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Jennifer Hennessey Marine Spatial Planning in Washington State


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Jennifer Hennessey Marine Spatial Planning in Washington State

  1. 1. Marine Spatial Planning in Washington State Jennifer Hennessey Washington State Department of Ecology
  2. 2. Washington has two coasts! Coast #1 DrynessCoast #2
  3. 3. Pacific Coast vs. Puget Sound
  4. 4. Renewable Energy: A Planning DriverAquaBuoy Finaveraproject: Makah Bay
  5. 5. Timeline: recent MSP activities
  6. 6. State LawDirects state agencies to:1. Compile and incorporate spatial data into  current plans. 2. Develop guidance on the operation and  siting of renewable energy facilities. 3. Conduct comprehensive marine spatial  planning for all of Washington’s waters.Amendments to law in April 2012.
  7. 7. Core principles: content and process Photo: Katie Lassiter Photo:Katie Lassiter
  8. 8. Report to legislature (Jan. 2011)General recommendations for how the state  should proceed with MSP, including:• Renewable energy as key driver• Separate plans for large regions:  Pacific Coast, Puget Sound, Columbia River• Goals and objectives• Data standards, tools & management
  9. 9. More complexity:Federal and Tribal Governments Source: NOAA Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary
  10. 10. MSP Coordination Advisory  Body Science  General State Ocean  Forum Public Caucus (State  agencies) Tribes  Federal and  Ocean  Local Sovereigns  Governments Council
  11. 11. Timeline: Next Steps
  12. 12. Opportunities• Initial funding • Some capacity• High interest and engagement• Existing and new governance structures• Political will ‐‐ legal mandate• Time ‐‐ no pending developers or projects• Strategy underway
  13. 13. Challenges• No stable funding and limited capacity• Communication• Managing expectations• Establishing a common understanding of  law, outcomes and process (Why? How?)• Large area(s)• Time ‐ Less urgent driver(s)• Timing – Demonstrate success
  14. 14. More information Contact : 360‐407‐6595