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Governor sandoval's education plan


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  • Thank god, the governor would end Kindergarten to be a full day, the teachers overwhelm the kids and hurt them at this stage, and the schools are so violent with poor class management, bashing kids, and nepotism , and racism, in mesquite .
    the teachers lie to the parents, and then are vindictive to the kids, if the parent gets involved or holds them responsible or inquires about their kids being hurt or being overwhelmed and losing self esteem, and being bullied. teachers join in... just not the social skills needed or behaviors , gym teachers yelling at the kids, and denying them to participate and racist too. oh no. dont recall my kindergarten experience to be like this, then ran into the kindergarten teacher with her husband and he ranted about homosexuals for about a half hour straight while eating in public loudly , after the kindergarten teacher whispered in his ear. the vice principle would just say they never had violent issues when the kids in morning ceremonies were picking on others, under their watch, then a kid belted another in the nose right in front of the office at school while the principle denied they had a problem within five minutes to the parent complaining. it just went on and on and on. 3 times a week i found my kid being beat on, and the one teacher watching 4-5 grades all thrown on the play ground, while those who were related to the teachers and principal allowed to bully the rest of the kids and allowed to get away with it.... just not right. I found kindergarten seemed to be a day care drop off point for most parents, and teachers are vindictive there , screaming and yelling at kids, with no sense of care or sensitivity for the kids needs.
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Governor sandoval's education plan

  1. 1. Governor Sandoval’s Education Plan<br />CREATEd by:<br />Craig Stevens<br />Director of government relations<br />Nevada State education association<br />
  2. 2. Overview<br />Sandoval’s plan calls for:<br />Salary Cuts for all educators<br />Redistribute Room Tax money into the General Fund for two years<br />The elimination of the Class Size Reduction<br />The elimination the Full-Day Kindergarten program<br />End teacher tenure<br />The elimination of making employment decisions based on seniority.<br />
  3. 3. Overview<br />Sandoval’s plan calls for:<br />Elimination of pay based on higher education degrees<br />Pay For Performance<br />The end of social promotion<br />Rely heavily on student test scores.<br />Reform educator evaluations<br />Revamp the governance model of the Department of Education<br />
  4. 4. Sandoval’s Plan <br />CCEA/NSEA Position<br />Reduce salaries of all education employees by 5%<br />When you include the increase of retirement benefits and freeze on steps and lanes this equals to about a 10% cut over the biennium<br />If Nevada is to attract and retain the best educators to our schools, cutting salaries is not the answer. <br />Educators have already sacrificed through a freeze in pay, layoffs, and furlough days.<br />Budget<br />
  5. 5. Sandoval’s Plan <br />CCEA/NSEA Position<br />Reduce Nevada’s state guaranteed basic support by $270 per student.<br />This will cut the state education budget by over $116 million<br />Nevada is currently 46th in per-pupil spending. <br />The Governor’s plan will drop the state to around 50th. <br />This is unacceptable.<br />Budget<br />
  6. 6. Sandoval’s Plan <br />CCEA/NSEA Position<br />Redirect Room Tax funding to the general fund for two years<br />The money will revert back to its original purposes of funding educator salaries and student achievement initiatives in 2014<br />The Room Tax was approved by the majority of Nevada voters to go towards educator salaries.<br />The Governor is going against the will of the people in stealing this fund to cover up Nevada’s funding inadequacies.<br />NSEA is encouraging its locals to continue to bargain an MOU with its school districts on using this money.<br />A unified stance between the school districts and the Association will help convince the Legislature that the money should go forward under its original purpose.<br />Room Tax Fund<br />
  7. 7. Sandoval’s Plan <br />CCEA/NSEA Position<br />Remove funding mandates for the following programs and turn them into a block grant.<br />Cuts the funding for the block grant by 18%<br />Class Size Reduction<br />Full-Day Kindergarten<br />Early Childhood Education<br />Library Media Specialists<br />Special Education Counseling<br />At-Risk Kindergarten Class Size Reduction <br />Several other programs<br />Nevada’s class sizes are already some of the highest in the country.<br />Cutting the school district budgets and then giving them a block grant for special programs will be ineffective.<br />The Block Grant program will create an inequitable education system as every school district will be offering different programs and many students will not have access to a full range of services.<br />Most of the programs being block granted are for the most at-risk student in Nevada. The Governor’s plan specifically will hurt those students who need the most support.<br />Block Grants<br />
  8. 8. Sandoval’s Plan <br />CCEA/NSEA Position<br />Ensure that school districts can make hiring or firing decisions regardless of how long an employee has been employed.<br />Increase the amount of years an employee is considered a probationary employee.<br />Eliminate the ability for a school district to RIF employees based on seniority and instead, base the decisions on educator effectiveness<br />How do you evaluate which educators are more effective? Who makes that determination?<br />Nevada currently doesn’t have a tenure system in K-12.<br />All employment decisions should be made at the local level as each school district has specific needs.<br />If a district wishes to change contract RIF language, they may bring it to the bargaining table for discussion.<br />Tenure & Seniority<br />
  9. 9. Sandoval’s Plan <br />CCEA/NSEA Position<br />Sandoval mentioned this during the State of the State.<br />No plan has been released.<br />Sandoval believes educators get more degrees simply to make more money.<br />Sandoval doesn’t believe that these degrees make someone a better educator.<br />Educators pay for their own advanced degrees.<br />Education practice is constantly changing. <br />The only way an educator can continue to advance in their career is to become an administrator. <br />By incentivizing education attainment you are keeping more educators in the classroom <br />Pay & Education Advancement<br />
  10. 10. Sandoval’s Plan <br />CCEA/NSEA Position<br />Provides $20 million for teacher “merit pay”<br />Will rely heavily on student data.<br />Pay for performance needs to be bargained at the local level.<br />Any incentive pay should not supplant an educators salary but instead supplement what the educator already earns.<br />Pay for performance should not pit educators against each other but instead create a collaborative atmosphere in the school.<br />The local community should work with school leadership to provide benchmarks and goals for the school to meet.<br />Pay for Performance<br />