CarrieRosePR
  41. 41. And other stories similar followed it…
  42. 42. So we did some research and found that choking deaths were on the rise… @CarrieRosePR
  43. 43. As my client is an expert in health and safety, this was something my client could help raise awareness of and provide content to educate parents and act as a resource for journalists. @CarrieRosePR
  44. 44. So we created a report… @CarrieRosePR
  45. 45. Which included simple but strong visuals… @CarrieRosePR
  46. 46. We had different angles too (timely)… @CarrieRosePR
  47. 47. And included a video… (which was a highly viewed video on YouTube regarding choking safety – not created by us) @CarrieRosePR
  48. 48. As well as sharing expert tips and commentary to help parents save a child from choking…
  49. 49. 68 Links In 1 week… @CarrieRosePR
  50. 50. So what made this campaign a success? • Timely – choking stories dominated press and we reacted • Positioned my client as an expert • Targeted a highly engaged and sharing community – parents • We created graphics/imagery and shared video • We created a resource on site “Choking report 2019” for journalists to link to and use for future stories • We targeted journalists who were already talking about this topic
  51. 51. We should think about link building as a two-step process: 1. What can we do to earn coverage? 2. What can we do to turn that coverage into links? @CarrieRosePR
  52. 52. Digital PR + Content Marketing @CarrieRosePR
  53. 53. What is Digital PR and content marketing? It’s creating stories or content that journalists and users naturally want to talk about and link to, because it’s that awesome, resourceful, useful or different. @CarrieRosePR
  54. 54. However, you should ALWAYS start with the story and not the content type @CarrieRoseP R
  55. 55. Remember you have experts – whether its in UPVC windows, chainsaws and hammers, or courier insurance @CarrieRoseP R
  56. 56. Find data related to the interests of your audience @CarrieRoseP R
  57. 57. Finding your AUDIENCE
  58. 58. Finding data FREE data sources ouncements tables/index.html research/opendata/ Company financial reports @CarrieRoseP
  59. 59. Lets talk about relevancy… @CarrieRoseP
  60. 60. Lets talk about relevancy… @CarrieRosePR 0 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Safe, on brand, easy to get sign off Viral/sharea ble/newswor thy PR May be good on-site but not for off-site Try not to go below an 8 Relevancy in content
  61. 61. According to Search Engine Journal you should … “only approach websites that are relevant to your target readers”. @CarrieRosePR
  62. 62. This doesn’t mean if you are a gambling client you need to just target gambling sites/blogs like Gambling times. Your audience aren’t there! @CarrieRosePR
  63. 63. This is where most link builders are going wrong! @CarrieRosePR
  64. 64. They’re more likely to be on Sport Bible or reading The Sun online.
  65. 65. Once you have your story, test out your headline @CarrieRosePR
  66. 66. Do the mum test @CarrieRoseP
  67. 67. @CarrieRoseP
  68. 68. @CarrieRoseP “Cool. What do you want for tea?” When you’ve FAILED the mum test “I don’t get it” “What does that mean”
  69. 69. Brands in difficult industries @CarrieRosePR Gambling Porn/sex Pay day loans Medical Medical negligence/accident claims
  70. 70. How Porn Hub gets links? @CarrieRosePR
  71. 71. @CarrieRosePR 104 Links
  72. 72. @CarrieRosePR 521 Links
  73. 73. Escorting site lands a link on Daily Star with this headline @CarrieRosePR
  74. 74. Just yesterday a Bingo brand gets a link from mirror and Yahoo with a content piece which analyses movie actors and actresses @CarrieRosePR
  75. 75. A pay day loan company receiving positive press and over 100+ links on sites including BBC etc. @CarrieRosePR
  76. 76. And it all goes back to this… @CarrieRosePR
  77. 77. THINKING like a PR, but ACTING like an SEO
  78. 78. Having something on site to link to which ticks at least ONE of these boxes: ❑ Adds Value ❑ Positions you as an expert ❑ Acts as a resource ❑ Is engaging
  79. 79. But one thing I want to end on, is this… @CarrieRosePR
  80. 80. THANK YOU Follow Me @CarrieRosePR Feel free to send any questions via LinkedIn