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Rutherford Sea Grant Quahogs Research


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Rutherford Sea Grant Quahogs Research presented at April 14th, 2014 Rhode Island Shellfish Management Plan Stakeholder meeting

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Rutherford Sea Grant Quahogs Research

  1. 1. Objectives 1) Deploy current meters/drifters near Ohio Ledge to verify model. 2) Incorporate larval behavior into hydrodynamic model. 3) Produce a matrix showing links between larval source areas and potential settlement areas. 4) Examine potential climate change effects on larval retention
  2. 2. Impact of Larval Behavior EP WP
  3. 3. Larval Behavior 2007, Passive: 20% lost 2007, Active: 53% lost Particles Released From Providence River Site
  4. 4. Larval Release Areas Interpolated legal adult quahog density coverage based upon 2,368 RI DEM hydraulic dredge tows from 1993-2013.
  5. 5. 2006 2007 Year-to-Year Variation and Climate Change Effects Precipitation 34% lost 20% lost
  6. 6. Surface Water Temperature Trends at Fox Island Palance 2013, Data from URI/GSO Climate Change Effects Temperature