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creation of the world

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Big Bang 1

  1. 1. The Big Bang Theory 16/8/2009 Big Bang Theory
  2. 2. If you look at the center of the picture, you'll see a tiny, tiny little point, a dark matter - a black hole. This point, according to scientists, is the very geometrical dot. The condensed matter and energy that was contained in this point exploded, and this explosion is called "The Big Bang”. Galaxies moved forward and forward, beyond our comprehension of measurement, toward an infinite or finite space and filling it - the expansion of the universe in all direction. All this happened at about 15 billion years ago. 16/8/2009 Big Bang Theory
  3. 3. The questions: is space boundless or limited? Are the galaxies going to expand for ever? Or at one point they will implode and reverse the process. These are only theories, and every year, and every physicist expose us to another theory. 16/8/2009 Big Bang Theory
  4. 4. Bing Bang's theory is constantly revised. Edwin Hubble was the one who made the observation about the expansion of the universe and provided about the Bing Bang theory. Galaxies moving forward and faster away from each other is known as the red spot or shift. Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, in an attempt to detect microwaves from outer space, inadvertently discovered a noise of extraterrestrial origin. 16/8/2009 Big Bang Theory
  5. 5. Noise did not seem to emanate from one location but instead, it came from all directions at once. It became obvious that what they heard was radiation from the farthest reaches of the universe which had been left over from the Big Bang. This discovery of the radioactive aftermath of the initial explosion lent much credence to the Big Bang theory. Radioactive aftermath of the initial explosion lent much credence to the Bing Bang theory. 16/8/2009 Big Bang Theory
  6. 6. Atoms: Particles began to form as the universe expanded and thus cooled. The particles are called baryons and include: photons, neutrinos, electrons and quarks which are the building of matter and life.. Recently, NASA has made some astounding discoveries which lend themselves to the proof of the Big Bang theory… 16/8/2009 Big Bang Theory
  7. 7. • Using the Astro-2 observatory they were able to confirm one of the requirements for the foundation of the universe through the Big Bang. In June, 1995, scientists were able to detect primordial helium, such as deuterium, in the far reaches of the universe. These findings are consistent with an important aspect of the Big Bang theory that a mixture of hydrogen and helium was created at the beginning of the universe. 16/8/2009 Big Bang Theory
  8. 8. • In addition, the Hubble telescope, named after the father of Big Bang theory, has provided certain clues…. Astronomers using Hubble have found the element boron in extremely ancient stars. They postulate that its presence could be either a remnant of energetic events at the birth of galaxies or it could indicate that boron is even older, dating back to the Big Bang itself. … 16/8/2009 Big Bang Theory
  9. 9. 16/8/2009 Big Bang Theory
  10. 10. What I can obviously observe is the fact that in mysticism and early philosophy the Bing Bang appears just at the moment that God created the world and man etc. God was everywhere; His eminence wanted his creation to emanate his energy to the world. At an unknown point of time, he emptied space from himself and at this very moment the explosion started, and instead of chaos began the first stage - the first day, and so on. 16/8/2009 Big Bang Theory
  11. 11. And GOD Created The World 16/8/2009 Big Bang Theory