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IPv4 Transfers; RIPE NCC Update


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Presentation given by Ingrid Wijte at SEE 2, Skopje, Macedonia on 23 April 2013.

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IPv4 Transfers; RIPE NCC Update

  1. 1. IPv4: Where do westand?SEE2, Skopje 2013Ingrid
  2. 2. Ingrid WijteAllocations From The Last /8•  The RIPE NCC reached the last /8 on 14 September2012•  LIRs can receive one /22 (1,024 IPv4 addresses), even ifthey can justify a larger allocation–  LIRs must already have an IPv6 allocation from an upstream LIRor the RIPE NCC•  No new IPv4 Provider Independent (PI) address space•  1,429 /22s issued so far•  Address space set aside for IXP and temporaryassignments2
  3. 3. Ingrid WijteIPv4 Available Pool3
  4. 4. Ingrid WijteIPv4 Address Space Per CountryCounted in /16s40200400600800100012001400gb de fr ru it es nl se pl tr
  5. 5. Ingrid WijteIPv4 Address Space – Regional StatisticsCounted in /16s50102030405060708090gr bg si rs hr md ba mk al me
  6. 6. Ingrid Wijte/22 IPv4 Allocation – Regional Statistics6012345678910gr bg rs ba hr mk md al si meTotalallocations: 55
  7. 7. Ingrid WijteIPv6 – Regional StatisticsNumber of allocations7051015202530354045bg si gr rs ba hr md al mk me
  8. 8. Ingrid WijteIPv6 PI Assignments – Regional Statistics8si: 44bg: 13hr: 6gr: 4md: 2
  9. 9. Ingrid WijteNeed More Address Space? •  Three different types of intra-RIR transfers:1) Mergers and acquisitions2) “Normal” transfers of allocations3) Legacy space transfers•  An inter-RIR transfer policy proposal is currently underdiscussion that would allow transfers between regionswith reciprocal policies9
  10. 10. Ingrid Wijte1) Mergers and Acquisitions•  If an organisation (or part of it) is being sold, the Internetnumber resources in use by its network can betransferred•  Documentation requested:–  Merger/purchase agreement–  Company registration papers for both parties–  New “Independent Assignment Request and MaintenanceAgreement” (only for Provider Independent resources)•  Based on procedural document ripe-57910
  11. 11. Ingrid Wijte2) “Normal” Transfers of Allocations•  Policy requirements–  Transfers between LIRs only–  The IP addresses transferred must not be in use–  Receiving LIR must justify need for IP addresses–  Permanent or temporary•  Documentation requested:–  Signed RIPE NCC Transfer Agreement–  Company registration papers for both parties–  RIPE NCC additional allocation (pre)approval for receiver•  Based on ripe-582, section 5.511
  12. 12. Ingrid Wijte3) Legacy Space Transfers•  IPv4 address space that was distributed prior to theformation of the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) system•  The RIPE NCC is able to support transfers of legacyspace when this is covered by a “Legacy SpaceAgreement”•  The RIPE NCC is not involved in the transfer when thelegacy resources are not covered by a “Legacy SpaceAgreement”12
  13. 13. Ingrid WijteIPv4 Transfer Listing Service•  Enables LIRs looking to transfer allocations to findreceiving parties•  LIRs can also request resources•  Member-only service through the LIR Portal•  The RIPE NCC has no interest in financial transactions•  Transfers must follow transfer policy in ripe-582, section5.5•  Currently 45,056 IPs offered vs 12,077,056 requested•  Data available in JSON format13
  14. 14. Ingrid Wijte 14
  15. 15. Ingrid Wijte 15
  16. 16. Ingrid WijtePermanent and Temporary Transfers1601000020000300004000050000600007000080000012345678Oct-­‐12 Nov-­‐12 Dec-­‐12 Jan-­‐13 Feb-­‐13 Mar-­‐13 Apr-­‐13SizeNumber  of  TransfersPermanent Temporary Permanent  Size Temporary  Size
  17. 17. Ingrid WijteRecent Policy Changes (1)•  IPv4 Transfer Statistics –  Accepted policy proposal 2012-05, “Transparency in AddressBlock Transfers”–  To increase the transparency of the transfer market for IPv4addresses–  RIPE NCC to publish a record of all transfers conducted under thetransfer policy–  Non-approved transfers published as aggregate statistics
  18. 18. Ingrid WijteRecent Policy Changes (2)•  “Revert “Run Out Fairly””–  Policy proposal 2012-06–  This proposal reverts the changes made by “Run Out Fairly”–  Was 3 months allocation / assignment period–  New allocation / assignment periods–  12 months allocation–  24 months assignment18
  19. 19. Ingrid WijteCurrent Transfer Policy Proposals (1)•  “Policy for Inter-RIR Transfers of IPv4 Address Space”–  Policy proposal 2012-02–  This proposal describes how transfers of IPv4 address spacebetween LIRs of different Regional Internet Registries will occur–  Section 5.5 applies–  Need for policy compliance between RIRs:–  Originating party complies with policy of originating RIR–  Destination party complies with policy destination RIR–  RIRs must have “compatible” as well as reciprocal policies–  Status: Review Phase – awaiting Working Group Chair decision19
  20. 20. Ingrid WijteCurrent Transfer Policy Proposals (2)•  “Intra-RIR Transfer Policy Proposal”–  Policy proposal 2012-03–  This proposal changes the period for transferred allocations from12 to 24 months–  Status: Review Phase – awaiting Working Group Chair decision20
  21. 21. Ingrid WijteCurrent (Transfer) Policy Proposals (3)•  “No Need – Post-Depletion Reality Adjustment andCleanup”–  Policy proposal 2013-03–  Remove needs-based requirement for IPv4 delegations–  Status: Discussion Phase – awaiting documentation•  “RIPE NCC Services to Legacy Internet ResourceHolders”–  Policy proposal 2012-07–  Status: Discussion Phase (currently a lot of input being received)21
  22. 22. Ingrid WijteBrokers•  Some members may decide to use a broker to facilitatethe transfer process•  Listing “recognised brokers” on the website–  Brokers who have signed an agreement to follow –  RIPE Policies–  RIPE NCC procedures22
  23. 23. Ingrid WijteWhere Does The RIPE NCC Stand?•  Our ultimate priority is keeping the registry up to date•  Ensuring that transfers follow RIPE Policy•  Supporting our members through the transfer process •  The RIPE NCC has no interest in financial transactions23
  24. 24. Ingrid WijteWhat’s Next?•  Increasing transparency–  New transfer section on website (accessible from the homepage)•  Listing “recognised brokers” on the website–  Brokers who have signed an agreement to follow RIPE Policies•  Simplifying the transfer process–  One single transfer form in the LIR Portal (upcoming)24
  25. 25. Ingrid WijteParticipate in Discussions•  Address Policy Working Group:
  26. 26. Ingrid WijteLinks•••••
  27. 27. Questions?