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The basic concept of injection mold


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A brief explanation about how injection molding works.

Published in: Engineering
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The basic concept of injection mold

  1. 1. THE BASIC CONCEPT OF INJECTION MOLD Presented by Riona Ihsan Media
  2. 2. INDEX • How it Works ? • Injection Molding Machine • The Basic Parts of Mold Design • Standard Injection Mold • Mold Technology
  3. 3. How it Works ? Product of Injection Mold • Granular material is fed from hopper into the cylinder • Plastic is heated and melted • Cylinder screw forced out the plastized (while still melted) • Melted plastic enter the mold through a nozzle (injection). • Held closed by clamping mechanism.
  4. 4. Injection Molding Machine
  5. 5. The Basic Parts of Mold Design • Cavity & Core • The Parting Line • Runners and Gates • Venting • Cooling • Ejection
  6. 6. Standard Injection Mold
  7. 7. Mold Technology 1. Stack Molds • High part volume • Keep costs-to-manufacture low. 2. Unscrewing Molds • Cap and Closure molds, and other products with thread and precision. 3. Spin Stack Molds >> • Multi operations in a rotating, four-face cube mold decorating/labeling, assembly. • Reduce manufacturing costs and improve quality. 4. In-Mold Technology • In-mold labeling and in-mold decorating • In-mold closing of closures with living hinges, and in-mold assembly. 5. Multi-Material/Two Shot >> • Multi-material or multi-color components can be molded in a single cycle. • Broad range of products from consumer to technology products and packaging
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