The visuals quiz finals


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Finals of Visuals Quiz at BCQC October Open
Set by Subhankar Gokhale and Aditya Gadre

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The visuals quiz finals

  1. 1. presentsBhasant! Bhisol kahaan hai? Fidel and Demetrius
  2. 2. Achtung, Baby!This is a visuals quiz – so do look at the picturebefore yelling out the answerMost of the answers are guessable, so takeguessesWe’ll explain the rounds / points as we go along –overall the quiz has 61 questions.Team with most points at the end of the quiz, wins
  3. 3. A little more Achtung!We are Answer-Zionists…what that means is1. There are no questions on the Polish-LithuanianCommonwealth in this quiz2. These three are the same person
  4. 4. And of course
  5. 5. Who’s Next : Written Round 5 questions, 10 points eachYou will see a series. You have to tell me the immediate next item in that series
  6. 6. Who’s Next 1
  7. 7. Who’s Next 2
  8. 8. Who’s Next 3
  9. 9. Who’s Next 4
  10. 10. Who’s Next 5
  11. 11. Answer follows
  12. 12. Who’s Next - answers 1Managers to winthe EPLThe immediatenext is CarloAncelotti whowon with Chelsea
  13. 13. Who’s Next - answers 2Indian borns towin the NobelprizeTAGORE comesnext (afterRonald Ross andRudyard Kipling)
  14. 14. Who’s Next - answers 3We didn’t the fire!Harry Truman, Doris Day,Red China, Johnnie Ray
  15. 15. Who’s Next - answers 4This Song from Ek duje Ke Liye Mere Jeevan sathi, Pyaar Kiye Ja, Jawani Deewani, Khoobsurat
  16. 16. Who’s Next - answers 5Elizabeth Taylor’s husbandsConrad Hilton, Jr. (1950–51)Eddie Fisher (1959–64)Michael Wilding (1952–57)Mike Todd (1957–58)Next in line is Richard Burton
  17. 17. Infinite Bounce 25 questions Clockwise Passing+10 for each correct answer
  18. 18. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals1 Fidel and Demetrius X was supposed to join this band and the new band name – with initials of the four would have been the same name as a Beatles album X?
  19. 19. Answer follows
  20. 20. X = Jimi HendrixThe band is Emerson Lake Palmer (ELP)Hendrix Emerson Lake Palmer HELP
  21. 21. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals2 Fidel and Demetrius Coat of arms of which institution?
  22. 22. Answer follows
  23. 23. Bata Shoe Museum
  24. 24. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals3 Fidel and Demetrius What has been blanked out?
  25. 25. Answer follows
  26. 26. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals4 Fidel and Demetrius This creature takes its name from the sound it makes. Name it.
  27. 27. Answer follows
  28. 28. Dik Dik
  29. 29. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals5 Fidel and Demetrius This is the Annie Award for Animation. What does the trophy represent?
  30. 30. Answer follows
  31. 31. Zoetrope
  32. 32. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals6 Fidel and Demetrius
  33. 33. Answer follows
  34. 34. Rokeby’s Venus
  35. 35. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals 7 Fidel and DemetriusName this album by Santana, whichshares its name with a Bombay restaurant?
  36. 36. Answer follows
  37. 37. Caravan Serai
  38. 38. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals8 Fidel and Demetrius Who are they dressed as? What is going on? And Why?
  39. 39. Answer follows
  40. 40. Ernest Hemingway look-alikes push fake bulls onDuval Street during the "Running of the Bulls" inKey West, Florida. The event is a spoof of itsnamesake challenge in Pamplona, Spain, and is afacet of the islands annual Hemingway Daysfestival.Running of the Bulls is depicted in ErnestHemingways 1926 novel "The Sun Also Rises"
  41. 41. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals9 Fidel and Demetrius This is a new show in NBC. What character is Lucy Liu playing?
  42. 42. Answer follows
  43. 43. ‘Joan’ Watson
  44. 44. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals10 Fidel and Demetrius A film called Forgotten Planet. The chap’s debut. Name him.
  45. 45. Answer follows
  46. 46. Leslie Nielson
  47. 47. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals11 Fidel and Demetrius This style of art is called rushnik. Which country’s flag features this ?
  48. 48. Answer follows
  49. 49. Belarus
  50. 50. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals 12 Fidel and Demetrius Oryx dammah, also known as Sahara oryx. Now extinct in the wild.What name was commonly used to refer to it, because of the shape of its horns?
  51. 51. Answer follows
  52. 52. Scimitar
  53. 53. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals13 Fidel and Demetrius Explain why the entity in the bottom right of this emblem is irrelevant now.
  54. 54. Answer follows
  55. 55. Jute was there because of East Pakistan, hence not relevant anymore
  56. 56. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals14 Fidel and Demetrius Who wrote this expose?
  57. 57. Answer follows
  58. 58. Bob Woodwardof Watergate fame
  59. 59. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals15 Fidel and Demetrius Identify this guy
  60. 60. Answer follows
  61. 61. Oscar Niemeyer
  62. 62. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals16 Fidel and Demetrius Connect
  63. 63. Answer follows
  64. 64. Famous words that were never saidElementary, my dear WatsonPlay it again, SamYou just dropped the World Cup, son
  65. 65. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals17 Fidel and Demetrius i - One of India’s oldest rock bands ee - One of India’s most successful Indie groups
  66. 66. Answer follows
  67. 67. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals 18 Fidel and DemetriusWhat is the lady’s dress inspired by?
  68. 68. Answer follows
  69. 69. The Garden of Earthly Delights – Hieronymous Bosch
  70. 70. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals19 Fidel and Demetrius Name the movie and name this guy making a cameo.
  71. 71. Answer follows
  72. 72. Billy Crystal
  73. 73. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals20 Fidel and DemetriusName the person on the right in this self –referential joking pic.
  74. 74. Answer follows
  75. 75. McKayla Maroney
  76. 76. McKayla is not impressed!
  77. 77. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals21 Fidel and Demetrius An award given for super fast cross-Atlantic ships. Also associated with a brand of biscuits and a brand of liquor. Name?
  78. 78. Answer follows
  79. 79. Blue Riband
  80. 80. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals22 Fidel and Demetrius Name this assassin.
  81. 81. Answer follows
  82. 82. Sirhan SirhanKilled Robert Kennedy
  83. 83. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals23 Fidel and Demetrius Name the couple making out behind that dude in the fauxhawk.
  84. 84. Answer follows
  85. 85. Jason Kenny and Laura TrottOlympic Gold Medalists in Track Cycling
  86. 86. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals24 Fidel and Demetrius Gertrude Stein wrote in The Autobiography ofAlice B. Toklas that “X was the only person whom Y wished away“ X – artist Y - subject
  87. 87. Answer follows
  88. 88. Juan GrisPablo Picasso
  89. 89. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals25 Fidel and Demetrius The Hotel Moskva. Which brand?
  90. 90. Answer follows
  91. 91. Choose your cartoon mode of sedition 6 Comics / cartoons / illustrations Teams choose in ascending order of scores +10/0 for team choosing +10/-5 for other teams on Pounce
  92. 92. Home
  93. 93. Home
  94. 94. Home
  95. 95. Home
  96. 96. Home
  97. 97. Give the title of this comic – LOTR reference and also the name of bandHome
  98. 98. Infinite Bounce 25 questions Anti-Clockwise passing+10 for every correct answer
  99. 99. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals26 Fidel and Demetrius Limited edited Nike shoes. Reference to which book / film?
  100. 100. Answer follows
  101. 101. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals27 Fidel and Demetrius All this started with what act of vandalism?
  102. 102. Answer follows
  103. 103. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals28 Fidel and Demetrius Who came up with this and why?
  104. 104. Answer follows
  105. 105. Liverpool FCIn memory of the 96 that died at Hillsborough
  106. 106. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals29 Fidel and Demetrius What name was she given , reminiscent of a song written by John Newton in the 1700s?
  107. 107. Answer follows
  108. 108. Amazing Grace
  109. 109. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals30 Fidel and DemetriusSome illustrationsmade by Edouard Manet toaccompany what work?
  110. 110. Answer follows
  111. 111. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals31 Fidel and Demetrius
  112. 112. Answer follows
  113. 113. Guest stars in Star Trek
  114. 114. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals32 Fidel and Demetrius Punishment for whom?
  115. 115. Answer follows
  116. 116. Loki“They brought him to a cavern and they bound him to three sharp-pointed rocks. There they would have left him bound and helpless. ButSkathi, who was of the fierce Giant brood, was not content that he shouldbe left untormented. She found a serpent that had a deadly venom; shehung the serpent above Lokis head. The drops of venom fell upon him,bringing him anguish drop by drop, minute by minute. So Lokis torturewent on.”
  117. 117. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals33 Fidel and Demetrius Which American (the continent, not the country) capital city is named after this guy?
  118. 118. Answer follows
  119. 119. NassauNassau was formerly known as Charles Town; it was burnedto the ground by the Spanish in 1684, but later rebuilt andrenamed Nassau in 1695 in honor of the Dutch Stadtholderand later also King of England, Scotland and Ireland, WilliamIII from the Dutch House of Orange-Nassau.
  120. 120. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals34 Fidel and Demetrius These hills in Kerela / TN get their common name from what is grown on them. What are they called?
  121. 121. Answer follows
  122. 122. Cardomom Hills
  123. 123. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals35 Fidel and Demetrius What name did the author of this book get because of a navigation error?
  124. 124. Answer follows
  125. 125. Wrong WayCorrigan
  126. 126. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals36 Fidel and DemetriusWhat iconic line is being delivered by this guy at a meeting of the NRA (National Rifle Association) ?
  127. 127. Answer follows
  128. 128. “You’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands” Chap is Charlton Heston
  129. 129. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals37 Fidel and DemetriusIn 2005, the Perth Mint released this 1$ coin to celebrate theanniversary of an event. The image on the coin was a photographtaken during celebrations of the actual event in Sydney. The eventis better remembered by another photograph taken on the sameday. Event? Photograph? Bigger picture on next slide
  130. 130. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals37 Fidel and Demetrius
  131. 131. Answer follows
  132. 132. Surrender of Japan, V-J day
  133. 133. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals38 Fidel and Demetrius What is the cause of the Black-Grey scar found on the forehead of certain Tibetans?
  134. 134. Answer follows
  135. 135. The crawling pilgrimage to Lhasa.
  136. 136. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals39 Fidel and Demetrius The First to experiment with this technology were Elmer Sperry and Peter Hewitt, who in 1918, developed the Hewitt-Sperry X (in pic). The objective of the research was development of torpedoes and cruise missiles. Origins of which technology, which finds widespread usage today?
  137. 137. Answer follows
  138. 138. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(Pilotless aircraft or Drones acceptable. Autopilot not acceptable)
  139. 139. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals40 Fidel and DemetriusKamigami NoItadaki by JiroTaniguchi.Protagonist chancesupon an ‘artifact’ ina flea market inKathmandu, whichnot only helps himin his travel, but alsoreveals unknowndetails about ahistorical journey.What is the fabled“artifact” that hebuys?
  140. 140. Answer follows
  141. 141. George Mallory’s camera
  142. 142. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals41 Fidel and DemetriusThe picture shows a 2-inch mortar shell (and its launchingapparatus) which was used by the American forces in WWIThe soldiers would launch the shell and on impact, they would yellout a victory cry, which was a phrase inspired by the shell’sresemblance to a confectionary.This phrase finds its most popular usage in a 1997 Oscar winingmovie. (though it was used in a few movies before).Which phrase? (and the confectionary, if you can)
  143. 143. Answer follows
  144. 144. How do you like them apples? (Good Will Hunting) Toffee Apples
  145. 145. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals42 Fidel and DemetriusThe KathipadaJunction inSouth Chennai.This pattern ofFlyovers seen isnamed for itsresemblance toa floral entity.What is such anintersectioncalled?
  146. 146. Answer follows
  147. 147. Cloverleaf Intersection
  148. 148. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals 43 Fidel and DemetriusOn similar lines, what is thenickname of this heavy cargotransport aircraft (supertransporter) from Airbus,because if its resemblance to amember of the animalkingdom?
  149. 149. Answer follows
  150. 150. Airbus Beluga
  151. 151. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals44 Fidel and DemetriusThe city blanked out in the map, is home to the southernmost pointof continental europe. Both the city and the point, are named afterTariq ibn Zayid, who started the islamic contest of Spain in thisregion.Because of the strategic location of the city, its docks were used bymany merchants on a paid basis. As a result, the city has lent itsname to a commonly used english word.City? Word?
  152. 152. Answer follows
  153. 153. Punta de Tarifa, Tarifa city, Tariff
  154. 154. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals45 Fidel and DemetriusThe one on the right was not allowed to dosomething. A special feature in the one on the leftallows it to do this. What?
  155. 155. Answer follows
  156. 156. The X-54 does not produce a sonic boom when itcrosses the sound barrier, hence is allowed to fly at super-sonic speeds over land which the Concorde was not allowed to do
  157. 157. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals46 Fidel and DemetriusThe most common type ofgear used in Automobiles, itis also widely used inWorkshop machines andPower tools.It is named so because of itsresemblance to anaccessory, used widelybefore the 20th century,and still being used incertain activities and sports.What is it called?
  158. 158. Answer follows
  159. 159. Spur Gear, from cowboy spurs
  160. 160. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals47 Fidel and DemetriusThe Short-eared Owl (Asio X ) is a an Owl found in opengrasslands on almost all continents.The genus Asio,represents all theeared owls.What is its species,X, named sobecause of this owlsappearance?
  161. 161. Answer follows
  162. 162. Flammeus, since it looks like it is on fire.
  163. 163. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals48 Fidel and DemetriusComplete the missing link in the chronology (non exhaustive) 1876-1880 1884 - 1889 1880-1884 1889-1930 1930-1931 2007-present
  164. 164. Answer follows
  165. 165. Tallest freestanding structures in the world.• Washington monument
  166. 166. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals49 Fidel and DemetriusThe cypress tree (Cupressus sempervirens),is a popular garden tree. Because itslifespan covers hundreds of years, it iswidely seen in gardens which have beenmaintained across centuries. Because of itsinability to regenerate when a part of it issevered, the Cypress has come to beassociated with death and the Greekunderworld.Where in India will you find the largestcollection of Cypress trees?
  167. 167. Answer follows
  168. 168. At the largest erection made by man for the love of a woman
  169. 169. BCQC October Open | The Visuals Quiz – Finals50 Fidel and DemetriusX is a device, used to housea bullet or firearm in thebarrel of a gun, when thebarrel is larger in diameterthan the bullet.The bullet is held firmly inthe X, which falls to theground or disintegrates andseparates after firing.Its etymology speaks of itsoriginal material ofconstruction being wood.
  170. 170. Answer follows
  171. 171. Sabots, from the French woodenshoe worn by workers. (origin of the term sabotage)