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SAP CRM Address Mgmt for IS_U Scenario


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SAP CRM Address Mgmt. in SAP IS-U Scenarios.

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SAP CRM Address Mgmt for IS_U Scenario

  1. 1. SAP CRM Address Management (in IS-U Scenario)INTRODUCTION:This Document will give you a basic idea about SAP CRM AddressManagement in relation to SAP IS-U.After reading this document we will get the idea of how and when address is determined in IS-U/CRM scenario.AddressManagement:When we create a Contract in CRM, the system is uses the PREMISE (SAP IS-U) addresses as theBusiness Partner Addresses, or restrict them to a specific time frame. This AddressManagement function controls what happens with the Premise addresses in accordance withthe processing of a Contract. The Contract validity corresponds with the validity of the Address.Let’s take an example, in the event of reversal (in simple case), the address is deleted from thebusiness partner data. Both process steps can be controlled using Customization settings.The Processes related to Contract in SAP CRM are given below: 1. Create Contract 2. Change Contract 3. End Contract 4. Reverse Contract 5. Create QuotationCustomizing Settings and their effects Create Contract:If the relevant indicators are selected in Customizing, the system uses the premise address as the default address or additional address. ChangeContract: If you have used the Premise address in the Business Partner Data you now change the validity period of the contract, the system will automatically adjust the validity period accordingly. EndContract: If you end the Contract and Premise address was used as an additional address (not a default address) in the Business Partner data, the system restricts the validity of the address accordingly.
  2. 2. ReverseContract: In simple cases of Contract Reversal, the Address is deleted from the Business Partner data. You can control this process in Customizing. CreateQuotation: If the relevant indicators are selected in Customization, the system uses the Premise address, as the default address or additional address.The following Customization tables are relevant for the Contract processes: Table CRMC_ISU_ADM_CUS in the Customizing Activity Address Management in the CRM system under Industry-Specific Solutions Utility Industries Transaction Address Management. Table CRMC_ISU_ADM_PROin the Customizing activity Process Reasons for the Address Maintenance underIndustry-Specific Solutions Utility Industries Transaction Address Management Process Reason for the Address Maintenance.The Customizing activities and their purpose are described below:Customizing Activity Address Maintenance (Table CRMC_ISU_ADM_CUS)Entry/table column Definition UsageItem Category Key that identifies an item An item category defines category. the attributes and characteristics of a transaction item and therefore controls how an item is processed.Copy Address Determines whether the Select this indicator if you premise address is used want the premise address automatically during a sales to be used automatically. process or when creating a quotation.Use Address as Default Controls whether the Select this indicator if youAddress (Default) premise address is want the address to be automatically used as the used as the default address. default address.Address Type You can maintain the possible address types in Customizing. In business partner maintenance, you can use the Address Usefunction to allocate address types to business partner addresses.
  3. 3. Example: ● Correspondence address ● Delivery addressLimit Address Validity (Limit Controls whether the Select this indicator if youVal.) validity of the premise want the validity of the address is restricted to a premise address to end specific time frame when a when the respective contract is ended. contract ends.Limit Address Usage (Limit Controls whether the use of Select this indicator if youUse) the premise address is want the use of the restricted to a specific time premise address to end frame when a contract is when the respective ended. contract ends. Dependencies: The premise address is not used as the default address.Postal Delay Controls the validity of the Enter how many days in(Post Delay) address when the premise advance the premise address is used. address should be taken into account. Example: You have defined the moving date and the contract start date as June 1st. In the Postal Delay field, enter the value <3> so that the new address is valid in the system as of May 29th. Then ensures that any mail is sent to the new address.Interval Defines by how many days Enter the maximum the address validity can number of days that the vary from the contract or address validity can vary. quotation start date when a default address is changed.Country Enter the country for new addresses in the IC WebClient.
  4. 4. Customizing Activity Process Reasons for the Address Maintenance (TableCRMC_ISU_ADM_PRO)Entry/table column UsageIS-U Process Definition Key (Process) Enter the country for new addresses in the IC WebClient. The process ID uniquely identifies a change process.IS-U Process Reason Key (Reason) The process category contains a group of change processes that belong together. Example: ISTA – Process category for contract changesRetain Address In the event of a reversal, the business partner’s additional addresses are deleted.Reset Standard Address In simple cases, the previous default address is reinstated after a reversal.