San Diego Personal Trainer And The Best Workout For The Abdominals


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San Diego Personal Trainer And The Best Workout For The Abdominals

  1. 1. As a good San Diego personal trainer, I have been asked so many times on what is the ideal exercise to get abs. Sowhat exactly is the ideal exercise for the midsection? The answer is counterintuitive and may surprise you.
  2. 2. Ill address this inquiry on the perspective that it is usually asked. People are usually not searching for theexercise which will make their abdominal muscles stronger and larger. What many people actually want to know ishow to make their tummy small, firm, toned, and defined. Sounds good?
  3. 3. Usually, there are two things that lead to a pleasant look at the abs: first, less fat around your middle and second,stronger, firmer, and larger abdominal muscles. The reason why both of these elements are very important is the factthat layer of fat that is on top of your abdominals needs to be thin enough to be able to notice the muscles beneath it. And when that layer of fat is thin enough, the biggerthe abdominal muscles, the easier it is to notice them and theyll look more "defined". These items are not of equal importance on the way your abs looks, however. Stronger and larger abdominal muscles simply become relevant if the layer of fat on your stomach region is thin enough that you can see the outlines of your muscles beneath the layer of fat. Almost everyone has excessive fat in the abdominal area to notice the abdominal
  4. 4. Strangely enough, there is no way to "spot reduce" fat on the body. Doing an exercise for the specific area onyour body will not result in excess fat to get lost just fromthat particular area. In other words, despite the efforts of many individuals to do this, you cannot start a whole bunch of crunches (which directly work your stomach muscles) and believe that youre going to hasten losing fat just from the stomach area. Instead, once your bodyloses fat, it loses fat from all throughout the body. (It may shed more fat from some areas compared, although how much it will lose from each area will be based on the inherited genetic programming for how the body proportionally gains and losses fat.) So, in order to shedfat from the abdominals to make the midsection lean and defined, you have to lose fat all over the body.
  5. 5. So what is the best exercise for losing fat from all over your body? Well, out of everything you can do, nutrition certainly has the major effect on fat loss. So nutrition isdefinitely the most important thing to pay attention to forleaner abs. As far as exercise though, the most important workouts are those that work the main muscles in the body because they have the biggest effect on boosting your metabolism.
  6. 6. The workout that almost all of our clients do that works with the largest muscles in your body is a leg press. So,whats the ideal exercise for your midsection? I said theanswer is counterintuitive - for most people it is actually the leg press.
  7. 7. Out of all the exercises we normally use, the leg press works with the majority of the muscle in your body. So itgets the biggest possibility of adding lean muscle tissue to your body and so the greatest potential for helpingincrease your metabolism. It is the exercise that when puttogether with appropriate nutrition can help you shed fat. Because you cannot spot reduce fat from the abs (or anywhere else on your body), it is the exercise that has the greatest effect on helping you lose fat from the abdominal region too. Achieving less fat in yourabdominal region is considered the one that will have thebiggest impact on how your midsection looks, and also the leg press is the exercise that helps you do that the most.
  8. 8. So, to get a lean and defined midsection: first andforemost focus on a good nutrition plan that will help you shed fat. Then, when it comes to exercise, your main concern is to challenge your muscles as deeply as you possibly can on each exercise to help you stimulate the metabolism. This is especially important with the leg press. You need to get to the point on the leg press thatafter several repetitions your muscles become so fatigued that completing another repetition is not only difficult, it really is impossible. Youre pushing as hard as you can, and the weight wont budge even a fraction of an inch because the muscles became so fatigued. At this point continue maximally pushing for a few more seconds, and youll fatigue the bodys main muscles a lot more.Achieving this sends the most powerful signal possible to
  9. 9. With my experience being a San Diego personal trainer, nutrition plays the biggest role for fat loss and the way your midsection looks. But for exercise, the leg press has the biggest impact on your metabolism and about howlean and attractive you can get with your abdominal area.
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