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Dr. Boze Hancock, "Setting Shellfish Restoration Goals To Meet Society’s Needs," Baird Symposium



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Dr. Boze Hancock, "Setting Shellfish Restoration Goals To Meet Society’s Needs," Baird Symposium

  1. 1. Setting Shellfish Restoration Goals To Meet Society’s Needs Dr. Boze Hancock Summer Morlock The Nature Conservancy NOAA Restoration Center Global Marine Team Community-based Dr. Philine zuErmgassen Restoration Program Cambridge University, UK
  2. 2. Setting Shellfish Restoration Goals To Meet Outline Society’s Needs Many shellfish sp. declined, RI - and globally Focus on oysters Lost fisheries and other lost services We know how to restore these populations What do we want to gain? Ecosystem services Huge economic value Include all services in management
  3. 3. Loss of oyster habitat Change in extent - US zuErmgassen et al. 2012a
  4. 4. Loss of oyster habitat Change in biomass - US zuErmgassen et al. 2012a
  5. 5. Setting Shellfish Restoration Goals To Meet Society’s Needs
  6. 6. Restoration community working at restoration -15 years WA CA Restoration Target Shellfish reefs & beds Anadromous fish Salt marsh Seagrasses Coral Mangrove Other VA AL LA FL USVI HI AK ARRA
  7. 7. Restoration works No longer trying to demonstrate that oyster habitat restoration works Many examples and species US- RI, East Coast, West Coast and Gulf of MX (UK, Germany, Holland, Australia…) Expand in scale Anoxic Muck Recycled Shell Community Living Joe Fudge,Reef Press Daily
  8. 8. Setting Shellfish Restoration Goals To Meet Society’s Needs
  9. 9. Oyster Habitat – How Much Is Enough? Present ?? What have we lost – Historic baselines What will we gain – Ecosystem services
  10. 10. How much reef is ‘enough’? A Function of History •Chesapeake Bay Exec. Order; Restore 20 tributaries by 2025 •Chesapeake 2010 10 x increase over 1994 by 2010 •Puget Sound Washington 100 acres by 2020 •Hudson Raritan NY/NJ 500 acres by 2015 5000 acres by 2050 •Tampa Bay Florida Preservation of 44 acres •Great Bay New Hampshire 20 acres by 2010 Goal •Context ‘What is possible’Press Joe Fudge, Daily
  11. 11. Regulating Provisioning • Water quality • Recruits maintenance (filters) • Subsistence and commercial fisheries • Protection of beaches and coastlines from storm surges and waves. • Aquaculture • Fertilizer and building materials (lime) • Reduction of marsh shoreline erosion (breakwaters) • Jewelry and other decoration (shells) • Stabilization of submerged land by trapping sediments Photo: Diana Garland, TNC Volunteer Supportive Cultural • Cycling of nutrients • Tourism and recreation • Fish production Recruitment, Growth $$$ (Fishing, WQ) • Symbolic of coastal heritage
  12. 12. Water Quality = Seston Regulation / grazing • Oysters remove nearly all particulates, not just those ingested • Aim = measure FR • Clearance time > Residence time – Dominant force in regulating seston • Other variables? Temperature effects • FR = 8.02W0.58 e(-0.015T-27) 2
  13. 13. Measuring filtration effect: in situ fluorometry to measure ‘seston removal’ WATER FLOW DIRECTION Grizzle et al., 2006. JSR 25: 643-650.
  14. 14. WATER QUALITY “REGULATION” BY SHELLFISH IS FUNCTION OF ABUNDANCE Clearance Time (days) 400 300 Residence Times Delaware: 8 Galveston: 15 Matagorda: 38 Chesapeake: 40 Narragansett 27 No Regulation 200 100 Regulation D G 25 MC 50 75 100 Residence Time (days) Adapted from: R. Dame, 2011. zuErmgassen et al. 2012
  15. 15. Nutrient Cycling (Dame 1993)
  16. 16. Fish production • Recruitment Enhancement • Growth Enhancement • Publication In Prep. Joe Fudge, Daily Press
  17. 17. Shoreline Protection Oyster reef treatments reduce wave energy Sediment deposition
  18. 18. Online design tool
  19. 19. SettingBay, NH Restoration Goals To Meet Great Shellfish Society’s Needs
  20. 20. Summary • Historic condition – scaling, what Is possible • Quantifying and valuing ES important • Filtration, Denitrification, Fish Production, Shoreline Protection - as well as Fishery • Services have value • Manage to maximize benefits to RI
  21. 21. ? Dr. Boze Hancock TNC Global Marine Team 401 874 6121