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John Weber Ocean Planning in the Northeast U.S.


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John Weber Ocean Planning in the Northeast U.S.

  1. 1. Ocean planning in the Northeast  U.S.Ronald C. Baird Sea Grant  Symposium Providence, RI May 16, 2012
  2. 2. National Ocean Policy • Framework  Regions develop plans Data/science‐based Public engagement
  3. 3. National Ocean Policy 
  4. 4. Northeast Regional Ocean Council • Formed in 2005  • New England states,  federal agencies • Premise is: better  information (including  public engagement)  results in smarter, more  efficient decision‐making
  5. 5. Northeast Regional Ocean Council • Starting now:  – Data, science focus – Extensive public  engagement • Build on recent efforts  in MA, RI
  6. 6. Northeast Regional Ocean Council• Northeast data portal:
  7. 7. Northeast Regional Ocean Council Data • Address known gaps (boating,  commercial fishing) • Good way to directly engage key  constituencies • Additional human activities  (shipping) and jurisdictions • Natural resources/ecosystem
  8. 8. Northeast Regional Ocean Council • Engagement: THIS IS VITAL • Energy • Wind • Tidal • Infrastructure • Other—export of natural gas? • Maritime commerce • Short sea? Post‐PC deepening? • Aquaculture • Natural resources
  9. 9. What are  What’s the  What are the issues? opportunities to  outcome?  improve decision‐ (What’s a  making?  Plan?)  Some form of Data/science/ Assess  data/maps, tools/engage‐ment + existing  procedures = goals,  implementation,  etc. What’s the appetite of the people involved ?
  10. 10. Thank youFor more information: John 617.875.1377