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Develop Project Management Plan Data Flow Diagram


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Chapter 4 - PMBOK fourth edition
Figure 4-5 - Page 79
OpenOffice Drawing

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Develop Project Management Plan Data Flow Diagram

  1. 1. Define Scope Monitor and Control Risks Conduct Procurements Administer Procurements Report Performance Close Procurements Verify Scope Control Scope Control Schedule Control Cost Perform Quality Assurance Perform Quality Control Acquire Project Team Develop Project Team Manage Project Team Distribute Information Manage Stakeholder Expectations Create WBS Enterprise/ Organization Collect Requirements Determine Budget Develop Schedule Plan Quality Develop Human Resource Plan Plan Communications Plan Procurements Develop Project Charter Develop Project Management Plan Direct and Manage Project Execution Monitor and Control Project Work Perform Integrated Change Control Close Project or Phase Project Integration Management ● Project Charter ● Project scope statement ● Scope baseline ● Organizational process assets ● Enterprise environmental factors ● Requirements documentation ● Requirements Management plan ● Cost performance baseline ● Schedule baseline ● Quality management plan ● Process improvement plan ● Human resource plan ● Communications management plan ● Procurement management plan ● Project management plan updates ● Project management plan Develop Project Management Plan Data Flow Diagram Plan Risk Management ● Risk management plan