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Improving consciousness with_guided_meditations


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Learn how to improve your consciousness with guided audio meditations in this short presentation. Guided meditation is for more than just simple relaxing and de-stressing. You can work on your conscious mind in many different ways when you know how to cross-purpose meditation for spirituality and personal growth.

Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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Improving consciousness with_guided_meditations

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Guided meditations and relaxing audios have been known to help you breathe deeper and relieve tension
  3. 3.  And yes! Guided Meditations can help you to release deeper conscious or subconscious blocks and limitations
  4. 4.  But did you know that you can really improve your consciousness and ‘self’ by using audio meditations as part of your personal growth strategy?
  5. 5.  Connect to higher spiritual power and source oneness in different areas of waking consciousness:  Mentally  Emotionally  Spiritually  Even sexually and physically
  6. 6.  Proper audio meditations to awaken your heart, mind and sexiness can help you practically access infinite creative flow, thought flow and ingenuity  Which are very practical and relevant for creative professionals, performers and entrepreneurs in the ‘physical world’
  7. 7.  Help you to directly connect and heal or improve on different levels of consciousness  In Heart, Mind, Sexiness & Soul for real results  Which then affect your holistic health and wellness and Body  Include them as part of your alternative health strategy
  8. 8.  Good guided meditations will help you to raise your vibrational frequency, alter your state which you can then share with others in relationships or business  Raising your frequency and subjective experience takes you out of the lower levels of stress and drama and directly into a relaxing, peaceful, happy experience  It’s very important for energy healers to be able to raise their frequency and audio meditation helps to condition those higher states
  9. 9.  As you raise your frequency and experience more improved states of consciousness with great guided meditations, you’ll experience a plethora of benefits  Greater health and wellness, healing and de-stressing  Finding and experiencing pure happiness & inspiration  Becoming more charismatic in your communication  Attracting & Receiving that which you desire because higher consciousness is more power  Receiving more power and beauty as you resonate a stronger, more conscious, clean and fun vibe
  10. 10.  Personal growth and spirituality are both about higher consciousness; one generally for the Mind, the other for Soul With a good audio meditation strategy, you can improve yourself on all levels of self; Mind, Heart, Body, Sexiness & Soul in the comfortable audio format you’re used to  Resolution to all problems is through higher consciousness (you can reference Einstein!)  You can also reference Dr. Hawkins Scale of consciousness…good GAM’s can take you to higher levels
  11. 11.  Diving into some great audio meditations and maybe expanding or repurposing your personal growth philosophy will really allow you to benefit in many areas of life so you can enjoy priceless happiness, health, attraction and wellness with improved consciousness!
  12. 12.  Discover more about how to repurpose, maximize and benefit from different consciousness tools (like hypnosis audios, subliminals) and audio meditation @ our Guided Audio Meditation website When you sign up you’ll also get access to the Heart Consciousness Destress Kit including 3 guided meditations for deeper levels of de-stressing and more heart-mind coherency for health and wellness