Peering Day 2013


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Presentation given by Mirjam Kuehne at Peering Day 2013 in Prague, CZ on 23 May 2013

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Peering Day 2013

  1. 1. RIPE NCC Tools &MeasurementsPeering Day, Prague, CZ, 23 May 2013Mirjam Kühne, RIPE NCC
  2. 2. Overview• Recent developments on RIPE Labs• Statistics Dashboard• RIPE NCC Roadmap• IPv6 Statistics• New developments in RIPEstat• New developments in RIPE Atlas2
  3. 3. RIPE Labs
  4. 4. What is RIPE Labs?• It’s a website - but more importantly, it is aplatform and a tool for the community• You can:- Test and evaluate new tools and prototypes- Contribute new ideas and research results- Provide feedback and discuss with others
  5. 5. RIPE Labs Homepage5Statistics DashboardRIPE NCC RoadmapTag CloudList of Articles
  6. 6. RIPE Labs Content6• Statistics and measurements- Routing, DNS, IPv4, IPv6, ...• RIPE Database API and tools• RIPE Atlas• Tools (RIPEstat, Abuse Finder)• And a lot more...• Also external contributions
  7. 7. Statistics Dashboard• All stats on one page• Automatically updated• Each graph is tagged- Easier to navigate7
  8. 8. IPv6 RIPEness (9,196 LIRs)8No IPv640%4 stars20%3 stars13%2 stars7%1 star20%1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars No IPv6
  9. 9. IPv6 RIPEness in CZ (235 LIRs)9No IPv626%4 stars36%3 stars19%2 stars9%1 star10%1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars No IPv6
  10. 10. IPv6 RIPEness in Austria (173 LIRs)10No IPv628%4 stars34%3 stars14%2 stars10%1 star14%1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars No IPv6
  11. 11. IPv6 RIPEness Deployment - Fifth Star• LIRs providing content over IPv6- Based on Alexa 1M list• LIRs providing IPv6 access to end users- Based on APNIC’s Flash-based Google ads11
  12. 12. ASNs Announcing IPv6 Prefixes12
  13. 13. RIPE NCC Roadmap• Latest developments and future plans of variousRIPE NCC activities• DNSMON, RIPE Atlas, RIPE Database, RIPE Labs,RIPEstat, RPKI• Is this useful? Please give us your feedback!13
  14. 14. RIPE Atlas
  15. 15. RIPE Atlas - Active Measurements Network• Next generation Internet measurements network- Thousands of measurement nodes- Probes run different measurements- ping, traceroute, SSL, DNS• Instead of building small, individual, privateinfrastructures, build a HUGE commoninfrastructure that serves both private andcommunity goals15
  16. 16. 44RIPE Atlas Update• 3,000 active probes and 6,700 users worldwide- Increasing number of requests- Working on next version of probes• RIPE Atlas anchors pilot started (15 volunteers)- Collecting data as enhanced RIPE Atlas probes- Acting as targets for regional measurements• New generation probes- TP-LINK TL-MR 3020(no WiFi capabilities for privacy reasons)
  17. 17. Currently Under Development• REST APIs to interact with the system- Probe API: info about vantage points- Measurement API: info about measurements- API for starting measurements• One-off measurements & Quick Look (members)- Allow for immediate, one-time measurements- In addition to user-defined measurements• Code released- Measurement source code- Analysis and statistics code17
  18. 18. RIPE Atlas Use Cases• Effects storm Sandy hadon parts of Internet•• Find most popularinstances of DNSanycast servers18
  19. 19. RIPEstat
  20. 20. RIPEstat• Toolbox- All data in one place- Routing, IP, geoloc, BLs,etc.- Graphical interface- Nearly 40 widgets & growing• Updates on RIPE Labs- User feedback important!
  21. 21. What’s New in RIPEstat• Command-line interface- Text Service on port 43• BGPlay now integrated in RIPEstat• Country Routing Statistics widget• Abuse Contact Finder widget• New interface & My ViewsPlease give us feedback21
  22. 22. New RIPEstat Interface22PermalinkNew‘At a Glance’viewTabbed layout
  23. 23. New BGPlay Integrated in RIPEstat• Popular demand• Improvedvisualisation• Collaboration withRoma TreUniversity23
  24. 24. Country Routing Statistics• IPv4, IPv6, ASNs per country over time-• Compare with another country-
  25. 25. Abuse Contact Finder• Finds potential contacts to report abuse cases-• Rates the quality of the information found• New policy requires “abuse-c:” attribute in RIPEDatabase25
  26. 26. Questions?