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Academic Advisement Manual


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Academic Advisement Manual

  1. 1. Stanton CampusCampus Locations 400 Stanton-Christiana Road Owens Campus Newark, DE 19713 (302) 454-3954 Route 18/404, Seashore Highway Student Development Georgetown, DE 19947 Center (302) 855-5951 Room D120 Student Services Center Wilmington Campus 333 Shipley Street Terry Campus Wilmington, DE 19801 100 Campus Drive (302) 571-5326 Dover, DE 19904 (302) 857-1020 Student Development Center Admissions & Counseling Room WE 131 Room 101
  2. 2. Student Service Mission •To provide comprehensive and diverse opportunities for students that enhance the mission of the College. •Promotes the academic, personal and professional growth of students. Comprehensive Student Services cultivate opportunities, challenges, and a safe environment for a diverse student body to build leadership, citizenship, and interpersonal skills. •Provided to assist students in developing decision-making skills, which will aid them in personal
  3. 3. Three major objectives.
  4. 4. The first objective is toprovide services to a dynamicmulticultural community.The Division strives to promotecourteous, high quality servicesto the College community in aconvenient and efficientmanner.
  5. 5. The Division is committed to providing services inthe following functional areas:1. Academic Support 8. Foreign StudentServices Services and Support2. Admissions and 9. Peer SupportAssessment 10. Registration3. Athletics 12. Student Activities,4. Career Development Clubs and Organizations5. Counseling 13. Students with6. Distance Learning and Special Needs SupportElectronic Campus ServicesSupport Services 14. Transfer Counseling7. First-Year Student 15. Veterans ServicesSuccess Courses andCollege ReadinessProgramming
  6. 6. To assist students in the developmentof meaningful educational plans thatare consistent with their needs,interests, and abilities whilestrengthening their economic, social,and cultural life. Through academicadvising, the student will becomeempowered to achieve their academiccareer goals.
  7. 7. •Student Services Mission•Advisement Mission•Confidentiality Rule/Agreement•Work-study/ PEERResponsibility•Work Study/PEERExpectations
  8. 8. Program of Study• Stanton Campus• Wilmington Campus• Terry Campus• Owens campus Additional Service• Career Services• Veterans Services• ADA Services• Student Activities Hours of Operation Campus Safety Campus Locations
  9. 9. Greeting StudentAnswering Phone CallsGeneral InformationMaking AppointmentsForms Used in Office •Change of Program •Change of Personal Data •Add/Drop Form •Course Registration Form
  10. 10. Student Type•Early Enrollment•International Student Enrollment•New Student Enrollment•Re-admit Student Enrollment•Returning Student Enrollment•Transfer Student Enrollment•Visiting Student College/HighSchool Enrollment
  11. 11. Steps to AdmissionBlackboard HelpScavenger Hunt
  12. 12. •Scavenger Hunt•Note how many times they refer to the manual for information.
  13. 13. Questions