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Fountain project model


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Bridging the Gap Between WaterfaIl and Agile

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Fountain project model

  1. 1. The Fountain Project Model Rikupekka Oksanen
  2. 2. ● One easy to understand method ● One that actually enables projects to succeed. The Fountain Project Model Bridging the gap between WaterfaIl and Agile
  3. 3. They tend to be hard The thing about IT projects
  4. 4. One in a million? Successful IT-project
  5. 5. ● How to get funding ● How to keep every stakeholder happy ● How to actually succeed Many aspects in IT projects
  6. 6. ● The end user ● The manager ● The project team The Three Stooges
  7. 7. We have widespread use of Agile project management methods In 2013
  8. 8. ● Is iterative ● Brings value early on ● Makes developers talk with the customer ● Shows problems and actual needs early ● ... so you can react to them Agile
  9. 9. helps projects to succeed Which makes customers happy While making the developers look good Most importantly Agile
  10. 10. Not every project uses agile... One downside there is
  11. 11. The managers with the money. And it is because of these guys/gals
  12. 12. Because they don't get Agile "I don't get it? Where's the planning stage?"
  13. 13. 1. Define 2. Plan 3. Develop 4. Test 5. Deploy 6. Use happily ever after They have milestones and easy to understand Gantt-charts But they DO understand Waterfall 1. Define 2. Plan 3. Develop 4. Test 5. FINISH
  14. 14. Only gives money to projects he can understand. Ok. So you have to choose Waterfall. You get the funding and start doing your project using Waterfall... The person with the money
  15. 15. There is one downside...
  16. 16. Waterfall fails
  17. 17. Every time
  18. 18. God didn't use Waterfall when He created Earth
  19. 19. didn't define and plan for 5 billion years. ... He
  20. 20. Started by deploying a planet to our solar system in the first day of his project. THEN he filled it with content. He
  21. 21. But then again, He is God. He did all this in 6 days
  22. 22. ● Had to wipe out all mankind. They were behaving bad. ● And dinosaurs too. ● (All the furry animals were saved though) First version wasn’t all good
  23. 23. Small success is better than epic fail -> Dinosaurs and evil men roaming the Earth at the same time? The point is
  24. 24. That would be cool… Carry on.
  25. 25. ● /waterfall-accident.html ● erfall-vs-agile/ Read more about WaterfaIl
  26. 26. ● "Agile success stories": 4 400 000 ● "Waterfall success stories": 368 000 o -> Mostly starting by phrases like: "Report says Agile is more successful"... "Where is Waterfall failing us"... Google it
  27. 27. 1.Is easy to understand and sell to the managers 2.Actually enables the project to succeed So we need a project model that
  28. 28. Combining in the easy understandability of Waterfall and the power of Agile methods. The Fountain Project Model
  29. 29. -> 1st step is Deployment Wow, isn't that kind of hard? Empowered by the Talaskivi method
  30. 30. -> Planet Earth on the first day So... A puny working software on the second day Should be doable. Remember God
  31. 31. ● Apply Fountain Project Model to web- projects where you as a developer already know on which technology would suffice. ● Select the technology stack which is the most familiar to the developers/your organization Lets set some boundaries
  32. 32. People have bended different systems to do something that the system really wasn't meant to do... You can do anything with everything in IT-world
  33. 33. You must do different things with different people ● The end user: provide working software ● The manager with the money: provide easy-to-understand checkpoints ● The develoment team: get out of their way As a project manager...
  34. 34. 1.Deployment 2. Customer/end user figures out the next 3 most important features 3. Develop (BDD, TDD, whatever suits you) and deploy again to the preview-site 4. Talk to the customer again, 3 next most important features 5. Develop until customer is happy enough The stages of springing a Fountain
  35. 35. You can make it look like this for the Managers 1. Stage ONE date xx.yy.zzzz 2. Stage TWO. date xx.yy.zzzz 3. Stage THREE date xx.yy.zzzz 4. Stage FOUR date xx.yy.zzzz 5. FINISH date xx.yy.zzzz
  36. 36. ● You can show him a "Gantt-chart" of different phases of the Project ● He can feel pleased with himself as he "gets it" ● If some dates are off, its okay - remember - IT-projects tend to fail. They’ll understand ● But eventually this project actually succeeds and the Manager gets more money Benefits for the Manager
  37. 37. And this is how it actually looks for the Customer 1. Deployment date xx.yy.zzzz 2. Development A. 3. Release A 4. Development B. 5. Release B. Start getting profit for the first set of features! See the first version of the service and define 3 next most important things See the changes in the demo site as things evolve Customer is already getting value from the product
  38. 38. ● On the second day of the project, the customer gets a working site. ● It's easier for the customer to see what's missing than to explicitly define what should be added ● The customer can then point and comment on things ● In the end (or beginning!) the customer gets a working system! Benefits for the Customer
  39. 39. And this is how it looks like for the developers
  40. 40. ● Developers get the funding! ● Developers can easily discuss with the customer using the demo site ● Developers can focus on only 3 things at a time. ● Don't have to develop features that nobody uses at the end ● Satisfied customer, satisfied CEO -> a bonus? Benefits for the Developer
  41. 41. ...if not a bonus, at least the feeling that you have done well. Well...
  42. 42. When the Fountain is so big it makes a rainbow with the Sun shining behind it. When is the project ready?
  43. 43. DO not apply in Russia. They don’t like rainbows. Warning.
  44. 44. ● Talk to the end users - show and tell, and let them tell you ● Use Agile methods in the actual development ● ...and disguise them when talking to managers. Remember
  45. 45. Twitter: rikupekka #fountainprojectmodel Thank you!