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Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan Overview



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Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan Overview

  1. 1. Rhode Island Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan (Beach SAMP) Project Overview
  2. 2. Project Goal Through a public process help develop innovative and practical policies and tools for protecting and managing development along shorelines vulnerable to erosion and flooding
  3. 3. Long-term Outcomes • Strong erosion and inundation policies that are publicly supported and implemented at state and local levels • Provide best available information and tools to support sound decision making • Improved understanding of potential impacts will spill over to other planning initiatives
  4. 4. Principles • Involve all stakeholders • Maintain transparency • Use best available science • Acknowledge existing uses and plan for a changing future • Adaptive Management
  5. 5. Project Scope 1. Collection of New Research 2. Policy Development 3. Extensive Public Education/ Outreach Campaign
  6. 6. Coastal Resources Management Council PROJECT MANAGER Grover Fugate, Executive Director CRMC Group of Community URI Project Management Team Senior Project Advisors Leaders Jen McCann Michelle Carnevale Jon Boothroyd Bryan Oakley Stakeholder Engagement and Policy Research and Data Acquisition Development Economic Assessment: TBD MUNICIPAL ADVISORY Shoreline Change, Erosion BOARDS & and Inundation Mapping STAKEHOLDER GROUP TOWN MANAGER and Monitoring: Ecohistory/ Anecdotal WORKING GROUP Jon Boothroyd & Bryan Oakley Accounts of Shoreline Change: TBD ADVOCACY & FEDERAL & STATE AGENCY ENVIRONMENTAL ADVISORY BOARD Engineering Evaluation Legal Analysis of GROUPS and Recommendation of Alternative Development Tools and Techniques for Schemes or Techniques Effective and Adaptive used to Address Shoreline TECHNICAL ADVISORY Development and Management of Shoreline COMMITTEES Rebuilding: Segments: TBD (to review deliverables) Roger Williams University
  7. 7. Research and Data Collection • Shoreline Change, Erosion and Inundation Mapping and Monitoring • Economic Assessment • Legal Analysis of Alternative Development Schemes or Techniques • Engineering Evaluation of Tools and Techniques
  8. 8. Policy Development Scope • Develop SAMP Regulatory Document – Synthesize best available science and findings from research – Incorporate other state efforts – New or Amended CRMC Policies & Standards – Recommendations for Other State and Local Government Agencies
  9. 9. Developing SAMP Document
  10. 10. Public Education/Outreach • Communication Tools – Webpage – Fact Sheets – Social Media – Library Lecture Series • Regular Stakeholder Meetings • “Group of Community Leaders” to help get message out • Videos and Ecohistory– – Anecdotal Accounts of Shoreline Change and Personal Connections • “Living with the Shoreline” Handbook/Guide
  11. 11. For More Information: • Beach SAMP website: • Team Contact: – Michelle Carnevale:
  12. 12. Next Steps: • Regional “Issue Identification” Meetings • Coordination Meetings with other State Agencies • Next Stakeholder Meeting – May/June – Topic Based on Your Input